Aprilia Scarabeo 100 4T

Summary of Contents

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#xA9; 2002 aprilia s.p.a. – Noale (VE) SAFETY WARNINGS TECHNICAL INFORMATION #x2605; The following precautionary warnings are The operations preceded by this used throughout this manual in order to symbol must be repeated also on convey the following messages: the opposite side of the vehicle.

Page 3

In some countries the antipollution country (I, UK, A. ). and noise regulations in force re- and are to be supplied to the aprilia Offi- quire periodical inspections. cial Dealer as reference data for the pur- chase of spare parts or specific accesso- ries of the model you have acquired.

Page 4: Table Of Contents


Page 6: Basic Safety Rules

BASIC SAFETY RULES The use of medicins, alcohol and drugs or Most road accidents are caused by the psychotropic substances notably increases driver#xBB;s lack of experience. To drive the vehicle it is necessary to be in the risk of accidents. NEVER lend the vehicle to beginners and, possession of all the requirements pre- Be sure that you are in good psychophysi-.

Page 7

Rigorously observe all road signs and na- Avoid obstacles that could damage the ve- Always drive with both hands on the han- tional and local road regulations. hicle or make you lose control. dlebars and both feet on the footrests, in the correct driving posture.

Page 8

If necessary, have the vehicle inspected by an aprilia Official Dealer, who should care- fully check the frame, handlebars, suspen- sions, safety parts and all the devices that you cannot check by yourself.

Page 9: Clothing

ONLY ORIGINALS Never change the position, inclination or Further, said modifications cause the loss CLOTHING colour of: number plate, direction indica- of the insurance cover, since insurance Before starting, always wear a correctly tors, lights and horns. policies expressly prohibit to make techni- fastened crash helmet.

Page 10: Accessories, Load

Avoid installing accessories that cover lights. aprilia recommends the use of horns or lights or that could impair their #x2248;aprilia genuine accessories#x2206;. functions, limit the suspension stroke and.

Page 11

Avoid hanging bulky, heavy and/or danger- Do not carry any bag if it is not tightly se- Do not exceed the maximum load allowed ous objects on the handlebars, mudguards cured to the vehicle. for each side-bag. and forks, because the vehicle might re- Do not carry bags which protrude too much When the vehicle is overloaded, its stability spond more slowly in turns and its ma-.

Page 12: Arrangement Of The Main Elements

ARRANGEMENT OF THE MAIN ELEMENTS 1) Bag hook 7) Transmission oil drain plug 2) Fuel tank 8) Centre stand 3) Fuel tank plug 9) Air cleaner #xF026; 4) Saddle lock 10) Side stand 5) Transmission oil filling cap 11) Horn 6) Kick starter use and maintenance Sonic 50.

Page 13

9) Inspection cover 3) Glove compartment 10) Battery 4) Ignition switch/steering lock 11) Fuse carrier 5) Brake fluid reservoir (front brake) 12) Anti-theft hook (for the aprilia #x2248;Body- #xF031; #xF026; 6) Coolant expansion tank plug Guard#x2206; armored cable #xF031; 7) Expansion tank.

Page 14: Arrangement Of The Instruments, Instruments And Indicators

ARRANGEMENT OF THE INSTRUMENTS INSTRUMENTS AND INDICATORS #xF063; #xF067; 1) Direction indicator switch ( 1) Fuel level indicator ( #xF066; 2) Horn push button ( 2) Speedometer #xF065; 3) Cold start lever ( 3) Total kilometres odometer #xF031; #xF068; 4) Rear brake lever 4) Coolant temperature indicator ( #xF055;.

Page 15: Instrument And Indicator Table

INSTRUMENT AND INDICATOR TABLE Description Function #xF063; Direction indicator warning light It blinks when the direction indicators are on. #xF06E; It comes on when the ignition switch is in position #x2248; #x2206; and the start push button #xF072; #x2248; #x2248; is pressed, thus checking the proper functioning of the bulb. If the light does not come on during the starting, provide for replacing the bulb.

Page 16: Main Independent Controls, Controls On The Left Side Of The Handlebar

MAIN INDEPENDENT CONTROLS CONTROLS ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE HANDLEBAR #xF063; The electrical parts work only when the ignition #xF06E; switch is in position #x2248; #x2206;. #xF063; The lighting system works only when the engine is running. #xF066; 1) HORN PUSH BUTTON ( The horn is activated when the push button is pressed.

