Triumph Sprint GT

Corbin’s Gunfighter Lady saddle for the Sprint gives your bike a valuable comfort boost. As you can see from the photos, our sculpted rider’s position provides a much greater area of body contact for improved weight distribution. In fact, the seating area in the front portion provides over six inches of vertical body support!

Naturally both seating areas provide a contour designed to fit the human body and eliminate hot spots for longer riding range.

For your copilot, we offer a removable passenger backrest that gives even more support and a feeling of security. The Corbin backrest is adjustable to provide a tailored fit to your passenger’s posture. Installation of the backrest is a snap with a single setscrew locking it into place under the saddle. Once installed, the angle can be set without removing the backrest from the seat.

We offer several backrest models that can work in this seat design, but recommend the #02-S shown. This model gives the best combination of looks and functionality on the Sprint.

Ergonomic sculpting provides a better fit to your body and improved weight distribution. Neutralized seating posture curbs the tendency to slide in the saddle, which helps to reduce rider fatigue. Inside, the seat is built up with our Comfort Cell® foam to provide a firm supportive ride mile after mile.

To aid in ground reach, we’ve shaved the nose area of the seat narrower than the bucket to allow your legs clearance at stop signs. While riding, just slide back into the bucket for maximum support.

Corbin’s seat and backrest combination is designed to install easily on your bike and fit perfectly to the tank and tail section. We include a stainless steel latch pin installed on the seat that integrates with the Triumph keylock. Your saddle will mount with a tongue in the front and the Triumph lock at the rear.

Corbin backrest must be locked in with the safety screw before you install the saddle on the motorcycle.

Like all Corbin saddles, this model includes genuine leather seating panels for a truly luxurious ride. To tie in nicely with the design of the Triumph we recommend the cover materials shown here which is: Carbon-Fiber laminated leather seating and Asphalt sides with no welt. The asphalt side material shown here looks perfect with the trim pieces of the Sprint making a nice custom addition.

Leather seating provides a perch that breathes with your body and will adapt with the foam shape during break in for a personalized fit. Over time, leather will mature to take on its own unique character, just be sure to care for it properly with a quality conditioner like our Saddle Cream.

For an added bit of luxury on those rides that start in the chilly morning hours, we offer the option of electric seat heaters. Built inside the saddle and controlled by a conveniently located switch on the left side of the seat. Just flip the switch and the proper heat level is maintained automatically. Heated seating really increases riding enjoyment when its cold out and is very simple to install.

Triumph Sprint GT

Wiring pigtail and complete instructions included.

To further customize the look of your new saddle, we offer a range of finishing plate options for the Ovalbac® series backrests. The model shown is covered in the same leather type as the saddle for an integrated look and features a leather look finishing plate on the rear. We also offer a carbon-fiber look model or a paintable one if you prefer.

Either model finishing plate is included at no extra charge.

Our unique basepan material molds to every contour of the Sprint and fits close to the body grove for clean looks. We’ve carefully designed the pan to yeild favorable ergonomics and moved the nose clip to a lower position to allow more design latitude in the nose area. The Corbin pan not only fits perfect to the bike, but has the structural strength to support the Corbin backrest hardware for your passenger.

Part of Corbin’s patented manufacturing process!

If you’re looking to add a little bit more storage to your Sprint, it doesn’t get any more convenient than the Corbin Glovebox. Four liters of weather resistant, locking storage that bolts to the back of your Corbin backrest in place of a finishing plate. Fully lined and weather stripped to protect your cargo. For complete information check the Accessories tab or click HERE .

Triumph Sprint GT
Triumph Sprint GT
Triumph Sprint GT
Triumph Sprint GT
Triumph Sprint GT
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