Bimota DB 4

1986 BIMOTA DB1R (DB1 Factory Racer)

The DB1 was a great success for Bimota’s and their largest

production in the companies history. Working with Ducati for the first

time brought with it great pride to the small Italian company.

From the little information on the Internet and from discussions with

many people, this is 1 of 4 ‘factory race bikes’ built by Bimota.

Davide Tardozzi, Malcolm, Syd Tunstall and Dale Quarterley all

campaigned DB1R’s in 1986. (The forth is known to have been

destroyed during an accident when it caught fire).

This is Dale’s DB1R and I have spoken with him about the bike. He

laughed at the photos identifying the custom Supertrapp exhaust

made to fit around his alway bending shifter. Dale is 6’4 tall and the

bikes foot pegs were lowered to help him fit. If you look closely you

can see the re welded (many times) shifter he was known to drag,

bend and break. He told the story of racing in New Hampshire,

dragging the shifter until it could no longer be used, stopping the bike

(during the race) to bend it straight, rejoined the race and placed.

Originally from Massachusetts Dale worked with Ferracci to develop

and support the DB1 racing campaign. The motorcycle placed

multiple times and won at Laguna Seca in California.

In 1987 Dale would again ride for Bimota that year on a YB11.

The DB1R was then campaigned by Johnny Virgadamo, an employee

of Razee Motorsports in Rhode Island for a few years in Amateur

racing. In 1991 it was sold to a collector who would ride it a few times

at North East tracks during the 1990’s and as an owner of an

automobile restoration shop would repaint the motorcycle back to its

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Ducati World Superbike manager Davide Tardozzi is a former World

‘Soup sat down for an extensive interview at Silverstone for an

extensive, exclusive interview with Corse Ducati team manager

Davide Tardozzi, the man behind multiple Ducati World Superbike

championship wins for Troy Corser, Carl Fogarty, Troy Bayliss, and

Neil Hodgson. Tardozzi spent over an hour with Soup, talking about

his career, SBK racing over the past 17 years, his successful

approach to motivating riders with diverse personalities, and MotoGP.

Editor’s note: Tardozzi is Italian and we didn’t American-ize his


Soup: You’ve been involved with SBK for over 17 years, first with

Bimota as a rider, then for Ducati, then as a team manager for Ducati.

Could you tell us how you first got started in racing?

DT: Yes, I started as every young rider with my own money, on a 125

in Italy, as everybody starts in Italy, then I grew up with 250 and was in

the World Championship with 250 for 2 years, 1984 to 1985, and in

the meantime I start to work for Bimota. At the time even professional

riders needed work, and I start to do something in my free time with

Bimota. Then in 86, I been with them as a rider and did only that with

them, and from there started my career.

Soup: Can you share some recollections of those first two SBK

seasons riding with Bimota?

DT: First, with DB1, I enjoy a lot, because the bike was not

performing with the engine like a four cylinder of the time,

but the chassis was so fantastic, it was so nice to ride this

bike, passing and overtaking the others in the corners was

Bimota DB 4
Bimota DB 4
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