Test Gas Gas EC 125 Racing 2014: the 125 2-stroke is back!

Somewhat neglected by the Spaniards, the Gas Gas EC 125 Racing did that very little sign of life in recent years. Under the impetus of the chasm, Gas Gas has decided to dust off his 125 enduro. Even though there is still job, the Gas Gas EC 125 Racing is on the right track…

It is therefore with little Gas Gas EC 125 Racing that we open test of the enduro Gas Gas 2014 range ball. This small motorcycle thought almost extinct reborn from its ashes with ambition. And as it is not things halfway at the Spaniards, the 125 enduro receives the same care as its big sisters with even a little extra…

It throws (small) Gas Gas!

It’s a Gas Gas 125 2014 to look more racing who stands before us; the small EC is full of equipment. No practical aspect of the specification of the enduro lacks appeal because we find here hand guards, guards of framework, an engine shoe as well as a translucent reservoir.

It is then the racing accessories that require their presence with a brake disk wave oversize front, Excel rims and black anodized with machined hubs imposing rays, triple clamps are also treated, as the box valve V-Force 3. The look of the magnesium clutch cover is quite nice, as well as the superb exhaust system that takes a LOT! In short, the Gas Gas EC 125 is ample comparison with the competition.

In the saddle, it finds its place on the bike; it is natural enough even if the position of the foot is a little different from what you find on other Enduro of the market, a little higher and a little more secluded. This feeling is also applicable to all the Gas Gas tried that day (to read in the coming days on the bikesdoctor). Hanger handlebar shock to grip but is forgotten as soon as it goes into action.

Here, no electric starter (like the 250), a descent boot on the kick yet enough to sing the Gas Gas EC 125 2014, the sound of two-time wake neurons, it is time to roll!

A healthy chassis

The grip of the new Gas Gas EC 125 enduro claiming not long acclimation, one feels quickly on board, helped by a content weight that plays heavily in his favor. Easy to place, the bike is balanced; we play a turn to another without getting caught. Securely in place in a rut, the Gas Gas EC 125 no longer moves and is left to coax without flinching, one can take the angle without apprehension.

But however it deserves a smaller turning radius which might facilitate the slow speed slalom between trees, for example, or the maneuvers to stop, nothing insurmountable either.

The agreement of the suspensions and the reactions of the whole are good, the bike keeps its course calmly even when we attack. It is primarily on the side of the comfort that the Gas Gas EC 125 Racing fishing, the first cm of suspension showing race rather firm with a tendency to type in the front arm. It is also the case for the rear shock, in a large well rutted stretch of our special of the day; we feel that the rear wheel is unable to stick to the ground in the patterns of holes.

However Gas Gas EC 125 Racing 2014 is properly the motor turn out. Add a note for progressive and powerful enough braking which proved reassuring when it had to stop quickly at the end of a straight line on a changing floor covering.

Engine to refine


This is probably the engine side that Gas Gas EC 125 Racing will be further corrected. Low speeds are rather hollow, the small Spanish enduro lack of strength when it comes to mechanical boost from low revs. Therefore, not the right to be wrong to report, as a result of the blows of clutch will not necessarily be a great help.

We must not hesitate to go back up to first in the slow corners.

A hollow quickly thereafter, forgotten both 125 EC unveils an other face from the substantial, becoming explosive with a force surprising sensation. It truly something is happening in 2-stroke 125, Spanish! Unfortunately the euphoria is too short extension failing later.

Gas Gas EC 125 Racing mounts properly in the towers, but if it does not pass the higher ratio before the ‘red zone’, the motor loses quickly its performance.

A detail that probably played a bit on the fact that the rear wheel has trouble driving at full speed also. Therefore, play with the Spanish bike selector to score in special.

Balance sheet Gas Gas 125 EC Racing 2014: Promising

There are so good and not so good on this Gas Gas EC 125 Racing 2014. We will put forward a balanced and healthy chassis, which, although not flexible suspensions early in the race, is rather easy and effective in most situations. The engine is stock it less exciting, a session settings, including carburetor seems inevitable to make it safer at low revs.

As such, the operating instructions for the engine is not the most obvious to integrate, requiring juggling reports continuously. A setback hopefully as the potential is there, including the strength of the mill mid-range. Available now from your dealer Gas Gas EC 125 Racing 2014 is priced at € 7,190 or the cheapest 125 enduro market.


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