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Test BMW C600 Sport

May 8, 2012 | Filed under: BMW | Posted by: Rana Abaidullah

The BMW C 600 Sport is (finally) come on! Announced as the new “TMAX killer”, the Bavarian has a plastic dream, a chassis and an engine on top muscled. Something to shake up the reference back from the first test C600 Sport, latestbikesinfo announces its verdict!

When a manufacturer has been a resounding commercial success with an innovative vehicle and responding well to the needs of commuters, there is usually no longer alone in its niche … Yet, for over 10 years, a well known Japanese brand reigns supreme on the maxi scooter category with a pure athlete, his ever-present Yamaha TMAX. Whatever its origin, Italian, Japanese or Taiwanese, no outsider has so far been able to offer better than the King.

10 years ago, the Bavarian manufacturer is believed to advantage in his very atypical BMW C1 125 and 200 (scooter roof that can be driven without a helmet). Income from this direction, finally followed by little the public (but not the only explanation), he launches today on the category initiated by Yamaha.

With its enticing design, promising its engine and all the little extras making this scooter “Made in Berlin” a true premium scooter, the BMW C 600 Sport which sets before us on this international presentation, seems very promising. But what will he test? The manufacturer has reason to believe that it flow more than 10 000 units of BMW C600 and C650 Sport GT – declination road – in a year (or 10% of European market)?

To clarify this, only one solution: try this test of BMW C 600 C 650 Sport and GT at their press launch in Spain in recent days. Started!

The BMW C600 Sport welcomes you … in German!

We are more exactly in Madrid in March. The outside temperature already exceeds 20 ° C, no clouds on the horizon; the sun is definitely the game. That’s a perfect day to wander the streets of the Spanish capital to two-wheelers, and more importantly, the BMW C 600 Sport. He might claim its sportiness; the new maxi scooter is in no less welcoming.

Indeed, we note that if you measure over 1.70 m, ergonomics is most appropriate to cut the road without tiring. The width of the saddle, his drawing, composition provides a valuable maintenance. Perched at 810 mm from the ground, ideally meets the seat handlebars down to allow your servant (1.83 m) to adopt a posture somewhat restrictive, erect, arms spread out just right and legs not too bent.

Between the knees and the deck, there is plenty of room to evolve. And even when you “cruise”, the feet placed forward on the rising parts of the floor, you can almost stretch the legs that they did collide with the deck. It starts well. In turn, the handlebar controls fall naturally to hand. The brake levers (adjustable) are caught with ease and all buttons are properly prepared to quickly take stock of what BMW C600 Sport without too much bother.

Contact the dashboard lights. The right thumb now controls the mechanics of getting underway. The parallel twin snorts while leaving a pleasant expression sporty sound, but not much.

Less bright it is accessible

At startup, the throttle response of the BMW C600 Sport is not instantaneous. Before departing, we indeed observe a slight lag time – half a second at most – as the old TMAX 500 for example. The block BMW suggests its rattle, vibrates significantly, and then revs before releasing his horses. In sensations (pending our measurements), the flight is less than frank about the new Yamaha TMAX 530 . but suddenly more easily manageable than the Japanese Maxi scooter.

After this slight “hole”, this new engine C600 Sport offers much to be reassured about his athletic potential. The acceleration is increasing significantly to propel you quickly beyond the limits allowed in town.

Besides, too observe the bar graph (illegible) indicating the engine, made by the momentum we are (really) too fast when approaching an intersection. Fortunately, the brakes provide a power of more copious … Thanks to the settings of the pressure on the levers, the brake control is easy on the C600 Sport especially as the ABS shows up correctly is almost transparent to use, at least as long as you do not brake on the white lines and other markings slippery … It is certainly now a certainty: in emergency situations, the BMW C600 Sport inhibits short.

But unlike a Honda SW-T 600 or Honda Integra 700 . Brake Assist scooter German is not coupled between the front and rear. To obtain an optimal response, we must activate both brake levers at the same time. In fact, by seeking only the rear, the distance becomes long as a day without bread…

Agile … but greedy

Approaching the heart of the city, the traffic becomes denser. To come to the end of the forty miles of our route from Madrid, he will now have to play tight between the cars. Despite the announced 249 kg, the BMW C600 Sport is surprisingly agile at low speeds. On board, we can move on a light throttle without fear of being surprised by a sudden transmission. At the same time, the weight distribution, the closer to the ground and more on the front of the machine, enhances its maneuverability.

Certainly, the width of its floor could become a liability, but the great turning radius makes it easy to maneuver. We regret, however, that after the race, the fingers on the levers come to meet the retro. In addition, crutches or scooter German demand a certain effort.

Our first afternoon at the wheel of BMW C600 Sport ends. Before returning our vehicle, it remains to scroll the information in the onboard computer and learn about fuel consumption: 7.9 l/100 km. In town, the C600 Sport is greedy!

Gilera Super Sport 600
Gilera Super Sport 600

Certified behavior

BMW C600 Sport test, day 2 … We leave for the region of Madrid, 60 km due north, taking a first stretch of motorway. Low keyed in town, do not forget to carve up the bubble to the road. Via the two Mellette, the setting is simple and fast, but can not be done at a standstill. At least, its protection is very good at legal speeds, and even beyond … Well sheltered from the wind on the BMW C600 Sport, no turbulence can be reported, and helmet and shoulders are properly preserved.

The same goes for the legs, and in the end, nothing seems to affect our comfort if not, however, are minimal vibrations felt at 130 km / h (6000 rev / min).

This is a verified fact: high speed, nothing can shake the handling of the C 600 Sport. In the long fast corners, it absorbs the connections with serenity. What is reassuring to enjoy a good stretch: with the drive brings us to the edge of the counter force, replant to 180 km / h or 176 km / h measured with GPS.


BMW C600 Sport vs. TMAX 530, it will be hot…

In the laces worthy steep mountain roads, the sequence of tight curves does not present particular difficulties. On a curve to the other, the device showed in vivacity angle changes. Braking (even supported), the BMW C600 Sport is perfectly in line, mass transfer is controlled, the little scooter dives.

Better, it is incredibly easy to enter and remain particularly harsh on the corner again. The suspension agreement seems very effective (“Deutsch qualitative” one is tempted to say!). In this context, the behavior of the scooter chassis BMW may well dethrone the TMAX 530, although it has other points to make, as its raises output curves.

But expect the match to decide carefully!

Finally, about 220 km of our journey, we find an average of 7.1 l/100 km (the computer telling us, him, an average of 6.9 l/100km), which again seems superior to Yamaha T-Max, but is also explained by the difference of displacement (647 against 530 cm3).

Conclusion: Finally a rival to the task!

His Maxi scooter BMW C600 Sport is the long awaited rival Yamaha TMAX. The look exudes sportiness and chassis gives it great driving qualities to benefit from its powerful engine. With his glove boxes, its parking brake associated with the side stand and its ingenious features of chest Flex case (e house for two full face helmets), the BMW C600 Sport also offers more practical than Japanese.

Gilera Super Sport 600
Gilera Super Sport 600
Gilera Super Sport 600
Gilera Super Sport 600
Gilera Super Sport 600
Gilera Super Sport 600
Gilera Super Sport 600
Gilera Super Sport 600
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