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Rod Cleveland: I’m 5’10 and I can put my feet on the ground but not flat.

Rod Cleveland: In regards to storage, a full size helmet fits under the seat with extra room to spare. The glove box is small and has an area for small object like a phone located next to electric outlet. There is also another area in the globe box for important papers or a box of smokes.

Regarding the foot pegs, they can be found at any motorcycle gear store. They are the one inch kind.

tuturutu12: That’s the first time I saw a tank bag on this scooter. My brother drives the same scooter and he’s also curious where did you find that bag? Thanks

xchinookfe: Thanx for the video. I’ve found one in Phoenix. I’ve been looking for a Maxi for a long time and this one looks interesting. One question, how is the on-board storage? Does more than a helmet fit under the seat?

Is the glove box roomy? Thanx again for the video.

Joy Brassard: I have Aprilla Atlantic 500 and it has been the most awesome bike i owned to date. IM super glad to find out about the accessories, but the import shipping sounds costly.

Rod Motzko: I also have some Ram Mount accessories for my camera, gps, and a beverage holder. Drives awesome on the highway.

luis sastre: gracias por el video un saludo desde uruguay luis

Rod Cleveland: I got the tank bag used. You can search European sites for the bag but shipping is expensive. You can buy a Givi tank generic bag but they are smaller and don’t have/need straps to secure it to the floor.

I also found the rear bag used on Ebay. The wind cover was purchased from a European site. OEM Accessories are hard to find.

Rod Cleveland: Get the VIN number from the bike call a Vespa or Aprilia dealer to verify the recall was done. Any dealer service center will do it, if they have the time. If the fuel pump recall is done the bike is ready to ride with no maintenance at all, that price maybe OK.

You should compare that price to a used Burgman 400 or Majesty 400. If the bike will need tires soon, oil change, transmission maintenance (oil, belt, rollers), brakes bleed or pads changed, that price is too high. Good Luck

j Mastrangelo: Hi, where did you get the front foot pegs. Nice Bike

Tom Dunn: Rod; I have a chance to buy one, dont know if recall was done. You def need those hi way pegs no place to put feet except on the lower boards. My question is what are these worth?

NADA book says 2550 full retail. Dealer wants 3000, but I feel he’s too high, especially with the unknown recalls. What do you think?

Lee Lambert: Nice scooter im thinking about purchasing one here. My only fear is I may not can put my feet on the ground when stop im 511

Rod Cleveland: This wonderful scooter is up for sale. I bought a larger scooter (Burgman 650) and I’m selling for $3K with all accessories. Pretty firm as it has only 20k miles with new belt, rollers, tires, and fluid changes. I really hate to see it go.

The Burgman’s seat is no where as comfortable as this seat and the Atlantic gets much better gas mileage (+10mpg). I got the Burgman for better two up long distance riding.

The Stiver: one leg will always hold ya up