As there are several physical differences between men and women, it is pretty hard to find a suitable and perfect fit bike for women. Buying a men’s bike is not that difficult as there is n number of bikes available in the market. It’s not that easy for women to find the right fit bike as in the case of men.

The following are the various points which you need to keep in mind before you start buying bikes for women.

  • Get specific: Though you may find some women do use the same men’s bike, it would really be very hard for them to use the bike frame which isn’t meant for them. So, women-specific bikes can provide you with great comfort and other advantages over general bikes. Now there are bikes and frames which have actually meant to be used by the women who love mountain bikes, road bikes etc.
  • Physiology and its impact over women’s bikes: when compared to men, women have short upper bodies, short arms, longer thigh bones and legs, smaller feet and hands. As such, they won’t be able to have a comfortable ride when they wish to go for the regular men’s bike.
  • Road bikes: as the regular bikes won’t be comfortable for women its always advisable to go with the road specific women’s bikes and make sure to check the seat tube angle which should be 70 º -73 º. This will provide great comfort to women in order to accommodate their long legs.
  • Mountain bikes: the issues which have been faced by the mountain riders are similar to that of the road bikes of women. For women’s bike, the most specific feature is the shorter top tube bike frame. Though the bikes have been designed and manufactured to meet men’s requirements, with certain changes it would be comfortable for women bike riders as well.

Size of women’s bike: there are guides online available which will provide you with the information based on the women’s height. When you wish to get a sophisticated and comfortable bike then you need to get a tape and note your measurements. When you want to determine the frame size in centimeters then all you need to do is to get the measurement of inseam leg in centimeters and it has to be multiplied with 0.67 and for mountain bike convert inseam value to inches and then multiply with 0.67.