Aprilia RS 125 SBK Replica

Aprilia RS125 Poggiali

Aprilia RS 125 Poggiali

The Aprilia RS125 b da mutts. Sharpest, best handling bike of any type. Shit loads of power to weight ratio, fantastic brakes. Some of the most worn out knee sliders we see here are from guys who know how to ride their RS125 properly.

Aggressive, decisive, and with plenty of character to express its dynamic, lightweight nature in a personal, unique style that typifies Italian passion for motorbike racing.

Aprilia RS125 2005 Red

Aprilia RS125 2005 Black Aprilia RS 125 specifications Aprilia RS125 brochure (263kB pdf) Aprilia 125 Tuono Aprilia RS125 Pista track-only bike In full power trim, avoid straight roads and nobody will get near you. The Aprilia RS125 is truely great fun; there’s hardly any need to brake in the twisties. But 115mph and only 125cc, means we’re not talking about the longest lived engines in the world.

The rs125 does go bang if you’re silly enough to hold the throttle open for long enough. Aprilia RS125 Poggiali 2004

If you’re sensible and treat it as an 80mph bike and occasionally play, it’ll last you for ages. After a few miles of fun roll the throttle off and let it cool down for a bit: then play again. Another thing RS125 owners get caught out by is cold seizure; allow the bike to warm up properly. The temperature gauge may show the engine warming up, but as it warms to the point that the thermostat opens, cold water is pumped from the radiator around the engine shrinking it onto the pistons.

This is particularly a problem on cold, frosty days. Start your bike up before you put on your gear, and then pull away at half throttle for the first couple of miles. Be realistic about the running costs of this true racer, it’s advisable to budget for top end rebuilds every 10,000 miles costing around £750, including new barrels, and using genuine Aprilia parts.

Be cautious about buying second-hand. Typical scenario: Seller buys a restricted RS125 rides it around for a while, passes his test, derestricts it and rides for a further two years until he’s allowed to buy a rsvr mille and come and play with the big boys. It’s now three years old, and he takes it to his Aprilia dealer as part exchange.

The dealer points out that it now needs £1,000 spent on an engine rebuild and other work to bring it up to the standard required for an Aprilia dealer to put on his forecourt. Sellers says, OK, cash price on the RSV Mille and I’ll sell it privately through the paper. Private buyer comes along and two months further down the line, surprise surprise, it goes bang.

Look for an Aprilia full service history and evidence that the seller has been using the best quality oil.

With the Aprilia RS125 you get 2 bikes in one. First the learner legal 125, power restricted. That’s how we recommend you ride it on your L-plates. If you want to go faster, do your f*cking test.

The Police aren’t stupid, they know when you’ve derestricted, it’s really easy to tell. At the first service after you’ve passed your test, ask your Aprilia dealer about your options for derestriction. The cost is between £50 and £350, depending on what bits are already on your bike and what you want.

Then, for years the rs125 has been unbeaten on the 125 Sport Production racing circuit. The rs125 comes in two versions, GP-One Replica and SBK Replica, both destined to reinforce the market leadership of the rs125, Europe’s best selling road sports bike.

The Aprilia rs125 brings the under 18 rider the best the European motorbike market has to offer in terms of equipment and technology. The sporty lines of this bike are the result of painstaking design and advanced aerodynamic research. Fruit of extensive wind tunnel testing, the aerodynamic form ensures total protection and minimum air resistance, giving a whole series of advantages including reduced fuel consumption and optimised performance under all conditions.

The aerodynamic fairing and windshield, with integrated hand guards to eliminate all turbulence, allow the rider to really make the most of the incredible speed and performance of this bike. The styling of the front mudguard matches the rest of the bodywork. The rs125 is proof that perfect aerodynamics mean stability and safety at high speed. The headlight cluster features a multi-focal double lamp unit and gives the bike an original, eye-catching appearance.

Aprilia RS 125 SBK Replica

Naturally, as well as looking good, the headlight cluster also adds to active safety during nighttime riding and guarantees instant visibility in the day. The tail not only improves aerodynamic penetration but also incorporates a spacious lockable storage compartment to house items like locks and rain proofs The passenger seat is integrated in the tail to avoid spoiling the clean, streamlined lines of the bike. The tail is mounted on an extremely lightweight rear frame.

The fuel tank has a capacity of 14 Litres, and gives exceptional autonomy. Not only, but its perfect shape allows the rider to hug the bike like a leech.

The five spoke wheels look sporty but are also lightweight, reliable and safe. The competition standard braking system features a 320 mm front disk with a four piston caliper, and a 220 mm diameter rear disk. The suspensions play a fundamental role in ensuring top level performance, safety and comfort. The Aprilia rs125 is equipped with a 40 mm Ø upside down hydraulic action telescopic fork, with adjustable spring preload and wheel travel of 120 mm.

The front fork is one of the winning cards taken from the Aprilia 125 Challenge Trophy. The rear suspension’s hydraulic monoshock has also been developed on the basis of racing experience and features adjustable preload too. The aluminium alloy swing-arm gives the rs125 the best torsional rigidity of all production 125 cc bikes.

Differential member design permits the swing-arm to pass close to the bike’s body. This permits bends to be tackled at greater angles without the risk of dangerous grounding. The aluminium alloy perimeter beam frame gives exceptional torsional rigidity and light weight.

Its design is the reference point for all our competitors. Here again, the transfer of knowledge and technology from the track to the road is typical of Aprilia’s approach to quality, technology and safety. Extensive wind tunnel testing has led to a globally improved CX for this already aerodynamic motorbike, and has optimised even further the performance of its 125 cc two stroke engine.

This advanced power unit features water cooling, balancing countershaft, exhaust control valve and reed intake for riding pleasure and constant power. The aluminium silencer complements the bike’s styling and is highly efficient in maximising engine power and minimising noise. rs125 is equipped with a catalytic exhaust in compliance with EURO 1 specifications.

This sporting Aprilia is available in two versions: the rs125 for newly licensed riders with power limited to 11 kW and the rs125 kat Euro 1 full power. A conversion kit can be fitted to the 11 kW version to convert it to full power at a later stage.

The side stand safety system is another extremely important feature. A safety switch prevents the bike being started up and ridden off with the stand down.

The racing style instruments not only look good but are also easy to read. The dashboard includes speedometer, rev counter and coolant temperature gauge to allow the rider to keep all important parameters under control. The speedometer can be removed quickly and easily for track use.

Aprilia RS 125 SBK Replica
Aprilia RS 125 SBK Replica
Aprilia RS 125 SBK Replica
Aprilia RS 125 SBK Replica
Aprilia RS 125 SBK Replica
Aprilia RS 125 SBK Replica
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