Bajaj Avenger 220 in India – the power cruiser

Take your riding experience to the next level of success with the Bajaj Avenger 220 which is the modified variant of its predecessor Avenger 180. The engine installed in this bike has been borrowed from its elder brethren Pulsar 220 and Street Fighter 220 which also belongs to the Pulsar series. Bajaj Avenger 220 launch in India is 17th June, 2010 and has since then it has become the country’s most affordable cruiser.

However, securing a firm place in the 220 segment will not be easy for Avenger 220 with Discovers, Pulsars and the Candy Ninja enjoying the likes of the domestic commuters. But then again, its breathtaking appearance and excellent performance will certainly help it to make its way in the heart of any performance-oriented bike lover. The Bajaj Avenger 220 price in India is Rs.


Talk about the design and appearance, the Bajaj Avenger 220 is sure to enjoy a comfortable position in the domestic bike sector with no concerns for market competition. The well-balanced silhouette of Avenger 220 is its most appealing feature and the company will definitely harness this fact to boost its sales. The design is basically derived from its sibling i.e.

Avenger 180 with some extra jazz and shine rising from the changed graphics. The moment you look at this bike, you get a retro feel mainly because of the fuel tank which is beautifully crafted. A royal silvery sheen comes from the chrome plating that covers this cruiser.

Optional windshield and a tank-set fuel gauge impart a classic style to this stunning bike from Bajaj. Distinguish yourself in the crowd by riding this low-slung cruiser which is presented in adorable colours such as silver, red, black and blue.

The power and pick-up of the Bajaj Avenger 220 in India is excellent as it is powered by four stroke DTSi engine with 220 CC displacement. If you are a fuel-conscious biker then too you will adore this cruiser which boasts decent fuel-efficiency considering the power output. Moreover, the DTSi engine in this bike keeps a check on the harmful emissions even at high speeds and lets you contribute your bit to the environment.

The combustion chamber has high flame coverage that makes sure that the fuel combustion is complete. All this factors contribute for generation of better power and better mileage.

The ignition system of this Bajaj bike is digital twin spark type which means that you will experience no problem in starting this cruiser thanks to less trigger start RPM. Starting this bike during cold weather conditions is also a breeze owing to the DC ignition system. The performance of the carburetor is applaudable as it generates 19.03PS of power at 8400 rpm and 7000rpm of torque at 17.5Nm.

The task of quick and effective cooling of the engine is done by the larger oil cooler.

The level of ignition changes at various driving speeds be it maximum speed, cruising or acceleration. Hence, the ignition level needs to be controlled by means of throttle operation and this is done by the third generation of TRICS system.

The exhaust process is bettered by the company’s patented ExhausTEC technology which is first in the world. This ExhausTEC device is integrated into the “scavenging” system of the engine. With the help of this technology, the level of torque can be improved even at low rpms – all this without hampering the engine performance at maximum or medium revs.

The silencer has a tonal quality to it and generates a nice booming sound of low intensity that adheres to the noise norms followed currently. The bike is actually unique in this sense as it gets a different identity.

Bajaj Avenger


You will feel like a king when you sit on this stylish cruiser from Bajaj. The foot riding posture that is positioned in forward direction for the driver offers a riding posture that is very relaxed and comfortable. This in turn contributes for a strain and stress free ride miles after miles. The low and broad rider seat is suitable for all type of riders, be it tall or short.

Moreover, the bucket seat ensures you enjoy a comfortable position and a fatigue-free cruising under all drive conditions. The designers at Bajaj have also paid great attention to the pillion seat. It has been taken care by equipping a special backrest that instills a comfortable and safe feeling in your honey when you take her through narrow lanes or windy highways.

Additionally, the seat is bolstered well with dual foam that does not hamper the comfort factor while riding over bumpy and uneven tracks. The stability and the road grip of the bike are greatly improved by the reduced centre of gravity that enhances the point of contact between the bike and the road surface. The characteristic of road holding is further bettered by the brad tyres that are outfitted over the front and rear wheels for excellent traction on both wet and dry tracks.


In order to cancel a function, you just have to lightly push the indicator button and enjoy a hassle free riding. The indicator for battery level keeps a check on the battery life and alerts you the moment it senses that the juice is about to conk off. If you love to participate in adventure expedition, then this bike will prove to be a great companion.

The Bajaj Avenger 220 in India is equipped with a tripmeter that tracks the total distance you have traveled, thus helping you declare conveyance bills.

The Bajaj Avenger 220 in India should be booked in advance as its delivery consumes 15 days. So why wait? Go and try your hands on this cruiser today!

Bajaj Avenger
Bajaj Avenger
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