Aprilia Scarabeo 50 vs 100 Review 1

Aprilia Scarabeo 50 vs 100 Review 1

Which is the philosophy that distinguishes the 2007 Design Year. Despite the fact that it obtained crucial updates, it did not betray the philosophy behind its iconic status. The style is overflowing by brand-new stylistic components using an optical class whose design and also technologies was redesigned. The posterior light is absolutely

renovated using LED technologies to increase back visibility and carries excellent security ramifications. The blinkers have adopted white glass having a glazed structure. The front light has been specifically changed as well as the steering wheel is enhanced.

An sophisticated front fairing enhances the aerodynamics of the four-time.

Almost all models of the ’07 Scarabeo (both within the two and also 4T) share the same style. For the 4T Scarabeo, that usually means a true return to its origins with a additional slanted posterior region, a brand new seat (in environmentally friendly leather for the 100cc type), along with a specified look that is certainly extra in-line with the Scarabeo philosophy.

The new wheels are even more fascinating having a design that enhances overall performance thanks for the light-weight design and also slight inertial direction. They’re also outfitted with a much more generous rubber area, guaranteeing excellent stability.

The 2-cylinder theme is unaltered in all three editions, the 50 Street, the 50 4T, as well as the 100 4T. The Scarabeo 50 Street, the leading seller in Italy, will be the go-to model of the grand Scarabeo family members. It will be the most youthful with a minimalist style and also a amazing 2T engine.

The Scarabeo 50 4T is perfect for city movement in terms of security and comfort and ease when enjoying extremely economic consumption, boasting of maximum performances, and also shifting smoothly in traffic.

The 4T version is destined for those who desire to boost efficiency. Compact such as the 50, it presents a fantastic take-off at traffic lights and also is capable of doing confronting any scenario with out issue (even away from town) thanks for the splendour of its 100 ccs. The motorcycle is in accordance together with the Euro3 rules.

What almost all editions have in typical are extremely refined technicians that, with each other using the unshakable design, epitomize the Scarabeos good results. The frame is reinforced with highly-resistant steel tubes for outstanding manageability and also an unwavering stability furthermore to a tele-hydraulic front fork using an eighty two millimeters diameter. Value mentioning may be the braking system that guarantees overall security in any kind of situation.

The anterior 220 millimeters braking disc adopted a caliper with a double contrasting-piston ( thirty millimeters) even though the posterior brake cylinder (having a big diameter of a solid one hundred forty millimeters) permits for precise and modular braking.

Engine: Horizontal single cylinder four stroke. Overhead cam. Forced air cooling. Catalytic exhaust.

Aprilia Scarabeo 50 Street

Fuel: Lead free petrol.

Bore and stroke: 50 x 49 mm (39.0 x 41.8 mm).

Displacement: 96.2 cc (49.9 cc).

Compression ratio: 10.5:1 (11.5-12:1).

Fuel system: Dell’Orto carburettor, Ø 22 mm (Keihin Ø 20 mm).

Ignition: Electronic.

Starting: Electric starter and kick-start.

Lubrication: Forced wet sump lubrication with orbital pump.

Aprilia Scarabeo 50 Street
Aprilia Scarabeo 50 Street
Aprilia Scarabeo 50 Street

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