Page 17: Controls On The Right Side Of The Handlebar

CONTROLS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE HANDLEBAR #xF063; The electrical parts work only when the ignition #xF06E; switch is in position #x2248; #x2206;. #xF063; The lighting system works only when the engine is running. #xF072; 1) START PUSH BUTTON ( When the start push button is pressed and one of the brake levers (front or rear) is activated at the same time, the starter makes the engine run.

Page 18: Ignition Switch, Steering Lock

Position Function removal The steering It is possible #xF073; is locked. to remove It is neither the key. possible to Steering start the en- lock gine, nor to switch on the lights. Neither the It is possible #xF06D; engine, nor to remove the lights can the key.

Page 19: Auxiliary Equipment, Unlocking/locking The Saddle, Crash Helmet / Glove Compartment, Anti-theft Hook

To prevent the vehicle from being stolen, it #x25C6; Turn the key clockwise and raise the crash helmet or other objects with you eve- is advisable to secure it with the aprilia saddle (2). ry time you park the vehicle. #xF026;.

Page 20: Tool Kit, Bag Hook, Glove Compartment

TOOL KIT BAG HOOK GLOVE COMPARTMENT The tool kit is hooked to the underside of It is placed under the handlebar, on the in- #xF061; Do not hang excessively bulky the saddle. ner part of the shield. bags or parcels to the hook, as To reach it: To reach it, proceed as follows: this may seriously compromise.

Page 21: Main Components, Fuel

MAIN COMPONENTS Further, prevent fuel from flowing out of the fuel filler, as it could catch fire when getting in contact with the red-hot sur- faces of the engine. In case some fuel has accidentally been spilt, make sure that the area has com- pletely dried and before starting the ve- hicle verify that there is no fuel inside the fuel filler neck.

Page 22: Stroke Oil Tank, Brake Fluid – Recommendations

If you run out of oil in the 2 stroke oil your aprilia Official Dealer. tank or if the mixer oil pipe has been re- moved, it is necessary to contact an aprilia Official Dealer, who will provide for bleeding the system. use and maintenance Sonic 50.

Page 23: Front Brake Disc

The brake fluid must be changed once a worn pads, since this may cause an out- allel to the #x2248;MIN#x2206; mark stamped on the year by an aprilia Official Dealer. flow of liquid when the brake pads are glass (2).

Page 24: Rear Drum Brake

#x25C6; Adjust the clearance by acting on the ad- your aprilia Official Dealer, since it may juster (1). be necessary to bleed the system. For any doubt regarding the perfect #x25C6;.

Page 25

For this reason, it is advisable to have the above mentioned operations carried out by an aprilia Official Dealer or by a In case of sudden braking the tyres could even get out of the rims. Further, qualified tyre repairer.

Page 26

2 years. DO NOT SWALLOW IT. #xF061; Have the coolant changed by an KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN. aprilia Official Dealer. DO NOT DISPOSE OF THE COOLANT IN THE ENVIRONMENT. use and maintenance Sonic 50.

Page 27

#x25C6; Position the vehicle on the centre stand. engine is running. Have it repaired by an aprilia Official #x25C6; #x25C6; Unscrew and remove the filling plug (1). Screw the filling plug (1).

Page 28: Automatic Light Switching Version, Catalytic Silencer

Due to the catalytic reaction, the high tem- perature reached by the exhaust gases makes for the burning of the oil particles, thus keeping the silencer clean and elimi- nating the exhaust fumes. To have the catalytic converter function correctly and for long and to reduce possi- ble problems regarding the soiling of the thermal unit and of the exhaust, it is neces- sary to avoid covering long distances with.

Page 29: Instructions For Use, Preliminary Checking Operations

#xF061; Do not hesitate to consult your 2 stroke oil Check and/or top up, if necessary. aprilia Official Dealer in case there is something you do not Wheel/tyres Check the tyre surface, the inflation pressure, wear and tear and any damage.

Page 30: Starting

#xF072; #x25C6; #x25C6; STARTING Press the start push button #x2248; #x2206; (3) with- If the starting is carried out with cold en- #xF065; out accelerating, then release it as soon gine, rotate the cold start lever #x2248; #x2206; (4) #xF061; Exhaust gases contain carbon as the engine starts.

Page 31

KICK START STARTING AFTER A LONG PERIOD OF INACTIVITY For the kick start, proceed as follows: #x25C6; Position the vehicle on the centre stand. After a long period of inactivity, proceed as #x25C6; Move to the left side of the vehicle. follows: #x25C6;.

Page 32: Departure And Drive

#xF061; #xF061; Avoid opening and closing the Pay the utmost attention to any throttle grip repeatedly and con- obstacle or variation of the tinuously, so that you do not ac- ground. cidentally lose control of the vehicle. Uneven roads, rails, manhole covers, If you have to brake, close the throttle indications painted on the road surface, and put on both brakes in order to ob-.

