Aprilia SL 1000 Falco

2004 Aprilia SL 1000 Falco


The motorcycle in its purest state. A twin that delivers real sports performance without going over the top, designed for riders who want the pleasure of sports road riding with the chance of the occasional burst on the track. The SL 1000 FALCO delivers plenty of riding thrills and performance while its uniquely rational and versatile design also guarantees safety, agility, comfort and exclusivity.

The Aprilia SL 1000 FALCO brings you the action and performance typical of all Aprilia sports motorcycles, but still embodies a perfect mix of easy riding, enjoyment, and fascinating overall design with careful attention to detail. This unmistakable bike has more than its share of character and a generous engine that is always happy to deliver bags of power but still permit easy riding and incredible control.

The Aprilia SL 1000 FALCO is the perfect choice for the real biking enthusiast, the biker who rides for passion and satisfaction. Here is the motorcycling icon for all bikers who shun the motorways to seek the biking roads that winding enticingly through the hills. The FALCO is the way to discover real riding satisfaction, to fulfil every biker’s primordial need to ride.

Here is the emotion that comes not from taking a few split seconds off a track time but from all round motorcycling, including casual and medium distance touring. Here is a bike designed for true riding pleasure, with the power and performance to deliver it.The SL 1000 FALCO is the logical development of the concept of a lightweight sports bike.

It is capable of delivering optimum performance, agility, controllability, riding pleasure, and a good level of comfort for the rider and the passenger. With a unique innovative design thrown in for good measure.

The SL 1000 FALCO is the perfect compromise between the RSV 1000 supersport and the RST Futura Sport Tourer – the best of both worlds. The FALCO’s styling is modern, original, and beautifully simple and a limited use of plastic body parts keeps the bike looking and feeling light.The half fairing leaves the engine and frame (the parts that really make the bike) open to view. The aluminium frame and swing-arm have been specially designed and produced for the SL 1000 FALCO, making it quite a unique motorcycle even though it maintains many of the features that have made the RSV Mille the pace-maker in its class.

Though different in many ways, however, there is an obvious family resemblance in many aspects of the FALCO’s design (like the triple headlight cluster), clearly linking the bike with Aprilia’s top sportster. The new SL 1000 FALCO inherits its blistering performance from the RSV Mille, a performance that makes the bike easily the highest performance light sports motorcycle on the market.

The 60 degree V twin engine has been made exceptionally fluid by special injection mapping that delivers on smoothness without penalising performance. In the FALCO this impressive Aprilia V twin delivers a generous 118 horsepower at the crank, power that the advanced chassis is more than capable of using to the full.The SL 1000 FALCO’s light weight is achieved largely by the bike’s naked design.

The burnished engine, aluminium frame, and refined components are all open to view, giving the bike a very special character and aesthetics. As with all Aprilia bikes, the design of the SL 1000 FALCO is not just a question of good looks. It is the result of extensive wind tunnel testing which has not only led to an extremely low Cx but also to significantly reduced buffeting on the rider.

The aerodynamic styling has been enhanced by clever ergonomic design too, covering everything from the bike’s overall dimensions to the riding position. Fatigue has been minimised, leaving the rider free to concentrate on the road in complete comfort. Even the passenger seat is ergonomic and comfortable.The triple headlight cluster adds still further to the unmistakable looks of the SL 1000 FALCO, and makes a major contribution to active safety too.

The three high efficiency light units are scientifically computer designed to guarantee exceptional visibility. There is even a practical and functional knob for adjusting beam height.The SL 1000 FALCO’s unmistakably fascinating and sensual tail is also the perfect housing for the rear light cluster. The tail is fitted also with a practical and ergonomic grab handle that acts as spoiler too.

A spacious storage compartment in the tail adds further to the practicality and comfort of this bike and ensures its place as the number one all-round sportster.

Other distinctive plus points which make the FALCO even more comfortable and versatile are its extremely low vibration level and the high autonomy from the 21 litre tank (with 4 litre reserve).The engine of the SL 1000 FALCO is the same unit fitted to the RSV supersport, but has a completely different injection mapping and state of tune to adapt it to the targeted riding style.

