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2012 Moto Guzzi California 90 Review

The career of a stately California 1100 culminates with a prestigious memorial chronicle for a 90th anniversary of Moto Guzzi. Built as a singular edition, a California 90 boasts a many lush accessories each realised on this stately model.

After a prolonged as well as stately career a California 1100 dedicates a final, changed chronicle to its many fans that celebrates identical tiwn critical events: a 90 year anniversary of Moto Guzzi as well as a 40 year anniversary of a California model. Introduced in 1971, a initial V7 California was built formed on a technical specs of a V7 Special, with a disproportion of a saddle that was as gentle as an armchair to concede a rider to suffer a view stable from a wind, stable at a back of a vast windshield which, similar to a saddlebags, was customary equipment. This was a recipe for a successful bike, desired both in Europe as well as overseas, where a services of a V7 California were enlisted by a L.A.P.D. (Los Angeles Police Department) as well as after in alternative American states, on tip of apropos a central mountain back home for a Cuirassier in a use of a President of a Italian Republic.

This mythological Italian bike has grown continuously, regularly with regard to a strange philosophy, in countless as well as venerable versions grown on successive increases of engine capacity, starting from 750 to 850 with a T model (1973) as well as afterwards a T3 (1975), important for its eminent “integral braking”.

The 1000 engine distance (948cc) was reached in 1981 with a new “square head” engine on a California I, whilst a open would have to wait for until 1994 for a stream 1100 engine distance chronicle (1064 cc), when a California 1100i made its debut, a model which, embellished out in countless accessories, accompanies us to a present, to illustrate apropos a many successful Moto Guzzi California of a some-more than 50,000 made on a Mandello del Lario public line.

Made with a caring as well as courtesy of an artisan, a new Moto Guzzi California 90 introduces a code new, two-coloured chromium plated concept called “Anniversario” that matches a lead “California” orange colour as well as a “Diamante” white. The initial stretches opposite a reduce part of a California 90, whilst a white dominates a tip part represented by a tip of a tank, a front mudguard as well as a saddlebags that are elegantly continuous by a black line.

A particular component of this new clothing is positively a trademark on a tank, that reproduces a essay used by Moto Guzzi in a early 1930s, a years characterised by a mythological Omobono Tenni. In serve to this, a saddle is palm made from cowhide as well as on a steering yoke, right in front of a rider, there is an marker image that certifies a numbered prolongation of this last book of a California 1100.

The violence heart of a California 90 is a customary identical tiwn cylinder, large retard engine, a ultimate enlargement of an engine that was introduced in 1994 as well as became important for its extensive hanging ornament as well as self-evident reliability. With a gimlet as well as stroke of 92 as well as 80 mm respectively, a 1064 cc section features aluminium amalgamate cylinders as well as pistons with a special wear-resistant graphite coating. Fuelled by a Weber Marelli IAW electronic injection complement with 40 mm hole stifle bodies, it boasts low emissions as well as a pithy bearing even at low RPMs that stems from a limit hanging ornament outlay of 94 Nm at only 5,000 RPMs, as well as serve genius to widen out to 6,400 RPMs where it puts out its limit energy of 74 HP.

Just similar to a engine, a framework aspects of a Moto Guzzi California 90 additionally share a same characteristics as a Vintage version.

The await is a unblemished modular stand in cradle with a steering radius of 29° that ensures fortitude as well as pointing in turns. Comfort is on trial by peculiarity cessation components. At a front is a Marzocchi flare with 45 mm stanchions as well as 140 mm wheel transport whilst at a rear there is a swingarm related to identical tiwn startle absorbers, featuring tractable open preload as well as charity 104 mm of wheel travel.

The braking complement boasts a many appropriate components accessible on a market: it consists of 320 mm identical tiwn front floating front operated by identical tiwn changed Brembo callipers with 4 pistons as well as a 282 mm rear front with Brembo two-piston callipers. It is additionally characterised by a important Moto Guzzi constituent braking. Other standout features are a spoked wheels, with eighteen inches at a front as well as seventeen at a rear to await for tall form tyres, on condition that superb lively as well as greatest feel.

2012 Moto Guzzi California 90 Model Highlights

The “Anniversario” striking has a payoff of enhancing a pleasing spoked wheels, a steel mudguards as well as a extra haze lights, elements that were hereditary from a Vintage chronicle along with a windshield with its immaculate steel await as well as a standard cow-horn handlebar, on tip of a evil tough saddlebags with velvet lined interior as well as a solid, chromium plated luggage carrier.

2012 Moto Guzzi California 90 – International Specifications/Technical Details


90° V-shaped identical tiwn cylinder, four-stroke, air cooled engine

Engine genius 1,064 cc

Moto Guzzi California 1100 Injection

MAX Power 54 kW (73.4 hp) at 6,400 rpm

MAX Torque 94 Nm at 5,000 rpm

Exhaust complement in immaculate steel, 2 pipes continuous to 1 enlargement chamber, continuous to identical tiwn chromium plated steel silencers; 3-way catalytic converter as well as oxygen sensor.

5 speed transmission, henceforth meshed gears with built in stretchable coupling

Cardan missile last drive, comparative measure 8/33 = 1:4,125

Front cessation Marzocchi hydraulic telescopic fork, Ø 45 mm, tractable separately

Rear cessation swingarm, 2 hydraulic startle absorbers, tractable hydraulic response

Front stop identical tiwn 320 mm immaculate steel floating discs as well as Brembo callipers with 4 otherwise sized pistons

Rear stop 282 mm immaculate steel bound disc, Brembo calliper with 2 together pistons. Combined Moto Guzzi braking system.

Tyres 110/90 VB 18″ (front) – 140/70 VB 17″ (rear)

Moto Guzzi California 1100 Injection
Moto Guzzi California 1100 Injection
Moto Guzzi California 1100 Injection
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