Husaberg FE 501

2013 Husaberg FE Models

All four models have left the old engines and took KTM’s, who are completely new to Husaberg have. Furthermore all 4T models for 2013th include a serial fan cooler, even the model of 350 cc, for which KTM is not installed the fan.

It is interesting to on the other hand that no 4T Husaberg have no lever for foot ignition as it had not so far to the old rotated aggregates, and it is the biggest difference between this unit and the KTM’s machines. Of course, the side covers with your company logo are different.

All four Husaberg have models for 2013th Get the exhaust cannons wider than they have KTM models, to be quieter at maximum engine speed. Ultimately, the new models are much lighter than last year: 350 model is lighter than the old FE 390 as much as 5.5 kg, and the models 450 and 500 are 2 kg lighter than last year’s models 450 and 570 FE 250 is equipped with electronic fuel injection last generation. Above it is a model 350, which competes in Class E2 together with models FE 450 and TE 250 Model FE 501 in turn by extreme motorcycle for the E3 class, which seeks maximum power with optimal weight.

FE 250

This is ideal for older drivers who are moving into the world of hard enduro and who do not have much experience. FE 250 will forgive all the mistakes, and they will not get tired as a strong 350 and 450 models. In addition, there will often be able to keep the throttle fully open, and it’s a feeling that gives you greater driving pleasure and confidence so necessary to combat irregularities.

Engine which does not brake heavily when discharged gas as those with large volumes, so it is great to ride down the hill, and the slippery slope after the rain. On steep climbs significantly easier to change the direction of the models 350 and 450

FE 350

Power unit with two overhead camshafts works best at high speeds, a small mass flywheel and a small stroke gives him enormous advantages in the field. It is very agile and maneuverable, and has enough power to fight with aggregates of 450 cc. The only drawback that it can be attributed to the lack of leg levers ignition.

Husaberg FE 501
Husaberg FE 501

But you can buy it later and install if you do not mind the addition of 1.5 kg. Unlike the KTM EXC 350, this comes with a fan on the radiator and guard units.

FE 450

FE 501

Another surprise we prepared FE 501, although we have already ridden his KTM EXC 500 version This is a very good choice for a corpulent riders with experience. It seems to have a slightly lower seat than the KTM and has excellent long-ups and jumping obstacles because unit has power at all speeds of rotation. Although it is very potent, and the unit is sufficiently linear that never tires much more than a model of 450 cc.

Most will provide the heavy, muddy and sandy terrain.

Husaberg FE 501
Husaberg FE 501
Husaberg FE 501
Husaberg FE 501
Husaberg FE 501

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