The engine is exceptionally smooth at low revs; but still puts out 118 HP at the crank at 9500 r.p.m. and gives a maximum torque of 9.75 kgm at 7000 r.p.m. As with the RSV Mille, the decision to use a 60� V twin engine originated from the need for a light, compact engine that would not require compromises in chassis design nor less than optimal technical solutions and weight distribution. The twin cylinder engine is also part of European motorcycling heritage, delivers unbeatable riding pleasure, and perfectly matches the SL 1000 FALCO’s handling characteristics.That is why the FALCO’s power unit features the same technical characteristics that have won the RSV Mille worldwide acclaim:

Longitudinal 60� V twin design (short and compact for optimum positioning in the frame), with four valves per cylinder and double overhead cams with mixed chain and gear timing drive.

Electronic fuel injection with a dynamic air intake system; 51 mm diameter throttle bodies and continuous self-diagnostics with real-time system fault display.

CDI capacitor discharge ignition combined with Twin Spark Ignition (TSI ) with two spark plugs per cylinder. Ignition timing is controlled by the same integrated engine management system that also controls fuel injection.

Dry sump lubrication, for a more rigid and compact sump than wet sump engines, with no risk of lubrication failure during fierce acceleration and braking, wheelies, or falls. The FALCO’s lubrication system is equipped with a second trochoidal pump on the return line, a separate oil reservoir, and an oil cooler mounted in front of the engine. The oil reservoir is made from a single piece aluminium casting for perfect sealing, overall quality, and better cooling.

Mixed gear/chain valve timing drive with the two drive gears (one per timing chain) located in the engine block to reduce cylinder head dimensions.

Further confirmation of the exclusive technology used in the SL 1000 FALCO comes in the form of Aprilia patents for:

AVDC (Anti Vibration Double Countershaft) system, with one counter-rotating shaft to balance out crank vibrations and second, smaller shaft in the cylinder head to balance out the vibrations of the main countershaft. This high technology solution is accepted to be the most efficient way of producing excellent power output, torque and smoothness with very low vibration.

Hydraulic clutch assisted by the patented PPC (Pneumatic Power Clutch) system to control rear wheel bounce. During rapid deceleration the bike’s weight is rapidly transferred on to the front wheel, leaving the rear wheel too light. This phenomenon is accentuated in large twins by the engine’s impressive braking effect. The result is that the rear wheel bounces, i.e. tends to lock and leave the ground, endangering the bike’s stability and putting performance and safety at risk too.

The PPC system, already tried and tested on the RSV Mille, uses variations in pressure in the intake manifolds to relax the load on the clutch springs, thus reducing engine braking at the rear wheel. Despite its effectiveness, PPC is also a simple system. A pipe connects the intake manifolds to a reservoir alongside the clutch. When the throttle is closed, the vacuum created in the reservoir reduces clutch spring loading.

When the throttle is opened again the clutch returns to its normal operating conditions, transmitting all available power to the rear wheel. The system also reduces the force needed to pull in the clutch lever at low engine revs.

The exhaust system is one of the distinctive features of the Aprilia SL 1000 FALCO. The two silencers are made entirely from stainless steel (to guarantee long working life without loss of efficiency) and are fitted with a catalyser that keeps emissions well below EURO 2 limits. The positioning and size of the exhaust ends was determined as the result of extensive research into aerodynamics and ridability. The solution chosen for the FALCO:

Guarantees perfect balance;

Ensures low noise;

Does not generate irritating turbulence at high speeds.

In line with tradition, the chassis is a tribute to Aprilia’s know-how and the maximum expression of Aprilia philosophy. The SL FALCO’s splendid DOUBLE TWIN BEAM frame consists of two parallel bent beams in extruded aluminium and magnesium alloy and gives the best torsional rigidity in its class.

In-depth studies have led to a drastic reduction in welds along the frame, with clear advantages in terms of far lower frame stress, reduced tolerances, better engine cooling and an overall increase in manufacturing quality.

The rear swing-arm, also in aluminium and magnesium alloy, has a chilled cast main section, extruded members and forged ends for the best possible combination of lightness and torsional rigidity. The unit’s design also maximises the weight/rigidity ratio.

The result is unique riding precision and a tremendously rapid response to rider input. The fantastic weight distribution of 49% front, 51% rear, also contributes to this.

Showa 43 mm upside-down fork with adjustable preload and adjustable hydraulic rebound and compression damping.

Sachs rear monoshock, with adjustable preload and adjustable hydraulic rebound damping. Aprilia Progressive System (APS) linkage.

