Over all Review of Honda Activa

Overall Review

Honda Activa is a name well known in the automatic scooter market, after its launch in 2000, for a very a long time it has been synonymous to the scooters. Launched in 2000 with its companion the Honda Dio, it started a new era in the two-wheeler industry and a revolution, much alike to the one bought by Kinetic Honda.

Activa became the choice of people, irrespective of age, sex or profession, specially because of its well-balanced style combined with smartness of kick-cum-self start ignition system and puncture resistant Tuff Up tubes. This Japanese machine came powered by a 102cc 4-stroke 7bhp mill. In 2009 came some significant technological advancements in the scooter like Combination Braking System and Anti-Theft key shutter which ensured safety of riders along with security of vehicle.

This was not at all a halt for the advancements which the vehicle bought.

The improvised machine came with an altogether new power house with not only a higher power and torque numbers but with an improved power delivery along with an excellent mileage return. With a 109cc, air-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder OHC engine, the new version of Honda Activa gave 15% increased fuel-economy making the overall figure a notable 52 kmpl. And to transmute this amazing mileage into a long trip of 276km, the vehicle was packed with a whopping 5.3 litres fuel tank.

Honda Activa is able to produce a power of 8bhp at 7500RPM for a maximum torque of 8.74Nm at 5500RPM with the help of its V-matic transmission system, a viscous paper air filter and a suspension system made up of a Bottom Link contrivance for the front end and a Unit Swing mechanism for the rear and both of these are paired up with a Spring Loaded Hydraulic Muffler.

Honda Dream Kids Dokitto

In 2011, the scooter was again revamped but just with some minor upgrades to its looks. It is an undeniable fact that Honda Activa is by far the best deal provided to the Indian masses by the automatic scooter industry, obviously after the iconic Kinetic Honda. This 12-year old Japanese machine has been upgraded frequently with the latest technical advancements giving a more impressive performance combined with increased comfort and safety level.

Mileage and Fuel Economy

The best update made in the scooter is certainly with regard to increase in its mileage. The revamped model of Honda Activa gave a straight away increase of 15% in the mileage, taking the figures to an impressive 60kmpl with its new Dream Mileage Engine, and this high mileage is certainly a dream as it is not a common sight in the scooter segment. To make Activa the most fuel-efficient option, it is packed with 5.3 litre fuel tank and when combined with the amazing mileage, it is sure to run for 276km non-stop, when filled to full.


Acceleration and Pick up

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