Aprilia RS 125 SBK Replica

2009 Aprilia RS125

2009 Aprilia RS125

– 2009 Aprilia RS125

2009 Aprilia RS125


Lap for lap, dollar for dollar, this GP-bred track bike outclasses larger displacement alternatives. With the debut of Aprilia-s track-only RS 125 two-stroke single, outsmarting the big bore boys has just become a sport in itself. The Italian manufacturer-s major-thrills track bike with the amazingly low price point is an all-new option for enthusiasts who want the speed, agility and superior handling that only a super-light-weight motorcycle can deliver.

Add an Aprilia Racing-inspired, world-championship-bred 125cc engine, superb brakes, spot-on gearing, sizzling Italian styling and the low MSRP of just $5499 and the Aprilia RS 125 becomes the stealth track bike of choice.

As the leading manufacturer in 125cc and 250cc MotoGP competition, Aprilia has perfected the art of engineering championship-winning smaller-displacement race bikes. That expertise, along with Aprilia-s characteristically high level of premium components, makes the new RS 125 the best possible value for enthusiasts who take their track time serious – but who don-t want to sacrifice fun.

As increasing numbers of motorcycle enthusiasts discover the challenge and thrill of honing riding skills on a closed circuit during a group track day or weekend, today-s 600 to 1000cc sport bikes with their huge horsepower and top speed numbers aren-t always the best choice. A smaller displacement machine actually helps to create a better, more confident rider because it requires more input and concentration to score good lap times. At the same time, it allows the rider to really push it to the limit while big displacement bikes often don-t inspire the same level of confidence.

Engineered for the Ultimate On-Tack Experience

At the heart of the RS 125 is a sophisticated single-cylinder two-stroke, liquid-cooled engine, based on the same race-proven technology that has resulted in a continuous string of competition victories for Aprilia Racing. Able to reach triple digit speeds, the powerplant is packed with technical advancements including a crankcase reed valve intake, anti-vibration balancer shaft and an automatic fuel-oil mixing system. A robust 6-speed transmission delivers the power to the rear wheel with ratios designed to suit a variety of race track configurations.

The RS 125 is fitted with high-performance, race-style, upside-down front forks and a hydraulic rear monoshock mounted in a rising rate linkage, designed to work in concert to deliver the highest degree of race track compliance.

Torsional rigidity is excellent, again thanks to the bike-s development on the world-s toughest race tracks. The RS 125-s lightweight polished cast aluminium twin spar frame is reinforced with cross ribbing for additional strength while the advanced chassis is mated to a box section, aluminium alloy swingarm.

Styled after its championship-winning GP racing siblings, the RS 125 features a distinctive fairing and tail section that has been wind tunnel tested to deliver minimum drag. Riders benefit from improved top speed when tucked in behind the windscreen on long straights. The sleekly aerodynamic bodywork signals that the RS 125 would rather be in motion than standing still.

Fully Loaded for Action

Like all Aprilias, the RS 125 is chock-full of premium components, selected for their quality and competition integrity. Standard equipment includes distinctive, aluminium alloy wheels, radial mount brake calliper, and rear-set style racing footpegs. The track only bike is available with racing livery looks of the 2006 and 2007 world championship 250 Moto GP bike, the exclusive Replica Spain-s N.1.

A Winner for Beginners and a Thriller for Experts

The Aprilia RS 125 is an ideal learning platform for new and beginning riders, as well as a solid base for experienced enthusiasts. Whether an aspiring GP star, club racer or weekend warrior, the RS 125 delivers a thoroughly rewarding experience lap after lap, simply because it allows riders to focus on improving their riding skills. Best of all, maximum grins on the track have never been so cost-efficient.


The RS 125 is the undisputed leader among 125 cc supersports. Aprilia has always led the field in lightweight sports bikes, pioneering new concepts and advanced solutions, and developing technology that others have had to struggle to follow. Like all Aprilia sports motorcycles, the RS 125 has benefited from the sophisticated technology that has been developed over years of success in GP racing, and quickly transferred into production.

Over the years, the RS 125 has forged a reputation as the standard setter for sports 125-s. Sales success has come naturally too, with the RS 125 topping the sales tables on all European markets. The RS 125 is the inevitable choice of riders entering Sport Production racing.

