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Aprilia is an incredibly prevalent and leading brand of scooters in Europe. From the production of cycles in early years, Aprilia has grown to become second largest manufacturer of scooters and motorcycles in Europe. Obsession for motor cycles and fortitude of Ivano Beggio, president of Aprilia, is the truth behind the immense success of the company.

Aprilia has every time lucratively construed craze of the two-wheeler market and manufactured pioneering products which are capable in fulfilling the requirements and anticipations of customers. The business is established in Noale (VE) and has five plants (four in Italy and one in San Marino) and seven overseas branches (five in Europe, one in the USA and one in Brazil).

The intention behind all Aprilia scooters and motorcycles is the superior machinery and design technique as well as utilization of sophisticated machinery to protect environment from harm. Aprilia produces a variety of models of scooters and motorcycles.

SR 50 is a very popular model among Aprilia racing scooters. It gives an impression of style along with the safety for the driver. It was the very first model to support liquid cooling, which means water is used to conduct heat in the engine rather than merely air in the majority of other scooter models.

SR 50 was the foremost model of a scooter with double disc braking system and direct injection engine. Direct injection engine results in the less fuel consumption and thus better mileage.


Sportcity is a successful model which offers safety and fun at a very economical price.  The squashed yet defensive front shield, munificent seat, commuter grasp handles and flat stage, all are designed in a way to maximize the space. These designs to increase the space also include ample under seat storage, enough for a full face helmet. Compressed size, relaxation and expediency; these features have always been highlight for Sportcity range.

Marvelously swift, the Sportcity 50 and 125 are the absolute answers to traffic regardless of their capaciousness and comfort. Flat stage also makes available sufficient room for massive stuff. Progressive and environmental friendly four stroke engines make Sportcity 50 and Sportcity 125 easy to ride  in traffic as well as protected and comfy.

Thanks to sophisticated plan and mega ignition, these engines are active, untainted running, and astoundingly easy on the pocket to drive. Uncomplicated plan means stoutness and steadfastness in addition.


The Aprilia Sportcity 250 is prepared to comply with all potential requirements in advanced cities. Enhanced appearance is extremely pleasing to the eyes. The latest Sportcity features a pattern enthused by vitality and superior machinery. Its remarkable distinctiveness puts together it as just the right choice for riders looking for a comfy, secure and high-speed scooter that can get effortlessly through traffic and necessitate bare minimum operation expenses.

  The Sportcity 250 functions sound as a standard range commuter, presenting an additional worldwide mobility resolution. The Sportcity 250 austerely cannot be demarcated as a sheer “transportation”.  Modishness has always been one of the Sportcity’s sturdy spots.

Scarabeo belongs to a tremendously endearing line of Aprilia scooters. It is a flawless blend of conventional and modern design. It is a very easy to drive scooter. Riders of Scarabeo 100 don’t feel like switching to another model or brand. They are completely satisfied with its performance.

Aprilia Scarabeo 125

The Scarabeo 100 engine is a flat solo cylinder, 96.2 cc four strokes with enforced air cooling and a two valve head. It’s power yield is in the range of 8 HP, which offers fuel expenditure figures comparable to those of a 50cc with functioning just like that of a 125cc engine. This is an added advantage in today’s times with escalating price of fuel every now and then.

  If you yearn for a scooter with excellent performance and superb mileage, go for Scarabeo 100.

Distinguishing stylishness, extraordinary comfort, along with highly developed functioning and protection; Scarabeo 200 is a comprehensive scooter. Due to its uniqueness, Scarabeo is a trend setter. The engine of Scarabeo 200 is entirely new which increases its performance with relatively low fuel consumption. Scarabeo 200 yields power of whopping 19 HP.

  The model is environment friendly as it includes a catalytic convertor to emit cleaner exhaustive gases. Moreover, the design provides more legroom and space for heavy objects.


Scarabeo is a name that you can trust blindly for performance. Just like other models of this league, Scarabeo 500 is a perfect blend of modern and traditional design. The 500 cc engine is a solo cylinder, liquid cooled, four strokes energy unit with a solitary overhead cam and a four valve head.

With a power of 29 kW, Scarabeo 500 gives an unbeatable performance.

Aprilia has introduced various models each with unique characteristics to suit needs of each and all.

Aprilia Scarabeo 125
Aprilia Scarabeo 125

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