Aprilia RS4 125 vs Honda CBR125R vs Yamaha YZF125R: Waltz 4-stroke

Real bomb lets for accessing the wonderful world of handlebars bracelets, the 125 sports have now swapped their mechanical performance 2-stroke against the 4-stroke engines more “ecologically correct”. To verify that “125 sports” can rhyme with “valve block”, we have opposed the new Aprilia RS4 125 to the Honda CBR125R and 2011 Yamaha YZF125R.

Aprilia RS4 125 vs Honda CBR125R vs Yamaha YZF125R: The comparative

Ah the 125 sports … We’ve all dreamed when you were a kid – there was not long ago – when the Grand Prix were not boring and that the two-time reigning on the track and made ​​the show … But today, the bike was converted to the environmental cause and marketing. It can fly at 16 to discover more than 30 years – or even more – or come back again later when the children become independent …, all scenarios are possible and that’s reason that small sports rake much larger than expected.

And for good reason: with their technology and materials chosen, these are more than 125 utilities nice, but real motorcycles, rewarding, which cast doubt on their real capacity. So, the Aprilia RS4, Honda CBR125R and Yamaha YZF125R, which the sportiest? The faster one; the more homogeneous; the easiest; we contrast these three beautiful bikes and new 125 sports competing equally on the paper that different to drive.

Saddle up!

Aprilia RS4 125: The Italian-amazes

Any new, the Aprilia RS4 in 2011 draws a line under the 2-stroke engine of the former RS 125 – cousin of Moto GP machines 125 – in favor of a unique 4-stroke. Aprilia joined the pack but do not forget its fundamentals so far: the Aprilia RS4 is beautiful! With his nose fairing and rear seat RSV4 way, it resembles nothing so much as her big sister. When stopped, the illusion is striking.

Side and ergonomics, it is not the most compelling of this comparison 125. In fact, the RS4 has a position fairly close to 600 current sports, with a flat seat and high (820 mm) handlebars bracelets under the triple clamp and wide apart. It is also one on which it is closest to the steering column, which appears when oversized given its modest 15 cavalry horses, regulations require.

In short, our three sports in this roundup 125 2011, the Aprilia RS4 driving position offers the most inspired of that found on the current heavyweights.

Sharp, rigid and exclusive

Soon, in contact with two other bikes, we understand the strengths and weaknesses of the RS4. Notably, the newspaper will not be his strong point: it shines poorly, his saddle and suspension are the strongest, and its braking (power) needs to pull hard the lever and the engine is the laziest at low speeds. At 6000 r / min is the RS4, which shows the most to the trouble at times and this is confirmed on the dyne.

In short, in everyday use, Aprilia requires some sacrifice.

But there are instantly a smile to his handlebars when it comes to playing on smaller roads, especially if they are well coated and uncrowned … There, the Aprilia RS4 125 becomes formidable: its front is the most precise of the band, she plays her huge millimeter inverted fork and radial brake caliper allows the strongest slowdowns. The stability of the angle is imperial and RS4 displayed a perfect rigidity in changing direction…

If the pilot desires will be restrained by the average adhesion of the tires as standard (M Sava Racer) and devoid of its suspension settings, it is also and above the engine that makes a clear difference with the competition of the day. Specific to this bike, this new single cylinder engine is in perfect harmony with the cycle parts and philosophy of the beast.

On the road, this translates into a sharp behavior, claiming thus to remain above 7000 rev / min at all times to enjoy a lively striking at high speed. In addition, the RS4 has an optional shifter (109 €) that toggles all reports thoroughly without cutting the power, and anis operate perfectly sound staging box tightened on the latest reports: well, we go faster every report while losing little scheme … Something to take for a driver!

True sports 125 … 15 hp

The Aprilia, unlike the two Japanese, has only one face. This is the sportiest of the band and suddenly the least versatile. She claims on paper (aluminum frame, radial brakes, shifter on an unprecedented 125 cm3) and confirms the handlebars turn.

To roll quietly on bumpy back roads or walking the boulevards throughout the year without leaving the city, it will not be very suitable. What he need is small roads, paths athletes, then it becomes the most efficient and most exhilarating. This probably justifies the amount to spend to acquire it: € 4 199.

Honda CBR125R: More sport than utility

The Honda CBR125R was revamped in 2011 and is more an evolution than a revolution of the previous model since motor and cycle parts are barely touched. If the plastic eye-catching the Honda is also unique for its size content. The 125 does not attempt to cheat on its displacement: finesse of all, tires mob ‘, 4-stroke apparent, three of our fighters, this is the only one who plays fair play ergonomics; it is also antithesis of competition.

