Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 ABS
Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 ABS

2014 Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 ABS Specs and Review

Monday, February 10th 2014. – Aprilia

2014 Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 ABS

Versatile and multiform, typically the 2014 Aprilia 850 ABS gt is possibly the most full motorcycle that you can purchase. Intelligent, innovative, relaxed having a distinct on-the-road really truly come to sense due to their sportgear transmission, it features all of the benefits on the mana along with an extended series of use.

A entirely new motorcycling concept, as a result of technological expertise, typically the courage to believe in innovation and be daring that’s Aprilia’s hallmark beside focus paid to motorcyclists’ desires and also a tendency to appear towards the upcoming. Mana 850 is a whole motorcycle, typically the new frontier, typically the missing link inside an evolution which makes typically the whole world of motorcycling and their thoughts accessible to all different kinds of person.

Sequential/automatic transmission, radial brake calipers, helmet compartment, upside-down forks, Aprilia Mana combines typically the prospective on the motorbike along with an unmatched purposeful nature and flexibility of use. A distinct bike inside the motorcycling world having a perhaps endless amount of variations. right here is the Aprilia Mana GT 850, typically the version which extends typically the proverbial versatility on the 850 cc created in Noale even more.

Mana GT 850 is Aprilia’s response to some continuously evolving market that’s increasingly cognizant of mobility desires, impatient to do out vehicles which satisfy in day by day use and also on extended trips.

The Mana GT version should just do which. an elegant half-fairing perfectly integrated inside the lines on the bike protects each rider and passenger on extended journeys and also in day by day commuting producing the bike ideal for touring. The adjustable windshield suggests that the a higher level protection could be adjusted to suit your special desires having a distinct a higher level customisation.

2014 Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 ABS Key Features :

Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 ABS

• 90° V twin engine along with four-valve heads, double overhead cam and liquid cooling ;

• Tri-Map second generation ride-by-wire technological innovation ;

• Electronic fuel injection along with the newest generation injectors ;

• Mixed gear and chain time drive ;

• Modular metal trellis and aluminium alloy body for extremely lightweight weight and substantial torsional rigidity ;

• Aluminium alloy swingarm along with laterally offset monoshock ;

• Fully adjustable 43 mm upside down fork ;

• Radial front brake calipers put together along with 320 mm wave discs

• Also accessible inside a restricted 25 kW version

• Latest generation Continental 2 channel ABS

2014 Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 ABS Features and Benefits:


Mana GT 850 uses the very same technological foundation just like the Mana and shares the very same exclusive and unmistakable Italian style. The original fairing along with adjustable windshield which surrounds typically the characteristic spherical headlamp, a distinctive element in the Mana vary, is practical and elegant.

The 16-litre tank is located beneath the saddle in the lower place to distribute weight a lot of evenly and lower typically the bike’s centre of gravity creating it unbelievably light-weight and simple to ride. Where typically the tank would generally be is occupied as an alternative by an illuminated storage compartment lined along with non-slip, non-scratch content and huge sufficient to keep a full-face helmet and also a mobile-phone holder as well as a 12V-power socket. All this features storage capability that’s nearly unheard of within the playing field of motorcycling.

Like the Naked sister bike, typically the compartment is opened electrically by your swap upon the handlebar. Opening is controlled by your hydropneumatic damper which should avoid accidental launching when typically the bike is in motion. A manually operated lever beneath the passenger place is provided to unleash typically the compartment lid in the case of a designated battery.


The refined chassis upon the Aprilia Mana GT 850 guarantees peaceful, safe handling for all road surfaces. The robust metal tube trellis body has one piece aluminium swingarm which straight controls a laterally-offset shock absorber which frees precious area for that exhaust pipe within the delicate space right behind typically the engine that makes typically the motorcycle terribly compact and manageable when changing route each in city traffic so when out riding within the hills while in the weekend.

On typically the Mana GT 850 typically the spring preload and damper rebound may be adjusted which has a knob and has also been moved towards the outside. It may be simply accessed for quick and precise adjustments to adapt to your own individual specific riding wants and bike load (passenger, luggage, and so on.).