Brembo brakes with sintered pads front and rear and Freudenberg brake lines (with performance and quality equal to metal braided lines).

Removable aluminium saddle mount frame.

Aluminium dashboard mounting.

Aluminium footrest mountings.

Ergonomic passenger grab handle with spoiler function, perfectly integrated into the tail.

Digital-analog multi-function dashboard incorporating injection system self-diagnostics and a 40 memory chronometer operated by the passing signal (headlight flasher).

Multi-focal headlight cluster designed using free form 3-D technology. Manufactured in special plastic for lightness and optimum weight distribution at a point critical to ridability. The headlight beam is easily adjustable vertically and horizontally.

The unit uses three H7 55 Watt halogen bulbs arranged as two high beams at the top and one low beam at the bottom. There is also a practical knob inside the windshield to quickly and easily adjust beam height.

This Aprilia Light Sports can mould its personality to suit that of its rider with the addition of items from the wide range of original Aprilia accessories designed to enhance both sides of the SL 1000 FALCO’s character.

Sachs adjustable steering damper

Panniers complete with mounting rack

Tank bag

Remote adjustment kit for the rear monoshock

Stick-on tank protector kit.

Engine – Longitudinal 60� V twin four stroke, with patented AVDC system (Anti-Vibration Double Countershaft)

Fuel – 95 RON lead-free

Cooling – Liquid cooling with three-way pressurised circuit. Double radiator. Circuit capacity 2.6 litres.

Bore and stroke – 97 x 67.5 mm

Displacement – 997.62 cc

Compression ratio – 10.8:1

Valve timing – Double overhead cam with mixed gear/chain timing drive, four valves per cylinder.

Maximum torque at crankshaft – 9.75 kgm (95.6 Nm) at 7,000 r.p.m.

Fuel injection – Integrated electronic engine management system. Indirect multi-point electronic injection. 51 mm diameter throttle bodies.

Ignition – Digital electronic ignition with TSI (Twin Spark Ignition) with two spark plugs per cylinder. Ignition timing integrated in the injection control system.

Starting – Electric starter

Lubrication – Dry sump with separate oil reservoir, double trochoidal pump with oil cooler. Circuit capacity 4 litres.

Gearbox – 6 speed. Transmission ratios:

1st – 35/14 (2.5)

2nd – 28/16 (1.75)

3rd – 26/19 (1.368)

4th – 24/22 (1.091)

5th – 22/23 (0.957)

6th – 23/27 (0.852)

Clutch – Multiple disk in oil bath with patented PPC power-assisted hydraulic control

Primary drive – Straight toothed gears. Transmission ratio: 60/31 (1.935)

Final drive – Chain. Transmission ratio: 41/16

Frame – Sloping parallel Double Twin Beam frame in aluminium-magnesium alloy. Removable aluminium alloy saddle mount frame.

Front suspension – Showa 43 mm upside-down fork. External adjustment system for rebound and compression and spring preload. 120 mm wheel travel.

Rear suspension – Aluminium alloy swing-arm. APS (Aprilia Progressive System) linkage. Sachs hydraulic monoshock with adjustment for preload and rebound dampening.

Wheel travel – 130 mm.

Brakes – Front: Brembo double floating disk in stainless steel, � 320 mm. Calliper with four differential 34 and 30 mm pistons. Sintered brake pads. Freudenberg brake lines.

Rear – Stainless steel disk, � 220 mm. Calliper with two 32 mm pistons. Freudenberg brake lines.

Wheels – Brembo aluminium alloy, 5 spoke.

Front – 3.50 x 17

Rear – 6.00 x 17

Tyres – Radial tubeless;

Front – 120/70 ZR 17

Rear – 180/55 ZR 17

Battery/Alternator – 12V 14 Ah/400 W

Dimensions – Maximum length: 2,050 mm.

Maximum width – 736 mm (at handlebars)

Maximum height – 1,210 mm (at windshield)

Seat height – 815 mm (suspension fully extended)

Handlebar height – 888 mm (at bar ends)

Wheelbase – 1,415 mm

Trail – 100 mm

Steering angle – 24.5�

Tank Capacity – 21 litres, 4 litre reserve

Colours – Olympic Bronze/Darkness Black Flamingo Red/Deep Black

Accessories – Panniers kit complete with mounting rack, tank bag complete with mounting kit, Sachs adjustable steering damper, stick-on tank protector kit, remote monoshock adjustment kit.

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