The Honda CBR125R is actually a sport utility disguised as: low seat height (793 mm), high handlebars, narrow 50 cm3 content and weight (8.6 kg less than the Aprilia). Add to this a tight turning radius and commands the most flexible, and we get there the bike the easier handling of this comparison motorcycle sport 125 2011.

She knows (almost) everything to do

The versatility of the Honda CBR125R will be checked throughout our running. This bike is definitely the easiest to drive, the less restrictive position, and to top it off, its engine is one of the most elastic (knowing that the Yamaha YZF125R defends not bad either). In town, you drive this bike as a Honda CBF125 . its sister utility range.

Road, the CBR125R wins the prize of comfort with a slightly higher protection, vibration little annoying and incidentally, it will accept most easily accommodate a passenger. A good bike, efficient, duller in appearance than the other two, but she hides her game

Its engine, smooth and linear, is assisted by a final drive that does not draw too short. Combined with the lightness of the whole, it gives the best performance of our trio in top speed. Downhill or stabilized, the Honda CBR125R is a tad better than others: who knew? Chassis side, this is not the sword in our survey. Still healthy, it does not dip in turns as the radical Aprilia, do not brake with the same accreditation as the Yamaha, but it does not complain of any particular defect.

Homogeneity is again at the rendezvous.

The clothes do not make the man

If it is not the sexiest bike in our survey of 125 sports the Honda CBR125R hand side shines in versatility. Earned him finish top of our objective marking, which ignored the favorites. Finally, in a daily or occasional trip, the little Honda does more than defend himself, without bluster. The Aprilia is more accurate in-Snitches PAFS, the Yamaha torque more in the midrange, but Honda will meet almost every need.

Sold a € 3 490: What is giving the pilot plant with a difference.

Yamaha YZF125R: Attention to detail

Less recent than its two competitors of the day, the Yamaha YZF125R is still a small effect on passersby, they wear a helmet under his arm or not. It is much like the R6 and completely hides its single cylinder Yamaha Minarelli an imposing fascia, history of the illusion. Three of our mini-sports, the Yamaha YZF125R is shown in more restrictive position: fairly high seat (818 mm), it also imposes the most support on the wrists.

This is the Yamaha requires the switch over the bust to get the commands … and then find the best finish of the lot. The factory workers MBK Saint-Quentin in the Aisne can be proud. Just shining properly, the Yamaha can not compete with the Honda in terms of grip, but did better than the Aprilia with a mechanical creamier: soft commands, correct box, and especially a good engine “round”.

Perfect copy of 600 sporty

It is also one of its strengths: the Yamaha can be conducted on intermediate regimes that feel hollow distilled by the RS4. Between 6500 rev / min and 8500 r / min, she wraps dignity on expressways, ring roads or suburban roads. Good place for pleasure daily. Then comes the time to talk about the powder and then things go wrong … Unlike the RS4 far more consistent on this point, the Yamaha YZF125R suffers from a big hole in the fifth and sixth reports.

In other words, when we pass the 6, you lose more than 1 000 r / min against only 400 r / min for the Aprilia RS4, the YZF125R tends to crumble on the false flats and even a duet … Effort to undermine this, Yamaha has the opt for a shorter final drive, which helps take the sixth. Result in good conditions, the Yamaha can not exceed 124 km / h on the clock, its rev limiter involved 10 500 rev / min … Annoying, and for once, not very effective.

Sportier than the Honda, it can draw beautiful paths, proved accurate and easily plunged into the turn. Braking, finally, is the best of the lot. Almost as powerful as the Aprilia, it is especially more measurable: Brembo thank you!

In parallel, the Yamaha YZF125R is still more comfortable than the Aprilia, strong on all sides, without decked on the corner. Only, finally, would complete a softer position to make the best compromise in this game of 125 sports 2011.

Able to withstand more

A line of Yamaha YZF125R, let alone the Aprilia RS4, we say that their chassis could collect double the power … Perhaps one day they will arrive in 250 cm3? For now, these are two sports faithful in spirit to two small-time as some of us have known … the longer and less furious. The Yamaha engine has a fairly round, filled, in the absence of better performance.

The chassis is above reproach and a semblance of household comfort of suspensions from the Aprilia. However, it loses points in versatility against the Honda because of a more sporting. Nevertheless, the Yamaha just here justify its high selling price (€ 4,299).

Certainly, it is properly finished, but the RS4 has a motor / chassis performance otherwise.

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