The 43-mm upside down fork slides simply and most definitely has an optimised set-up which accommodates typically the new weight distribution as well as the touring nature in this bike. Its 120-mm front wheel journey permits you to very easily tackle all styles of road surface and features the proper help even underneath sport riding conditions.

Frame. Perfect Balance

Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 ABS

Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 ABS

Aprilia motorcycles have constantly been acclaimed for that glorious chassis designs. The Dorsoduro 750is no exception, thanks to some chassis which makes it one of the best balanced and the majority of effective bike of it is kind. The new Dorsoduro is straightforward and intuitive to ride despite it is blistering performance. It requires be ridden on the limit below all conditions, to perform extreme electrical electricity slides, and blast away from bends below full electrical electricity.

The secret lies with in ultra-responsive chassis, whose ergonomics suit riders of all statures and permit you to “take it towards the limit” and relish the actual thrills of any motorcycle created for pure entertainment.

The body incorporates most of Aprilia’s vast racing expertise, and makes full use of the most recent mixed metal and aluminium designs derived coming from the whole world of Supermotard World Championship racing. The prime half from the body is really a tubular metal trellis. This is secured to generous aluminium facet members by special large strength bolts.

The ensuing structure is exceedingly rigid and light-weight, and gives the actual best suggests that of harnessing the actual exuberant electrical electricity from the Aprilia V90 engine although still speaking a powerful impression of lightness, large engineering and Italian vogue.

Continuous co-operation amongst engine and body designers has led towards the perfection of high-tech, performance-oriented solutions and total integration amongst engine and body. The smart style solutions applied to Aprilia’s V twin engine have managed to get shorter than at any time, permitting the event of any rational and economical body and also a superbly agile and unbelievably responsive motorcycle.

The lateral place and acute hand from the rear monoshock has freed the area had the need to ensure optimum exhaust geometry while not any boost inside the bike’s total length, and while not subjecting the actual monoshock to thermal stress. The aluminium swingarm is robust sufficient to withstand the actual asymmetric stresses generated through the lateral positioning from the rear suspension. The swingarm has actually been specially designed to satisfy the actual desires of any supermotard much like the Dorsoduro 750, and combines glorious torsional rigidity while using elasticity required for precision below acceleration and intuitive management below changing conditions.

Suspension. Effective On All Surfaces

Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 ABS

Optimum suspension setup has constantly been possibly one of the powerful details from the Aprilia style and testing group. The 43 mm upside down fork attributes shell-cast bottom outers along with radial calipers mountings, and gives adjustments for spring preload and rebound damping. This subtle fork gives an excellent sliding motion and also a wheel journey of 160 mm in line along with the most recent trends in supermotard racing.

Both yokes are forged, and the highest yoke is likewise anodised to match the actual Dorsoduro’s large a higher level end.

The laterally offset monoshock pivots straight upon the swingarm in the cantilever configuration, and it is adjustable in spring preload and rebound damping. Rear wheel journey is 160 mm, once more in keeping the actual requirements of any prime amount supermotard, on that effective, controlled lengthy stroke suspension is really a should.

Brakes. Racing Technology

Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 ABS

The Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 is equipped while using very greatest braking engineering nowadays obtainable. The front brakes characteristic 4-piston radial calipers, state-of-the-art for that motard market. The light-weight, 320 mm wave discs ensure shorter than at any time stopping distances.

The bike’s aggressive stopping electrical electricity is emphasised through the mean look from the braking program, in keeping while using Dorsoduro’s total styling.

The rear brakes incorporate one more wave disc, 240 mm in diameter now, and one piston caliper. Both the actual front and rear brakes are fitted along with aeronautical kind metal braided brake lines to get rid of the actual sponginess related to typical rubber hoses and deliver maximum braking precision.

A subtle 2 channel Continental ABS program gives maximum lively safety upon the Dorsoduro 750. The ABS controller is specially calibrated in order to make full use from the Dorsoduro’s impressive braking electrical electricity and tyre grip on dried surfaces. Riders may thus still enjoy this wonderful “fun bike” towards the full.

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