I think the charging problem is fixed but now I

klr 250 1986 the red oil light goes on went I am riding at 80km

Is the oil indicator or is a speed limiter?

I’m working on a 90 cc Polaris atv. I’m not getting any charge.

I need to know how much play is allowed on the

Are you ready, let get started. For the Drive Belt Inspection it is recommended that you inspect the drive belt annually, and replace at specified intervals regardless of belt condition.

1. Periodically inspect the drive belt for cuts, missing teeth and excessive wear.

2. Adjust the drive belt tension at intervals in accordance with your motorcycle owner’s manual (M.O.M.)

To perform the actual belt tension inspection, perform the following:

1. Secure the motorcycle in an upright position. Shift the transmisison into neutral and be sure to elevate the rear wheel off of the ground. This is critical when checking belt deflection or adjusting the belt.

2. Now you need to finf the tight spot on the belt. do this by measuring the belt deflection at 4 different spots on the belt as you rotate the rear wheel.

3. Place a mark at the tightest point. Now adjust the belt deflection to specification.

4. Place a tape measure or ruler next to the drive belt to help you measure deflection. Note that some motorcycles, especially the Victory models, have grduations on the belt bracket for reference. Be sure to measure 1/2 way between the front and rear sprocket centers on the lower part of the belt.

5. Use a belt tension guage. These cost about $30.00 and are well worth the expense. Plus you get to add a new tool to your tool chest.

Note that the belt tension guage must be kept at a 90 degree angle to the belt to get an accurate measurement.

6. Push up on the belt tension tool measuring the deflection distance with the amount of force required to be in tolerances. In the case of the Victory Kingpin, this is 10 pounds of force with a tolerance deflection of 9mm. 9mm @ 10lbs. force.

Before you do the Belt Tension Adjustment, you need to make sure the wheel alignment is correct. The following with give you instruction and tips on aligning the wheel and belt correctly.

Belt/wheel alignment method 1:

First measure from the center of the swingarm pivot to the center of the axle. Keep it the same on each side. I have Been doing this on dirt bikes for many years and has not failed yet.

Moto Guzzi Norge 1200 GT 8V

I use the Motion Pro belt tensioning tool.

Belt/wheel alignment method 2:

This is what I do if I change a tire or belt.

1] Loosen adjusters completly slide tire to front of adjustment slots.

2] run in both adjusters till they just touch

3] Count threads to make sure they are even

4] going 1/2 turn per side. Take the belt to just loose of adjustment

5] Tighten axle nut,and spin wheel about 10 times. To check belt tracking.

6] If belt is to far right loosen the axle tighten the left side an aditional 1/2turn. Opisete for belt to far left.Spin again. You will never get it centered only to where it has a gap on both sides.

7] tighten both sides equaly until you have 9mm of deflection at 10Lb force. At the tightest point

Moto Guzzi Norge 1200 GT 8V
Moto Guzzi Norge 1200 GT 8V

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