Aprilia RSV4 Sport Bike

Aprilia RSV4 Stuntbike Build

Posted by leah.petersen on January 27, 2014 in Garage tips 6

Stuntbike build diary from Southern California stunt rider Clint Ewing. Behind the scenes on a very unique stunt build – we are excited to see this bike in action. 

My name is Clint Ewing, I ride stunts for Dunlop tires and Speed Strength. I decided to really step things up for 2014 and perform on a RSV4. Just picked up the bike yesterday night and already have to do a few wheelies and burnouts with it today to complete Young Reckless video we have been shooting for months.

  I decided it would be fun to post the entire project from the very start so here it goes.

Day 1 – Keeping stock until i reach 600 miles to break in.  Flipped front/rear sensors so I can break the tires loose today for the shoot.  Hope everyone finds this build fun and informative as I will be setting it up for fully for stunting;  so going through entire bike and wiring up key fed fans, cage, idle higher, stabilizer, sprocket conversion etc. Hope you enjoy!  I appreciate ALL the feedback as I learn from the negative and positive.

I will do my best to represent the RSV4 next year and more than anything I want to continue to have fun and plain and simple. this bike offers that!

Busted stock Metzelers off and slapped on Dunlop Q3’s and changed rear to 180/55-17.

Finished Young Reckless Video today and will post within next week or so.

Some people are going to hate me today! Got some work done today and did the following:

1) Took out rear tail light assembly.

2) Took off horn stabilizer and cut front fairing so I can maneuver around front of bike more easily.

3) Werkes Exhaust installed – took all of 5 minutes. E nough working on it today and will have to get another stock of aluminum to finish the bracket.

1) Cut 525 stock chain and took off OEM front sprocket – Converting to 520 to drop weight.

2) Stock coolant reservoir replacing with motion pro smaller bottle.

3) Wiring dual fans to Key fed – Keep bike as cool as possible

4) It works

Birds Eye! – Tank off and negotiating radiator hoses off and using samco red.

Voltage regulator will get hot since I wont be going 100mph. using mini 12v fan to cool down. Turned regulator around so cool fins face fan and created hole in plastic so get direct air from small fan.

The tank is some work as it can’t be smashed like the metal tanks out there. I called in a professional to help out with this part of the project. Mike is an artist when it comes to body work and painting.

I finished up today by taking off kickstand and changing all the pads over to Bikemaster Sintered. I like how these pads feel especially as I perform longer shows and heat builds up.

Stunt riders prefer an aftermarket stabilizer and Scotts has been supporting clint with product for years now. So he had his good friend Michael Shapiro fabricate the Scotts to fit the RSV4

EBC came on board with Clint for 2014 and sent him Red VEE rotors front and rear

Ok this is where things get tricky. Took off stock ECU and slapped on Race ECU to allow me to open her up at full level of performance. Disconnected exhaust servo motor and took completely off bike. Disabled exhaust valve check and no warnings! onto next step. crash cage made.

So off to San Diego today for Racing 905 to help custom cage build.

long day down in san diego and drive back home but definitely worth it since Racing 905 custom made exactly what I was looking for. RSV4 owners know the bike tends to be bit on heavy side so I didn’t want a huge cage. Went with a race rail style that will allow protection without a bunch of extra weight.

Day 3 :  Took it nice and slow today and did a few mods I have been wanting to tackle

1) New gas cap – plugged air vent installed new vent. I nformed to vent tank as best as possible – that means off with the vent and allow free flow

Lastly – finished coolant overflow bottle install with matching red tubes and made bracket to help support radiator when coming down from wheelies or stoppies.

Day 4 . Today I busted off all the lines. Literally took me 2 hrs. The ABS system has cell block and hard lines tucked into frame. VERY hard to get at and remove.

Gilles Rearsets installed today and wanted to keep the quick shift on this beast. During performances spectators will go nuts when I’m pinned full throttle shifting with no clutch.

Aprilia RSV4 Sport Bike

Cox Racing Group came on board this year and matched up the red to match the rotors.

Cleaned up the rear brake bracket so I can install brembo caliper for hand brake set up

Working on that today, trying to keep stock tail and ad minimal to the tail so I can place foot at the back of the bike as well as provide protection for the tail.

Front sprocket needs to be custom

So the tank has been a concern of mine since I can’t dent it in like most bikes. Mike was savy enough to come up with the lip concept and has been adhered to the tank. Complete!

Side cover has some style now! plus new oil cap.  Mike is really designing something nice here with aluminum for my foot to step on during tricks and custom molding top cover for a clean look

Today decided to swap out the stock air filter and toss in a KN race filter.  Also slapped on new 520 chain to match rear and front 520 sizes. Bikemaster makes an awesome chain breaker tool that made it quick.

  Mike trimmed up rear master reservoir cap.

CoreMoto custom brake lines installed and look amazing. Love how I can twist the end fittings so cable doesn’t bind. New seat with some great traction for grip.

  Rounding the corner on this project and was able to wire in and test the regulator fan, yes it works.

Want to thank Hoheydesigns.com for making custom bracket for my Brembo 4 piston hand brake.  Check out the control set up – Left side hand brake New Brembo 19RCS with Righteous clutch on top. This allows me to clutch and brake with index and middle finger at same time for stalls etc.

Right side is Brembo 16×18 for nice stoppies. I am not using reservoirs on either systems and will be using the MotoGp hose line setup. The bars were provided by Convertibars and are amazing with superior range of positioning.

Headlight has been taken out and would like to do something different than covering the holes with fiberglass. Thought it over and will try and make some really nice screens, sneak peek.

Mike is doing an unbelievably nice job on the tail section. Giving me a platform to place my foot during tricks and at the same time keeping the sexy look of the RSV4.  The tail section has been duplicated but slight changes in height and strength.

As of now waiting on extended clutch cable so I can test her out. I wont focus so much on the MPH as I will to the RPM’s and Oil light. I disconnected all APRC functions basically and running race ecu and mapping. F or now going with a basic wrap, here’s a glimpse

Here is the final front sprocket custom built for the build. If anyone likes let me know and maybe I can put in a minimal order together.

So after Shaking the bike down all day I was able to fix a few things and snap a few clips of the bike. Decided I need to change out rims as well as adjust suspension for stunting.

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