Aprilia RSV Mille R

2003 Aprilia RSV Mille R Problems Solutions

My front brakes feel spongy when I squeeze it. The brake handle almost touches the hand grip. Does this mean I need new brakes or that I may have a leak somewhere?

It means there is air in the brake line. If the fluid gets too low in the brake cylinder air gets pumped into the system when the brake is applied. A loose fitting or bad seal is usually why the fluid gets low. Fix the leak then add fluid and bleed the system of air. First bleed the master cylinder at the lever.

There should be a bleeder valve on the cylinder. Put a clear rubber hose on the end of the bleeder valve. Run the hose into a container so the brake fluid doesn’t get on paint or plastic parts. The fluid can mess up the finish. Now squeeze the brake lever several times in rapid succession then hold the lever in without releasing it.

Open the bleeder valve slowly and fluid and air bubbles will come out of the valve. Close the valve BEFORE releasing the lever. Do the same thing multiple times until only fluid comes out of the valve.

Do not let the cylinder run out of fluid while bleeding . If it does, you have to start all over again.

Now do the same procedure on the wheel caliper.

aprilia rs50 slowing down when in fith gear i have a aprilia rs50 2012, and as it should works fine but now after having it for nearly a year iv got this problem! when going along my bike starts slowing down quite quickly so i have to go down the gears and pull over but it still ticks over and revs fine. iv cleaned out the grit in my brake pads and the chain and sprocket looks fine:S any suggestions?

my aprila rs50 starts fine and runs fine cold but if it heats up abit you pull the throttle and it sounds like its dieng

Instructions 1 Park your RSV 1000R on a well-ventilated, level area, using its kickstand.

Aprilia RSV Mille R
Aprilia RSV Mille R

2 Start the engine and let it idle in place until the temperature gauge built into the instrument cluster indicates a minimum internal temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the motorcycle’s ideal operating temperature.

3 Take note of the engine idle speed, using the tachometer needle, while the engine is running. Ideally, the engine should idle steadily at 1,250 rpm.

4 Adjust the engine idle speed to 1,250 rpm, using the idle adjuster screw hidden between the lower right edge of the fuel tank and the upper edge of the right middle fairing panel. Turn the idle adjuster screw clockwise to increase the engine idle speed, or counterclockwise to decrease the engine idle speed, using a small flat screwdriver if your RSV 1000R’s frame (VIN number) precedes ZD4MEE009YS000292. A plastic knob allows the engine idle speed to adjusted by hand on RSV 1000R models with a frame (VIN) numbers starting from ZD4MEE009YS000293.

5 Rev the engine two to three times and observe the tachometer. The engine should return to a 1,250 rpm idle. Adjust the engine idle speed as needed, using the method described, then rev the engine again. Problems may exist within the throttle control, fuel-injection system or engine, if the engine idle speed will not hold steady at 1,250 rpm.

Contact your local Aprilia service facility for assistance.

6 Stop the engine, once you have obtained a steady 1,250 rpm idle speed.

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