Honda Crea Scoopy
Honda Crea Scoopy

Fast Gas Scooters And Cheap Gas Powered Scooters

Honda Cub . aka the Honda Super Cub . the Honda C100 or Honda 50 . is a 49 cc 4-stroke moped first manufactured in 1958. With more than 60 million sold worldwide, it is one of, if not the best selling powered vehicle of all time.

Honda Elite Scooter — Originally built in the late 1980’s the Elite could reach a max speed of 35mph and get up to 90 mpg. For 2010, the new Elite will feature a 108cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected four-stroke engine and a light-handling chassis.

Honda Helix The Helix was introduced to the US in 1986 and was discontinued with the 2007 model. During its run it boasted a 244cc, liquid-cooled SOHC engine, producing 19 hp and a top speed of 70mph.

Honda Metropolitan Scooter Introduced in 2002, the 49cc engine can get you going around 40mph, sports a mpg rating of up to 110 and a starting price of $2399. This same vehicle is known as the Jazz in Canada, the Scoopy in Australia, and the Crea Scoppy in Japan.

Honda SilverWing — In 2001 Honda resurrected the Silver Wing brand, this time in the form of a 582 cc machine with a CVT transmission. It is definitely one of the most powerful scooters out there and with a price tag starting at $8499, it is not the cheapest.

Honda Spree The classic. Though only manufactured from 1984-1987, if you grew up in the 80’s you either had one or wanted one. This processor to the Metropolitan sported a 49cc engine and a top speed of 30mph.

Vespa is an Italian line of scooters manufactured by Piaggio. They have been known for their painted, pressed steel body which combines a complete cowling for the engine, a completely flat floorboard, and a prominent front fairing. Some well know models are the LX 50, LX 125, LX 150, GTS 125, and the GTS 250ie.

How fast can a Vespa go? Well, it varies, but the GTS 250ie can reach speeds of 75mph.

The Yamaha Zuma is probably the most well known. Yamaha scooter prices start at about $2999 for the 2009 Zuma 125 and go down to $2049 for the 2009 Vino Classic.

Cushman Motor Scooters

The Cushman Company produced motor scooters from 1936 to 1965. Light, compact, and rugged, they were widely used by the US military in World War II. Cushman claimed an efficiency of 75 miles per gallon, and a penny-a-mile operating cost.

The Eagle was the most successful Cushman model and was manufactured from 1949-1965. The most famous was the “Model 53”, a military model from the World War II era. It was designed to be dropped by parachute with Army Airborne troops, so it became known as the “Cushman Airborne”.

So to recap:

They are inexpensive

Easy to get around with

Moped insurance is cheap

Honda Crea Scoopy
Honda Crea Scoopy
Honda Crea Scoopy
Honda Crea Scoopy
Honda Crea Scoopy
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