And rightly so, because when the competition gets tough, there is simply no other bike like the Aprilia RS 125.

The 2007 Aprilia RS 125 is designed and built for technical supremacy and has the looks to match. Its graphics are totally new and based entirely on those of the bike that dominated the 2006 250 GP world championship.

The Aprilia RS 125 gives young riders the best the market has to offer in terms of components and equipment, with a concentration of technical refinements that are not found on many superbikes.

The following are just some of the main features of the MY 2007 Aprilia RS 125.

· Tried and tested yet extremely sophisticated Rotax two stroke engine.

· Super-rigid aluminium frame and swingarm derived from Aprilia-s vast GP experience.

· Upside down fork.

· Front brake with radial caliper and four opposed pistons.

· RSV 1000 R style fairing, windshield and tail.

· RSV Factory style, crossed spoke wheels.

· Analog/digital instrument panel with multi-functional computer.

· RSV Factory style, forged steering yoke.

· Oval section racing silencer with riveted end plates.


The mean, cutting edge look of the new RS 125 tells you that this is a professional racing machine. The styling of the RS is based on that of the RSV 1000 R and, as with all Aprilia sports bikes, is the result of painstaking aerodynamic research. The fairing, for example, was perfected by extensive wind tunnel testing, to guarantee GP class wind protection and minimum drag for maximum racetrack efficiency.

The fairing, windshield and tail not only look mean and aggressive, but allow the RS 125 to reach a blistering top speed, eliminating all turbulence around the rider. Man and machine really can become one when the machine in question is an Aprilia RS 125.

The latest generation twin halogen headlight also adds to the mean look of the new RS 125, and delivers a high power light beam for enhanced visibility and safety at night.

The sleek tail looks exactly like the tail of a GP racer. Thanks to the effort put into the design of the RS 125-s tail, not even the passenger seat disturbs the bike-s impeccable lines.

The crossed spoke wheels are not only lighter and more stylish, but safer and more reliable too.


The box section, aluminium alloy swingarm has the highest torsional rigidity of all production 125 cc swingarms. Differential side members enable the exhaust to follow a path that maximises engine performance and enables more acute angles of lean to be achieved on bends without risking dangerous contact with the asphalt.

The suspension too plays a fundamental role in ensuring not only the RS 125-s performance, but its safety and comfort too. The 2007 RS 125 can rely on an upside-down fork that has been optimised for maximum performance on the racetrack while also delivering a more satisfying ride on public roads.

The rear suspension features rising rate linkages based on Aprilia-s 125 GP racing technology, for excellent traction and superb comfort even over uneven road surfaces. The hydraulic monoshock that provides the damping for the swingarm is also adjustable in spring preload.


The latest colour schemes have been chosen to enhance the Aprilia RS 125-s aggressive styling. The classical Aprilia Black and Aprilia White colour schemes have been joined for 2007 by an exclusive Spain-s N.1.


A power kit, designed exclusively for racetrack use, is also available as an optional accessory to achieve the full potential of this amazing two-stroke engine.

The kit includes:

· racing expansion chamber exhaust

· complete racing exhaust valve

· control unit and solenoid for racing exhaust valve

· needle, main jet and atomiser for full power carburation

· racing spark plug


Aprilia has always been intent on helping young riders develop their skills. In the past, this involvement led to the RS 125 Challenge, one of the most prestigious single marque trophies, and the competition in which most of the Italian riders now competing at world championship level learned their trade.

In 2007 Aprilia will again be taking the lead in promoting motorcycling among the younger generation of riders. Aprilia is organising a prestigious new competition to give youngsters the chance to show their true colours with a minimum of expenditure. The protagonist, of course, will be the Aprilia RS 125, specially prepared for track use, the perfect machine for developing the talents of tomorrow-s champions.

Junior GP Racing Dream is an initiative of Aprilia in conjunction with FMI (the Italian Motorcycling Federation), and weekly motor sports magazine Motosprint. The competition-s primary objective is to select a number of promising young riders and offer them the chance to enter the world of GP racing. Aprilia-s aim is clear: to keep alive the great racing tradition that has led to Italian riders dominating the world GP scene.

