Aprilia RS 125 Tuono

Thread: 3M Premium Di-Noc CF Texture Reflectives / Mini Voltmeter / Bridgeport Tyre Valve

3M Premium Di-Noc CF Texture Reflectives / Mini Voltmeter / Bridgeport Tyre Valve

Bridgeport Tyre Valves

(Product of Italy) Quality is assured and are certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS 16494:2009 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2004

Bridgeport is a premier manufacturer of tire valves for motorcycles, automobiles, trucks, and construction vehicles. Their products epitomize the ideals of quality, longevity, reliability, safety, innovation, and tradition.


* Machined from one piece of aluminum and come in Silver, Black, Blue, Red Gold. These same valve stems are used by some AMA Superbike race teams for their ease of use and reliability.

* Fixed to the rim with lock nut (therefore it cannot bend nor be expelled from the rim)

* Need not be replaced with every tyre change

* Solves the problem of access for inflation and checking of air pressure

* The angled quill reduces the effect of centrifugal force, which tends to fling the valve core outwards in a conventional valve, leading to loss of pressure in the tire.

* Does not need to be replaced with each tire change

Ref Link for more of your viewing: http://www.bridgeport.it

Colors Available: Red, Blue, Gold, Silver, Black

Self collect at my place in Sengkang (after office hours): $35

With Normal postage by SingPost (without tracking number): $37

With Registered Postage by SingPost (with tracking number): $39

*PS. additional 5% discount for Internet Banking or ATM transfer during ordering !


3M Reflective Box Reflector Enhancement !

Price Range from $5 – $40 depending on the size of your box reflector, as different boxes comes with different size reflectors.

(Left side is after the enhancement is done / Right side is the stock condition of the box)

Make your box reflector really WORKS as a reflector.

Whats the point of it, if it’s just a EMPTY red plastic cover?

Bikers are one of the less prominent figure on the road.

After the enhancement of the reflector, not only it has some bling added to it, BUT. MOST IMPORTANTLY it ALSO increases other road users’ safety vision of you on the road, which is very crucial for bikers.


3M CF Di-Noc PRE-CUT Wrap for Panniers and Top boxes

Applicable for :

– Touratech GS Panniers / Top Box

– Hepco Becker Explorer Panniers / Top Box

– Trax Panniers / Top Box

How is it done ?


– ONLY 3M Di-Noc Carbon Fibre Textured stickers are used.(Not any other replica of CF textured stickers, as I believe in 3M top notch quality)

– Require about 2 to 3 days, although its pre-cut but may or maynot need adjustments due to the manufacturing process tolerance of the boxes may differ from one another.

– Appointment is needed to be made to deposit the box at my place after office hours, so that no members will be wasting the usage of the box by depositing them at my place.

If you have any stickers customising to be done on your panniers and boxes, also do feel free to approach me, we can discuss over it if your requirement is possible to the best of my knowledge.


Mini Digital LED Voltmeter @ $20 each

* Self collect at my area in SengKang, registered postage requires an additional of $5 (for packaging and postage)

No longer have to worry about your ride “dying” half through your journey as you are able to keep track of the battery life before you even move out from your car park.

– With its mini size, it’s easy to mount the voltmeter anywhere on your ride.

– Suitable for cars and bikes

– Installation not included

– Each and every single voltmeter will be tested in front of you to ensure it’s working condition before letting you have it

– Comes in dark filter cover to allow easy reading of the meter in broad daylight

Features :

Size. (W) 40mm x (B) 22mm x (H) 18mm

Colours to choose from. Green, Red or Blue

Wire Length. Approximately 1m


3M Diamond Grade Reflective White / Yellow Tape (Limited stock)

One of the best reflective material in the market that are being used on street signboards, warning signs and even by our local Road Enforcers.

Good for safety vision. (Do I need to say more?)

It comes in strips of a length which you deem fit.

Width is fixed at 50mm (5cm)

Per meter is at $10 (Self Collect at Sengkang Area)

* No customizing of design on the sticker, it is available as it is.

* Self collect at Sengkang area and no postage

* ONLY available in white and yellow as of now.

Sample picture of the strip customised by the owner and pasted on his GS panniers for safety vision :


3M CF Di-Noc Petrol caps :

* Now you can own them at. $10 (normal postage or self collect)

* price inclusive of normal postage or self-collect, do ADD $2.50 for registered mail option

* Made to covers all screw holes, to prevent water from trapping inside the screw heads, and some even rusting.

Oh no. then if wana remove the petrol cap then how ?

