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Brake Pads SBS Dual Carbon 631DC, (1 couple for 1 disk)

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The SBS DC Dual Carbon road racing compound has since the introduction in 2001 proven to be the ”Choice of Champions”.

World top racing teams have achieved a long row of race wins, lap records, national and World Championship titles in Superstock, Supersport, Superbike and Endurance racing using SBS Dual Carbon pads.


High friction level and progressive brake feel

High thermal stability

Consistent brake performance and brake lever position

Low pad wear

Rotor friendly due to transfer film generated on disc surface

Available for the majority of new Superstock, Supersport and racing brake calipers

Recommended for top level international and national championship road racing

For race use only

Bedding-in procedure for SBS-DC

When changing for SBS-DC from using another type of brake pad material – Follow this Bedding-in procedure very carefully:

1. Remove existing friction material deposit from brake discs – using eg. emery paper #150.

2. Do a series of gentle brakings until pad-surface is in full contact with disc-surface.

3. After pad/disc contact is achieved – repeated short brakings building up heat in discs and pads until a very thin and uniform dull/black/darkblue layer of friction material (transfer film) is established on the brake disc.

Benelli TnT Sport

4. Then a period to allow discs to cool again before proper use.

5. Then a few easy laps building up heat – ready for race use.

When bedding-in procedure IS needed

Always follow the above bedding-in procedure – when changing for SBS-DC for the first time OR when using new brake discs.

When bedding-in procedure is NOT needed

When brake discs are covered by SBS-DC friction material (transferfilm) – new pads only need about one/two laps to be in full contact with disc-surface – then the pads are race ready (Thermal bedding-in as described above in point 1. – 4. is not needed)

Cleaning of brake discs – NOT when using SBS-DC

When brake discs are covered by SBS-DC friction material (transferfilm) – Do not clean/sand/grind the brake discs after each session.

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