Aprilia Dorsoduro 750

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Developed in close collaboration with Aprilia Racing, Dorsoduro 750 ABS was designed by taking the best features of sports bikes and supermotards, producing a perfect combination of performance, technology and fun. Power, lightness and agility, but also directionality, responsiveness and steering precision are therefore its main characteristics. Aprilia Dorsoduro ABS has components, technical features and finish of the highest quality which contribute to the uniqueness of the project.

For the entire Dorsoduro 750 range, as the Shiver 750 range and the automatic Mana 850 from Aprilia, 35 kW powered-down versions are also available, in compliance with the criteria of the new A2 license.



The Aprilia 750 90 V-twin engine has technical characteristics that place it at the top, not only among engines with the same capacity. Extreme mechanical sophistication, but also advanced electronic management, with specially developed mapping to emphasise the fiery character of the 749.9 cc engine (92 x 56.4 mm, bore x stroke). Thanks to the electronic and mechanical technology used, the Aprilia V-twin has 92 hp at 8,750 rpm and maximum torque of 82 Nm at 4,500 rpm, values which place the Dorsoduro in direct competition with higher capacity bikes.


Aprilia was the first motorcycle manufacturer to believe in the possibilities of the Ride By Wire electronic throttle, applying it for the first time ever on a production bike in 2007. Having reached a unique level of refinement, reliability and sophistication, the Aprilia Ride By Wire system is applied on the entire range of bikes available: from the easy and versatile Shiver 750 to the unbeatable RSV4.

Also the Dorsoduro 750 uses this system, which provides many advantages: linear output at any speed; optimal stoichiometric ratio which decreases fuel consumption and pollutant emissions, as well as ensuring greater durability of engine components and therefore greater reliability over time. A latest generation control unit manages all engine parameters: information passes through a CAN line to the instrumentation panel which acts as a diagnostic terminal. The CAN line uses only two wires for the transfer of all data, greatly simplifying the electrical system and contributing to the lightness of the bike.


The optimal definition of suspension has always been the pride of Aprilia designers and the Aprilia test team. The 43 mm upside-down front fork with shell-cast feet has spring preload and hydraulic brake adjustable in extension.

The lateral shock absorber with is directly hinged to the swingarm in a cantilever configuration and has adjustable spring preload and hydraulic return; the front and rear wheel travel is 160 mm, which is also in line with the superbike philosophy that requires effective and controlled but long stroke suspension. Both steering yokes are forged, the upper also anodised, as a demonstration of the excellent level of finish of the Dorsoduro.


Aprilia Dorsoduro 750

The 4-piston radial caliper front brake system represents the current state of the art for a bike of this segment. The 320 mm floating wave discs are lightweight, ensure shorter stopping distances and underline the aggressiveness of braking thanks an incisive cool look, in line with the overall style of the Dorsoduro 750 ABS. Also the 240 mm rear disc is “wave” and braked by a single piston caliper.

Both the front and rear systems use braided metal aeronautical type hoses to ensure maximum performance, even under stress. A sophisticated two channel Continental ABS system increases the safety level of the bike. Its specific calibration lets you to take full advantage of the sporting character of the Dorsoduro 750.


Aprilia bikes have always been considered a point of reference for the excellence of their chassis. Dorsoduro 750 ABS does not contradict the tradition, the most effective and balanced bike in the segment: great performance, but also easy and intuitive at the first approach. It is designed to be pushed to the limit in any riding situation, allowing the rider to “corner tight” and exit from the bend at full throttle.

Such a “lean” chassis, designed with an eye to ergonomics, allows the Dorsoduro 750 ABS to adapt to any rider and all riders to exploit, in any situation, the high limits of a pure fun bike.


The frame exploits all the knowledge gained by Aprilia in racing, fully drawing on the mixed structure experience acquired on the SXV, the twin-cylinder Supermotard successfully used in the Superbike World Championship. The upper part with narrow tubular steel trellis is combined with aluminium side plates by means of special high strength bolts.

The result is a rigid yet light structure, helping to make the bike slim and narrow, together with solutions designed for a longitudinally compact engine. The aluminium swingarm is designed to support the asymmetrical stresses caused by lateral positioning of the shock absorber. This latter solution allows for the right amount of space for the rear cylinder exhaust manifolds, while providing maximum insulation from heat and ease of suspension adjustment.

Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 ABS is a project that focuses on the rider, a slim and agile bike, in which each element is designed to achieve the maximum riding pleasure. Superstructures are kept to a minimum, the design of the central area highlights the compactness of the bike, while the tail, compact and curvy, includes the dual exhaust, to the benefit of correct weight distribution. The hand guards, derived from the Aprilia SXV Superbike, are sleek in style and effective in protecting the levers against accidental contact.

Aprilia Dorsoduro 750
Aprilia Dorsoduro 750
Aprilia Dorsoduro 750
Aprilia Dorsoduro 750
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