Ducati SportClassic PaulSmart 1000

Ducati SportClassic Helmets by Cromwell

Ducati is bringing out their SportClassic helmets by Cromwell. We mentioned Cromwell Helmets last November and I think they look absolutely perfect for a lot of older bikes. After all, if you’re riding a classic of any kind, you wouldn’t dress like you’re racing in this year’s MotoGP, kinda ruins the illusion. You get a helmet that looks proper and these look very proper.

They have two models, the Ducati Anniversary and the Ducati Sport Dark, both look very cool. If you’re getting one of the new Sport Classic motorcycles from Ducati you might consider one of these to make the picture complete. You might look at one of our Ducati vintage t shirts. too.

There’s also a bit of history about the Cromwell helmets at the end of this post.

You can also get a standard non-Ducati version of Cromwell Helmets if you ride a classic of another flavor or if you just prefer to be non-denominational.

Ducati Press Release:

Ducati and Cromwell, who together total 160 years of tradition and passion, are to present an exclusive line of helmets at the Luxury – Yachts fair in Verona.

Bologna, 24th February: During the Verona Luxury fair, Ducati will present an exclusive new line of helmets titled SportClassic. They have been created in association with the historic brand Cromwell, known to bikers all over the world for its style, reliability and tradition.

The Ducati SportClassic helmets by Cromwell are exclusive models, designed to be worn with the new Ducati SportClassic and sport-naked motorcycles made in Borgo Panigale. These desirable helmets, combining classic shapes with modern performance and safety, will be available in two limited edition versions:

Anniversary: This helmet, in a gold and silver matte finish and combining modern comfort with the emotion of an epic past, has been created to celebrate more than 160 years of the two companies. Ducati was founded in Bologna, Italy in 1926 while, in the same year, the first Cromwell helmets were produced in England.

Sport Dark: This second version, minimalist and essential and in black and silver matte finish, is reminiscent of the aggressive and sportive style of Ducati’s new Sport 1000 and sport-naked range of bikes.

Inspired by 70’s styling, motorcyclists can now not only ride, but also wear an icon of the past. Under the classic design of these two helmets, however, beats an ultra modern heart. Both models have laser cut air-vents, an aluminium visor opening system and a real hand-sewn leather interior finish.

The Ducati SportClassic helmets will be available from spring 2006 via the official Ducati sales network and New Max srl, the worldwide producer and distributor of the Cromwell helmet brand.

Ducati SportClassic PaulSmart 1000

Enthusiasts who do not want to miss this limited edition also have the opportunity to place an order for these unique helmets on the www.ducati.com website soon

The Cromwell Story:

The Helmets Limited firm was founded in 1924. The first product range was concentrated on colonial helmets for soldiers, civilian authorities and workers in the colonies. But already in 1926 Helmets Ltd. created its first helmets for motorcyclists.

For the choice of the brand the founders were inspired by History, and took the name of Oliver Cromwell who, after beheading King Charles I, had himself proclaimed Lord Protector on December 16, 1653. The first Cromwell helmets were made out of layers of cotton twill and waterproofed with shellac (a natural paint from South-East Asia).

It seems that among the pioneers of motorcycling who let themselves be seduced by Cromwell helmets there was Thomas Edward Lawrence (1888-1935), the mythical agent of the British secret service, known as “Lawrence of Arabia”. In 1935 Sir Malcolm Campbell set a new land speed record, while wearing a Cromwell helmet: at Bonneville Salt Flats (Utah) his car Bluebird did over 483 km/h.

In the early 1940s the firm made leather helmets for the Royal Air Force, while the motorcyclists of the British Army’s Dispatch Riders were equipped with Cromwell helmets, in the typical military green colour. In 1952 the Air Ministry asked the firm to develop a helmet with a rigid outer cap in nylon and resin, a technology that was soon adopted also in the motorbike sector.

In the 1990s the firm concentrated production on the classic jet model and became supplier to the Royal Signals White Helmets, the oldest motorcycle corps in the world. The business is well known to motorcyclists across the world above all for its style, the reliability and history of its helmets. to the point where in France and Germany, for example, a certain model of helmet is still today called “the Cromwell”.

Ducati SportClassic PaulSmart 1000
Ducati SportClassic PaulSmart 1000
Ducati SportClassic PaulSmart 1000

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