Aprilia RSV4 125

Looks like a replica of the RSV 4. But smaller. Read about it in Fast Bikes Mag a few months back..

July 2006 – 21st Aug 2007. Honda NSR SP (FS1029R)

21st Aug 2007 – 28th Oct 2009. Honda CB400 Spec III (FY8*8*M) / Suzuki DRZ 400SM (FBC5*2M) (LOST on 15/11/2007)

Ok guys. Let me enlighten u guys. since there isnt any new owners of the RS4 here to give their feedback. So let me be the first.

Bear in mind that these are only my 2 cents. different people will have different perspective. here goes.

got mine in January this year. The 3rd Rs4 in SG, 1st white one. Honestly, power is disappointing. But lets be reasonable, you cant expect much from a 125cc single cylinder four stroke. cant compare power with the rs125, its a different class.

Handling-wise, however, its awesome! u can go low into a corner, not having to worry about wobbling. excellent stability..

About engine derived from the parent company Piaggio, its true. Engine is an improvement from Derbi GPR 125’s engine. Difference?

Aprilia RS4 125

Rs4 has got DOHC and fuel injection. which means slightly more dragging power n better fuel consumption. did a side-by-side comparison with e GPR125. same chassis, swingarm, hugger..

Tried the bike a couple of times at Johore Circuit. as mentioned, it handles superbly. only downside was the power. Max anyone have ever gone on the rs4 is 125km/h. however, i must highlight that the speedo is abit heavy. when the LCD shows about 86km/h, it feels like ur going at 100km/h. a recent pacing with an rs125 proves it. rs4 shows 110km/h, rs125 shows 130km/h. therefore its either speedo heavy, or thats the accurate reading. not sure myself..

Aftermarket parts-wise. There are rumours going around that they will be producing a racing kit which will pumped e horsepower up to 25bhp. but up to date there is still no official kit available. accessories, however, some RSV4 accessories can be fitted on the RS4 as they share the exact same head n tail. stuff like windscreen, mirrors, headlight protector, integrated tail light with indicator, tail tidy, one seater for the rsv4 can be fitted on the rs4. RG have also brought in sliders for the rs4. exhausts u got homologated Gianellis and Arrows..

Price wise i must agree its steep. now brand new rs125 are the final batch coz they are phasing out e 2strokers. so sooner or later we gotta embrace the more economical n hassle-free 4strokers. i must emphasize that the bike is Italian n thus design n quality is definately a plus point. If riding is one’s passion, then one shouldn’t question the amount of money involve. yes you can get a Revo and other cheaper bike, but nothing can beat the feel n attention u get from riding an italian stallion like the aprilia. again, i must mention, we shoudnt compare it with the rs125. we should, however, compare to its other 125cc four stroke counterparts like the R125, Derbi, reiju, megalli.

There u go. my feedback on the bike. to know more, u can head down to Aprilia Singapore located at 8 Ubi Road 2 #01-13 Singapore 408538 or call 82462269. Again, these are just my 2 cents. hope this helps. Cheers Bruddars!!

Aprilia RS4 125
Aprilia RS4 125
Aprilia RS4 125
Aprilia RS4 125
Aprilia RS4 125
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