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Scottoiler: Daelim Daystar VL125

Installation Guide for Daelim Daystar VL125

Locate the vacuum There is a vacuum pipe under the tank, as shown below left. The third picture clarifies which pipe to use. Cut into this pipe and insert the T-Piece from the Scottoiler kit.

Then press the Damper Elbow, part number 4, onto the third leg of the tee.

The RMV can be mounted to the frame or under the seat. The more vertical the RMV the better and remember to avoid exhaust and engine components. For further information, see our easy step installation guide RMV Positions, General.

The Dispenser Assembly should be mounted to the swinging arm, at the point shown bottom left, using the Dispenser Mounting Plates (parts 19 27) coupled together using a Single Sided Swingarm Adapter, available Free of Charge from Scottoiler. The nib of the dispenser should feed the sprocket between the 6 7 oclock positions on the sprocket, the cut face facing outwards.

Once fitted, fill and prime the system and set the adjuster knob to prime. Start the engine and turn the adjuster knob until a flow of between 1 and 2 drops per minute is achieved. Check the condition of your chain after a ride, and then adjust as required.

If you have any further comments or queries, and are unable to resolve them using our website, please do not hesitate to call technical on 1100 or email for assistance. Thank you. Scottoiler Ltd.

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Daelim Daystar


Modification of vehicle structure or function deteriorates manipulatability or causes exhaust noise to become louder shortening the vehicle life. These modifications are not only prohibited by law but also are the acts harmful to other people. Modifications are not covered by warranty.

Pay particular attention to fellow passenger so that he/she can prevent getting burnt by the hot muffler during travel.

Except designated attachment by DAELIM MOTOR CO. LTD. dont attach any extra lighting device, because it may cause an early discharging of battery. Carefully inspect the accessory to make sure it does not obscure any lights, reduce ground clearance and banking angle, or limit suspension travel, steering travel or control operation.

Do not add electrical equipment that will exceed the motorcycles electrical system capacity. A blown fuse could cause a dangerous loss of lights or engine power. This motorcycle was not designed to pull a sidecar or trailer.

Handling may be seriously impaired if so equipped.

CAUTION Do not park in the place where many pedestrians are passing through. Pedestrians or children can be burned by contacting with the muffler. Fellow passenger care must pay enough attention not to be burn by contacting with the muffler.

If haystack or vinyl is stuck to the muffler, fire can be occurred.

Daelim Daystar
Daelim Daystar
Daelim Daystar
Daelim Daystar
Daelim Daystar

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