Husaberg FE 390

Test Husaberg 350 FE: The Swedish alternative to the reference Enduro KTM

Our round of the range Husaberg Enduro 2013 continues today with a new cubic capacity for the Swedish manufacturer. With the Husaberg 350 FE, Husaberg attacks an intermediate cubic capacity which is downright successful already at KTM. Replacing of the 390 FE does it make snuffs?

Can it dethrone the Austrian reference? We could judge some in Spanish dust and the heat wave…

After the Husaberg 250 FE, last born of the range Enduro Husaberg, the change continues among Swedes. Up to that point, the 390 FE endorsed intermediate the motorcycle role of Enduro. For the vintage 2013, it disappears from the range to the profit of Husaberg 350 FE, which intends well to be posed in alternative to the reference of the kind: the KTM 350 EXC-F.

But attention: it is not a simple reduction of cubic capacity. Indeed, tilted the cylinder motor suitable for Husaberg is purely and simply replaced by one-cylinder the 350 of the KTM.

Beautiful Swedish

It would be necessary to be really malicious gossip to find to repeat on the quality of the equipment and the completions of Husaberg 350 FE. The remark is true besides for the whole of the Swedish Enduro range. Visually, Husaberg 350 FE gives an impression of compactness almost more outstanding than on the 250 FE.

The agreement between the blue and the yellow of the Swedish flag appears to us of good taste, one likes the esthetics of the unit. To that a key a little baling comes to be added which is not to displease to us either: handlebar without bar, t-pieces cut in the mass, Brembo braking… and of the rims Excel blue really class! There is not thus great a deal to throw on this Husaberg FE 350: the concern of the detail is quite present, and the endurists will be charmed by it.

Enduro with to do everything

Hop, it left for a turn circuit in the Spanish heat wave! No preoccupation with a catch in hand, the motorcycle holds well between the legs and, seated like upright, one easily finds his niche on Husaberg. One is in confidence as of the first turns of wheels in spite of surface with precarious adherence.

The Husaberg 350 FE is handled as easily as one 250, the feeling of lightness is there here for much.

The changes of support pass like a letter to the post office; the motorcycle is balanced, healthy and never takes to you at fault. Although felt the ground/tire before is not optimal, the nose gear functions well and – there still – one will underline qualities of fork GT 4CS. It absorbs all the small asperities, which one goes quickly or slowly.

However, I would note that the fork comes into easily obstinate on the large shocks. There is only with the 350 that arrived to me but I admit that there is as only with it as I released myself on certain jumps… The shock absorber is shown as for him as comfortable as effective. Precision, promptness, facilitated: such is the cocktail offered by this Husaberg 350 FE.

At most the corrosive one of the brakes it appeared me an excessive hair in the Spanish terminated.

Performance and facilitated

Resulting from the 350 EXC-F, the engine of Husaberg 350 FE is shown very flexible. Although one is on a motorcycle of Enduro of higher cubic capacity, one does not have more apprehension than when one goes up on the 250 FE. But tracks some, the differences are felt well.

Husaberg FE 390

It will be noted first of all that inertia is negligible on the 350: the motorcycle does not push during braking and does not involve at the time of the slow passages.

When one starts to feel trustful on the motorcycle – i.e. 50 meters after the departure – one is thorough to attack a little more than of habit. The driving behavior lends itself perfectly to the game: he asks to be used the whip on and it is an obvious pleasure to type to him inside.

If it offers more trunk than the 250, its force with low mode is not except standard.

Better is thus worth to remain on the positive ratio because, if one can allow oneself to roll cast in the technique, a small blow of clutch is sometimes necessary to continue its progression. The fluid clutch is more pleasant besides, the more so as when one makes use of it, the 350 has of the guarantor. As of the light hollow of the low modes passed, the engine is expressed with full lung, until very high in the turns.

There is not to say: this motorcycle is a growth with the crime!

Assessment: The winner compromise?

Husaberg 350 FE is a motorcycle of easy Enduro, full with resources and strong in feelings. The amateurs of large 4-time will remain can be on their hunger vis-a-vis his limited driving trunk. But there is all the same what to make with the engine of Husaberg.

The endurists mow 250 4-time old will find here the motorcycle also handy but with large more mechanical.

To be simple, there is a little fun in this motorcycle which one does not find on 450. Remain that it is not always simple to keep its cold blood with the handlebar from this 350 FE which only requires to take turns. If Husaberg will charm most endurists, it will undoubtedly charm less their bankers. With 9,060 €€, the beautiful Blue one does not make in lace…

Husaberg FE 390
Husaberg FE 390
Husaberg FE 390

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