Page 33: Running-in, Stopping, Parking

RUNNING-IN #xF063; Remember: 1 mile = 1.6 km 1 km = 0.625 miles #xF061; After the first 500 kilometres, carry out the checking opera- tions indicated in the column #x2248;Af- ter running-in#x2206; of the REGULAR SERV- ICE INTERVALS CHART, see p. 36-37, in order to avoid hurting yourself or other people and/or damaging the vehicle.

Page 34: Positioning The Vehicle On The Stand, Suggestions To Prevent Theft

CENTRE STAND SURNAME. a garage or a protected place. #x25C6; Grasp the left handgrip and the left rear NAME. If possible, use the appropriate aprilia grab rail (1). #xF026; #x2248;Body-Guard#x2206; armored cable. or an ad- #x25C6; Push down the stand lever (2).

Page 35: Maintenance

Ask your aprilia Official Dealer to test the erations in reverse order. vehicle on the road after a repair or period-.

Page 36: Regular Service Intervals Chart

(2500 mi) km (5000 mi) OPERATIONS TO BE CARRIED OUT BY (312 mi)] or 12 months or 24 months THE aprilia Official Dealer (WHICH Battery – Terminal fastening – Electrolyte #x221A; CAN BE CARRIED OUT EVEN BY THE level USER).

Page 37

OPERATIONS TO BE CARRIED OUT BY After running-in Every 4000 km Every 8000 km THE aprilia Official Dealer. Component [500 km (312 mi)] (2500 mi) or 12 (5000 mi) or 24 months months Rear shock absorber #x221A; #x221A; Battery – Terminal fastening .

Page 38: Identification Data, Air Cleaner

IDENTIFICATION DATA ENGINE NUMBER AIR CLEANER The engine number is stamped near the #xF061; It is a good rule to write down the frame Do not use petrol or inflammable lower support of the rear shock absorber. and engine numbers in the space provided solvents to wash the air cleaner, in this manual.

Page 39

90) on the whole surface of the filtering the same dimensions, to be requested ing the washer. #xF063; element, then squeeze it to eliminate the to an aprilia Official Dealer. oil in excess. Upon reassembly, position the #xF063; rear brake cable eyelet (7) cor-.

Page 40: Checking The Transmission Oil Level

#x25C6; #xF061; In case of oil leaks or malfunc- Unscrew the filling cap (3) and the oil tions, contact your aprilia Offi- drain plug (2). Periodically check that there are no #x25C6; cial Dealer.

Page 41: Changing The Transmission Oil

#xF061; In case of oil leaks or malfunc- see p. 15 (Coolant temperature indicator #xF031; tions, contact your aprilia Offi- ), then stop the engine. Periodically check that there are no #x25C6; cial Dealer.

Page 42: Front Wheel

To disassemble the front wheel, proceed the outflow of the brake fluid. assemble them correctly. as follows: In this case consult your aprilia Official #x25C6; #x25C6; Position the vehicle on the centre stand. Support the front wheel and extract the Dealer, who will carry out the proper #xF063;.

Page 43

#x25C6; the odometer control (5), clean Insert the spacer (9) between the hub aprilia Official Dealer, in order to avoid and grease it, then reassemble it with and the fork left rod. accidents that may be harmful for you #x25C6;.

Page 44: Rear Wheel

Have the driving torques, centering and is necessary to lock the rotation Wheel nut driving torque: balancing of the wheel checked by your aprilia Official Dealer, in order to avoid of the wheel. 110 Nm (11 kgm). accidents that may be harmful for you #x25C6;.

Page 45: Checking The Brake Pad Wear

#xF063; 500 km and successively every 2000 km. Have the pads changed by your aprilia Official Dealer. The wear of the brake pads depends on the use, on the kind of drive and on the road.

The wear will be greater when the ve- hicle is driven on dirty or wet roads.

Page 46: Checking The Shoe Wear, Greasing The Rear Brake Cam Pin

Carefully read p. 24 (REAR DRUM yond the lower reference tooth plicated for an unskilled opera- BRAKE) and p. 35 (MAINTENANCE). (4), contact an aprilia Official Dealer, tor. If necessary, contact your aprilia Offi- who will provide for replacing the rear Check the wear of the rear brake shoes af- brake shoes.

Page 47

Upon reassembly: #xF061; Do not hit or force the cam pin (9) with any hammer or other ob- ject. #x25C6; Manually insert the cam pin (9), by rotat- ing and pushing it moderately. #x25C6; Put back the rear brake shoe wear indi- cator (2) and the pin lever (8), making the reference marks (A) and (B) coincide with those on the cam pin (9).

