Details 2012 Bimota DB8 Biposto Motorbike picture, review, specs

2012 Bimota DB8 Biposto Motorbike picture, review, specs a singular of motorbike parts details. Here motorcycles as well as motor bike information, happy to read 2012 Bimota DB8 Biposto Motorbike picture, review, specs information.

2012 Bimota DB8 Biposto Review

Sincere as well as bad

The DB8 is combined to plunge into a marks at tall speed, healthy belligerent for a sports rider.

The DB8 offers a rider a ergonomic roving position, however, which ensures a great await in curves.

Nimble in becoming different citation Bimota DB8 is blazing out of corners, interjection to low weight as well as a engineers have optimized a Bimota which already robust engine energy cylinder.

And ‘offered in versions BIPOSTO as well as SP, where a sporting inlet of this bike is serve extended by a Brembo braking complement even some-more comprehensive than a chronicle TANDEM as well as a weight calm serve by incomparable use of carbon.

2012 Bimota DB8 Biposto Model Highlights

The line incorporates a styles DB7, with elementary lines as well as decided.

A multiple of magnificence as well as sportiness, where a colors black as well as white as well as red chronicle TANDEM chronicle of SP raise a purify lines as well as compress measure front as well as side.

Even on this bike mount out in sold CO as well as a magnificence of a combination gazebo swingarm, which leaves a rear finish giveaway to be dignified by a eyes.

2012 Bimota DB8 Biposto Features as well as Benefits


Evolution of a plan DB7, a DB8 is powered by a identical tiwn engine “L” of 1198 cc able of expressing a energy of 170 hp at 9750 rpm, run by an injection complement grown by Bimota.

The await is gazebo combination tubes as well as employs a incomparable hole able of ensuring a great acerbity of a medium.

The pitch arm, pivoted but delay on a engine, is made with a same record of a frame. This ensures comprehensive weight carry out as well as at a same time lets see where a rear finish housing is a singular shock, entirely tractable open preload as well as hydraulic application as well as miscarry with preference for tall as well as low speed operation.

The flare is tractable flare with 43 mm, a braking complement is Brembo, as SP is a clamp block.

The wheels, fake aluminum, are subsequent from racing.

The SP chronicle is a codon monocoque carbon, whilst in chronicle TANDEM is an aluminum await used to await a weight of a passenger.


MSRP Price: See your internal Bimota dealer for pricing.

Model Motorcycles Bimota DB8 Biposto

Bimota DB 8
Bimota DB 8

• Valves per cylinder: 4

• Engine: The 2-cylinder, 4 stroke

• supply: electronic fuel injection

• Start: electric

• Power: 170 hp / 9750rpm

• max: 12.7 laps kgm/8000rpm

• Transmission: chain

• Frame: Welded steel tubes as well as aluminum plates 39NiCrMo4

• Front suspension:

43mm upside down forks with tractable preload DLC, application as well as rebound

• Rear suspension:

monoshock tractable for preload tall as well as low speed ‘extension as well as compression

Bimota DB 8
Bimota DB 8
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