The competition is dedicated to boys and girls between the ages of 13 and 16 who dream of a career in motorcycle racing and who accept to take part in the selection process that leads up to the competition.

Main stages of the competition:

– Initial selection for the 2007 season will begin in September, and will be free of charge for all those who enter by filling in the application form published in Motosprint.

– The single marque challenge trophy will be held in 2007, using -Junior GP- version Aprilia RS 125s. Participation will be restricted to the 30 riders picked during initial selection.

– The winner of the single marque trophy will be entered free of charge in the 2008 Italian GP Championship as a member of a team racing Aprilia 125 GPs.

The basic requirements for the Junior GP Racing Dream competition are as follows:

– The competition is open to boys and girls born in the years 1994, 1993, 1992, and 1991.

– The 2007 single marque challenge will be spread over 5 races.

– A junior GP class FMI licence is required to participate in the 2007 challenge.

– Selected riders will be issued with an FMI licence free of charge.

– The entry fee for the Junior GP is € 6,000.

Aprilia RS 125 SBK Replica
Aprilia RS 125 SBK Replica

For this fee, selected riders will receive:

– An Aprilia 125 RS -Junior GP- for use in official trials, the warm-up, and the race itself. The bike will be supplied by Aprilia before the race and must be returned to Aprilia after the race.

Lots will be drawn before each race to determine the allocation of individual motorcycles to individual riders.

– Race preparation and assistance.

– Transport of the motorcycle to and from the circuit.

– Spare parts, tyres, fuel and oil.

– Leathers, helmet, gloves, and boots (participants must wear the protective clothing provided by the organisers).

At the end of the season, all material in use at the time (including the motorcycle used for the last race), will become the property of the rider.

The RS 125 can now be ordered at select U.S. Aprilia dealerships.

Fuel: Dell-Orto VHST 28

Bore x Stroke: 54 x 54,5 mm

Total displacement: 124,8 cc

Compression ratio: 12,5 ± 0,5:1

Fuel system: Dell-Orto VHST 28.

Ignition: Electronic CDI ignition.

Starting: Electric

Generator: 12V – 180 W

Lubrication: Separate mixing with variable displacement, volumetric pump.

Gear box: 6 speed. 1st 10/30 (0.33) 2nd 14/29 (0.48) 3rd 17/27 (0.63) 4th 19/25 (0.76) 5th 21/24 (0.87) 6th 22/23 (0.67)

Clutch: Multi-plate in oil bath.

Primary drive: Gearbox: 63/19 (3.31).

Final drive: Chain: 17/40 (2.35).

Frame: Sloping twin-spar frame in thin wall box section cast aluminium, with reinforcement cross-ribbing.

Front suspension: Upside down hydraulic fork, Ø 40 mm. Wheel travel 120 mm.

Rear suspension: Swingarm with asymmetric members in thin wall box section cast aluminium. Hydraulic monoshock with adjustable spring preload. Wheel travel 120 mm.

Brakes: Front: Floating Ø 320 mm disc. Radial caliper with four differential diameter pistons, Ø 32 mm – Ø 27 mm. Rear: Single Ø 220 mm disc.

Caliper with two Ø 30 mm pistons.

Wheels: Aluminium alloy. Front 3.00 x 17-; rear 4,00 x 17-.

Tyres: Tubeless radial. Front 110/70 17-; rear 150/60 17-.

Dimensions: Overall length 76.9 inches. Overall width (at handlebars) 28.3 inches. Overall height (at windshield) 43.3 inches. Seat height 31.6 inches. Wheelbase 52.9 inches.

Dry Weight: 280lbs.

Fuel tank capacity: 3.7 gallons (.92 gallon reserve).

Model not available in Canada

2009 Aprilia RS125 – UK Specifications


Engine: Liquid cooled, single cylinder two stroke. Aluminium cylinder with Gilnisil coated liner. Read valve intake and exhaust port valve. Separate lubrication. Homologated to Euro 2 standards

Aprilia RS 125 SBK Replica
Aprilia RS 125 SBK Replica
Aprilia RS 125 SBK Replica
Aprilia RS 125 SBK Replica
Aprilia RS 125 SBK Replica
Aprilia RS 125 SBK Replica
Aprilia RS 125 SBK Replica
Aprilia RS 125 SBK Replica
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