Page 48: Checking The Steering, Checking The Engine Fulcrum Axis

#x25C6; If you find that there is a considerable a spongy cloth between them, so that the slack, contact your aprilia Official Dealer #xF061; front wheel can move freely and the ve- to restore the optimal steering condi- hicle cannot fall down.

Page 49: Removing The Exhaust Silencer

Aprilia Scarabeo 100 4T

Carefully read p. 35 (MAINTENANCE). the same dimensions, to be requested #x25C6; to an aprilia Official Dealer. Unscrew and remove the screws (7) and #x25C6; Position the vehicle on the centre stand. (8).

Page 50: Use And Maintenance Sonic, Removing The Front Handlebar Cover, Removing The Rear Handlebar Cover

#x25C6; #x25C6; REMOVING Remove the front part of the fairing (1). Unscrew and remove the screw (8). #x25C6; #x25C6; THE FRONT HANDLEBAR COVER Remove the gasket (3). Unscrew and remove the screws (9). #x25C6; #x25C6; Unscrew and remove the screws (4).

Unscrew the metal ring (10) and with- #x25C6;.

Page 51: Removing The Front Transparent Screen, Removing The Rear-view Mirror

REMOVING THE FRONT REMOVING TRANSPARENT SCREEN THE REAR-VIEW MIRROR Carefully read p. 35 (MAINTENANCE). Carefully read p. 35 (MAINTENANCE). #x25C6; #x25C6; Position the vehicle on the centre stand. Position the vehicle on the centre stand. #x25C6; #x25C6; Rotate the handlebar completely right- Lift the protection element (8).

Page 52: Removing The Inspection Cover, Removing The Front Cover Of The Rear Part Of The Fairing

#xF063; REMOVING REMOVING THE FRONT COVER OF The front cover of the rear part of THE INSPECTION COVER THE REAR PART OF THE FAIRING the fairing can be removed (and put back) only with lowered saddle. #xF063; Carefully read p. 35 (MAINTENANCE). Carefully read p.

Page 53: Idling Adjustment, Adjusting The Accelerator Control

Loosen the nut (3) (by turning it clock- #xF061; #x25C6; Drive for a few miles until the engine wise). If necessary, contact your aprilia #x25C6; reaches the normal running temperature, Act on the adjuster (4), positioned at the Official Dealer.

Page 54: Spark Plug

#x25C6; Check the spark plug gap with a thick- ness gauge. The gap must be 0,5 #xF7; 0,6 mm; if neces- sary adjust it, carefully bending the earth electrode. #x25C6; Make sure that the washer is in good conditions. With the washer on, screw the spark plug by hand in order not to damage the thread.

Page 55: Battery, Long Inactivity Of The Battery

BATTERY If the electrolyte is accidentally swal- lowed, drink a lot of water or milk, then Carefully read p. 35 (MAINTENANCE). continue drinking milk of magnesia or #xF063; vegetable oil and consult a doctor with- Remember: 1 mile = 1.6 km out delay.

Page 56: Checking And Cleaning The Terminals, Removing The Battery

CHECKING AND CLEANING THE If necessary: REMOVING THE BATTERY #x25C6; TERMINALS Make sure that the ignition switch is in #xF06D; position #x2248; #x2206;. Carefully read p. 55 (BATTERY). #x25C6; Carefully read p. 55 (BATTERY). Disconnect first the negative (#x221A;) and then #x25C6;.

Page 57: Checking The Electrolyte Level, Recharging The Battery, Installing The Battery

RECHARGING THE BATTERY Carefully read p. 55 (BATTERY). #x25C6; Remove the battery from its compart- ment, see p. 56 (REMOVING THE BAT- TERY). #x25C6; Unscrew and remove the element plugs. #x25C6; Check the electrolyte level, see beside (CHECKING THE ELECTROLYTE LEV- EL).

Page 58: Changing The Fuse

#xF063; In this case it is advisable to consult an If you use one of the spare fuse aprilia Official Dealer. (3), put a new fuse in the suitable seat. If an electric component does not work or works irregularly, or if the vehicle fails to start, it is necessary to check the fuse (1).

Page 59: Adjusting The Vertical Headlight Beam, Bulbs

ADJUSTING To adjust the headlight beam: BULBS #x25C6; THE VERTICAL HEADLIGHT BEAM Remove the front transparent screen, see p. 51 (REMOVING THE FRONT Carefully read p. 35 (MAINTENANCE). To rapidly check the correct direction of the TRANSPARENT SCREEN). beam, place the vehicle on flat ground, 10 #x25C6;.

