Aprilia Scarabeo 400

Aprilia Scarabeo 200 i.e. Review

Just when you thought enough was enough, Aprilia go and make a good thing even better.


We first came across the Scarabeo 200 when first launched back in 2008. Dynamically sound with an impressive turn of speed the Scarabeo held its head high when it came to all-round ability, impressing on a number of playing fields. A fun, fully featured package a bit of a jack of all trades, you could even find yourself touring if required.

The Scarabeo 200 along with the smaller capacity 125 was a high class effort straight up for aprilia. So how does the newer fuel injected variant stack up in 2010?

We take a closer look.


Initially if you were digging deep you could nitpick a couple of issues on Aprilia’s first attempt at the all new mid sized Scarabeo. One being a slight lag on take off, the second being the annoying issue of the ignition key.

The key you ask? Yes the key. On every review the ignition key stands front and centre of being a total pain in the pocket. Star shaped, it had a way of being hard to turn also.

It could find a way of sticking into the softest parts of your body when placed in your pocket. So enough said, I’m glad to announce for 2010 this has been fixed. Waste of a paragraph really!

The lag on take-off was noticeable if you had a passenger on the back or you were making a standing start from an uphill position. The Scarabeo’s engine will always need a few revs to get off the mark, that’s just the nature of a liquid cooled 4 valve engine. The injected Scarabeo 200 will now accelerate away briskly and pull like a train till your reaching stupendous speeds.

Not that it didn’t do this all before, it’s now just smoother and instantaneous.

The engine is a gem and really does get the Scarabeo moving along briskly, its even quicker then some of the larger 250 cc scooters available on the market today. The Scarabeo on paper does produce an amazing 14.3 Kw of power.

The major change to the engine is a fuel injection system which pumps fuel into the cylinder via a double angled spray injector. The ECU has two modes, switchable via the handlebars, select from both SPORT and ECO modes. ECO is claimed to reduce fuel consumption by 7% if selected.

Using both modes regularly I was hard pressed to tell the difference, both seemed quick to me with little or no loss in power when I flicked the switch.

The rest of the of the Scarabeo package remains unchanged and for us scooter lovers, this is a good thing.

The larger wheels on the Scarabeo 200 remain 16 inch front and rear. A flat floor is accompanied with an under-seat storage area that is fair for the wheel size, but its also helped out by a glove box / bag hook combination. A 12 volt charging outlet lives under the seat.

A heavy duty top box ready rack is available if large amounts of lockable storage is a must.

The multi function dash is still a winner. It might take you a few goes on how to scroll through various functions but once educated its comprehensive and one of the best in its class.

Brakes are linked with a massive 260 mm disc up front accompanied with a 220 mm disc on the rear. Braking is certainly a strong point on the Scarabeo 200. Linked braking systems go somewhat to offering the best of both worlds in terms of safety and usability.

For a scooter this fast you need good brakes, no problems here. Multi adjustable twin shocks take up suspension duties on the rear, the front is a normal telescopic set up.

Styling changes on the new model are limited to a revision of the front grill, now honeycomb. I must admit to liking the previous models mesh grill but really it looks good regardless. Typically Scarabeo.

On the road

It needs to said that the Scarabeo 200 remains one of the best bang for buck scooters on the market today. Only limited by storage capacity (this can be fixed with a top box) the Scarabeo could be used Monday to Friday for commuting duties and then turned into a weekend weapon, ready to ride to your destination of choice.

Aprilia have really done their homework on the Scarabeo 200. The transmission and engine combination works exceptionally well together. The Scarabeo’s ability to maintain speed and lots of it, belies both its capacity and retail price.

The suspension of the Scarabeo remains firm, maybe a little too firm especially when traversing over rough surfaces. The seating position is high but you remain upright and in a very dominant visual position.

Aprilia Scarabeo 400
Aprilia Scarabeo 400

In short, the Scarabeo feels firm, short and sharp. Its typical Aprilia really, and for those who have spent time on Aprilia’s before, the Scarabeo 200 is common territory.

The 16 inch wheels provide a raised level of confidence. I would like to change the OEM rubber to maybe something a little softer though.

The screen at speed performs reasonably well. Its not huge but at higher speeds its welcome. The passenger has not been forgotten also. A raised section of seat allows for ample room and its comfortable.

Even high speed two up work isn’t out of the question on the Scarabeo.


The Scooterman Says,

This is another scooter I had a hard time giving back. You can tell the racing thoroughbred of the Aprilia when you ride this Beo.

Off the lights the Beo hits hyperdrive and you are off down the road like a rocket, accelerates up steep hills, carves up the twisties, will easily cruise in the fast lane on the freeway.

Top speed 130 kph + indicated, the Scarabeo handles everything you throw at it.

Thin as a cat walk model it is perfect for filtering through gridlock.

The Scarabeo 200ie is a great welterweight suitable for both city and weekend touring.

The Scarabeo 200 is first class. A well thought out platform with plenty of usable features. Aprilia has clearly drawn on its experience from building some of the best scooters and motorcycles in the world.

So this is all just a matter of progression for Scarabeo and Aprilia. The 200 is an exceptional bang for your buck scooter, with so much all-round usability.

Aprilia Australia also remain fairly aggressive on pricing, just $4990 + ORC is all you will pay for the new model. Quite amazing given the upgrade.

Aprilia Scarabeo 400
Aprilia Scarabeo 400
Aprilia Scarabeo 400
Aprilia Scarabeo 400
Aprilia Scarabeo 400
Aprilia Scarabeo 400
Aprilia Scarabeo 400
Aprilia Scarabeo 400
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