If you need to remove the petrol cap, you will have more serious problem to worry about then the cost of a brand new petrol cap skin !

* If your petrol cap shape looks like those shown in the picture below, yes the below skins can fit your petrol cap.

NOTE. If you do not see your petrol cap design below, pm me, you are IN for a GOOD DEAL

To make your ordering easier, I had tag code numbers to each individual petrol cap skins, you can use those tags to indicate which you need.

*meanwhile I will try as much as I can to label out all the different type of bike models tag under each petrol cap skins, to make your referencing much easier


3M CF Di-Noc IU Skins :

* Choice of slot or no slot for viewing of cashcard value

New IU unit (Slim kind). $12 (normal postage or self collect)

Old IU unit (fat kind). $14 (normal postage or self collect)

*price inclusive of normal postage or self-collect, do ADD $2.50 for registered mail option


3M CF Di-Noc Customize Tank Pad Skins :

Spice up your tank with Carbonize Tank Pad Skins @ $16.50 (with registered postage) or $14 (normal postage or self collect)

* Adhere onto the area of the tank where your jean’s zips are or almost all the time in contact with.

* No longer have to worry about having scratches on your tank caused by your zippers or belt buckles

* Alot of range to choose from yes, but If you have a customise shape that you need, feel free to send me a picture reference, and I will get it done up for you

Note. Order with the product code in the pictures.


Need replacement Sticker Number Plates due to wear and tear or changing of windshields ?

– The above pics are just for illustration purpose and not with reference to real number plates.

– The brighter looking words are 3M reflectives words.

* Fonts size will be base on LTA standard (unless otherwise requested for aesthetics purposes)

********** For usage: **********

For Front of Bike (price includes normal postage or Self Collect)

Aprilia RS 125 Tuono
Aprilia RS 125 Tuono

Oracal Black base + White Words – $5.50

Oracal White base + Black words – $5.50

For Rear of Bike (Self Collect Only)

(+$3 if choosing Thai Fonts)(price includes normal postage or Self Collect)

– Oracal Black base + 3M Reflective White Words – $6.50

– 3M Reflective black base + 3M Reflective white words – $8

– 3M Di-Noc black base + 3M Reflective white words – $9

For Rear of Bike

(+$3 if choosing Thai Fonts)(Self Collect Only)(Installation not included)

– Oracal Black base + 3M Reflective White Words – $15

– Oracal Yellow base + 3M Reflective Black words – $17

– 3M Reflective black base + 3M Reflective white words – $17

– 3M Di-Noc black base + Oracal white words – $17

– 3M Di-Noc black base + 3M Reflective white words – $18


For All FRONT NUMBER PLATE sticker(s), price inclusive of normal postage or self-collect, do ADD $2.50 for registered mail option



Payment Mode : Internet Banking or ATM transfer.

Please allow sometime to verify as ATM transfers do not reflects in my statement who the transferor is.

Things to Note :

* Price are the same for all of the colors of Di-Noc Skins (colors subject to availability)

* Skin will only be fabricated upon full fund transferred. (NOT MASS PRODUCED)

* All prices inclusive of postage locally

* Please add $2.50 for registered mail

* Items will be sent out within 3 days upon confirmation of payment.

* Please allow 3 to 10 days for the items to reach your mailbox.

* Normal postage at buyer’s own risk, only registered mail is able to be tracked.

* NO I do not sell in raw material form.

* NO I do not do dry CF wrapping

Disclaimer :

Item(s) sent via regular mail is sent at buyer’s own risk.

I cannot AND will not be held responsible for any lost mail (to be honest, it does happens)

The only way to be able to track your items if it gets lost is to opt for registered mail.

Thank you for your understanding.

Level of Convenience ?

1) Skin reaches straight to your letter box

2) No longer need to spend precious time to travel and waiting to be served

3) No longer have to worry not able to purchase the skin as there is no shop front for you to worry about operating hours

Judge for yourself

No worries, if you have no experience in pasting the skin, feel free to arrange a time with me at my place to get the skin done up at no extra cost

Now..How to order ?

Fill in the list accordingly as below :

No. / Nick / Item / Qty / Color

(eg.) 1. Siaoster / Item / 1pc / Pearl White

I will pm you for details of the transactions and update the list accordingly for your tracking reference.

More SKINS coming your way.

Aprilia RS 125 Tuono
Aprilia RS 125 Tuono
Aprilia RS 125 Tuono
Aprilia RS 125 Tuono
Aprilia RS 125 Tuono
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