Page 60: Changing The Headlight Bulbs

CHANGING THE HEADLIGHT To reach the bulbs, proceed as follows: To change the bulbs, proceed as fol- BULBS lows: UPPER BULB #x25C6; Manually withdraw the protection ele- Carefully read p. 59 (BULBS). #x25C6; Remove the front transparent screen, ment of the bulb to be replaced. #x25C6;.

Page 61: Changing The Front Direction Indicator Bulbs

#x25C6; CHANGING THE FRONT Rotate the coloured screen (4) towards For the reassembly: DIRECTION INDICATOR BULBS the inside, until releasing the tang, then If the bulb socket (6) has come out of its remove it. seat: #x25C6; Carefully read p. 59 (BULBS). Act on the opening (5) and lock the bulb #x25C6;.

Page 62: Changing The Dashboard Bulbs

DASHBOARD LIGHTING BULBS #xF061; Extract the bulb sockets one by one, in such a way as to avoid positioning them incorrectly dur- ing the reassembly. #x25C6; Extract the bulb socket of the dashboard part in which there has been a light de- crease: Pos.

Page 63: Changing The Rear Light Bulb, Changing The Number Plate Bulb

#x25C6; CHANGING Remove the protection screen (4). CHANGING THE NUMBER PLATE #x25C6; BULB #xF06D; THE REAR LIGHT BULB Slightly press the bulb and rotate it anti- clockwise. #x25C6; Carefully read p. 59 (BULBS). Remove the bulb from its seat.

Carefully read p. 59 (BULBS). #xF063;.

Page 64: Transport, Draining The Fuel Tank

TRANSPORT #x25C6; Position the vehicle on the centre stand. #x25C6; Stop the engine and wait until it has coo- led down. #x25C6; Prepare a container with capacity excee- ding the fuel quantity present in the tank and put it on the ground on the left side of the vehicle.

Page 65: Cleaning

CLEANING #xF061; #xF061; A f t e r t h e v e h i c l e h a s b e e n Polish with silicone wax only af- washed, its braking functions ter having carefully washed the could be temporarily impaired vehicle.

Page 66: Long Periods Of Inactivity, After A Period Of Inactivity

#x25C6; LONG PERIODS OF INACTIVITY Remove the battery, see p. 56 (REMOV- AFTER A PERIOD OF INACTIVITY ING THE BATTERY). #x25C6; After a long period of inactivity of the vehi- Uncover and clean the vehicle, see p. 65 #x25C6; Wash and dry the vehicle, see p. 65 cle some precautions are necessary to (CLEANING).

Page 67: Technical Data

TECHNICAL DATA DIMENSIONS Max. length. 1680 mm Max. width. 680 mm Max. height (front part of the fairing included) 1070 mm Seat height. 795 mm Distance between centres. 1180 mm Min. ground clearance.

155 mm Weight ready for starting. 80 kg #xF031;.

Page 68

CAPACITY Fuel (reserve included). 8 Fuel reserve. 1,5 Transmission oil. 100 cm Mixer oil (reserve included). 1.6 Mixer oil reserve. 0.5 #xF031; Coolant. 1 (50% antifreeze + 50% water) Seats. 1 (2 in the countries where this is allowed) Vehicle max.

Page 69

FRAME Type. one-beam, split in two cradles SUSPENSIONS Front. hydraulically operated telescopic fork Stroke. 65 mm Rear. hydraulic mono-shock absorber Stroke. 70 mm BRAKES Front. disc brake, #xC6;155 mm with hydraulic transmission Rear. drum brake, #xC6;110 mm, with mechanic transmission WHEELS RIMS.

Page 70

IGNITION Type. CDI Spark advance. 14#xB0; #xB1; 2#xB0; before T.D.C. Standard spark plug. NGK BR8 HS #xF031; Standard spark plug. NGK BR8 HS Spark plug gap. 0.5 #xF7; 0.6 mm Engine idle rpm. 1800 #xB1; 100 rpm ELECTRIC Battery.

Page 71: Lubricant Chart

LUBRICANT CHART Transmission oil (recommended): F.C. SAE 75W – 90 or GEAR SYNTH, SAE 75W – 90. As an alternative to the recommended oil, it is possible to use high-quality oils with characteristics in compliance with or superior to the A.P.I.

Aprilia Scarabeo 100 4T
Aprilia Scarabeo 100 4T
Aprilia Scarabeo 100 4T
Aprilia Scarabeo 100 4T

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