Initial review on the Honda CBR 250R ABS

Initial review on the Honda CBR 250R ABS

My review on the Honda CBR 250RA

Buying experience

Friday night! It was party time for me as I rode home my spanking black ceeber. I had taken multiple test rides at different Honda dealers to satisfy myself that I was making the right decision in spending so much of my hard earned money.

Finally, I called up and visited the dealer who told me that I can get immediate delivery. Awesome

Visited the dealer ( Haiku Honda @ Domlur ) and told them I want to purchase the bike with ABS. They had kept 2 bikes (one of them black, which I wanted) in the showroom. I said (out of some paranoia) that I don’t want the one kept on the showroom floor.

So, they obliged me by taking me to their godown and showed me 3 bikes which I religiously inspected and finally zeroed in on one.

Next up – paperwork. Signed the forms, etc. They got the bike from the godown to the showroom (about 2 minutes away) and started the PDI in my presence. When I was satisfied, I took the bike and left.

Smooth process, no hassles, great buying experience from Haiku.

Freebies (?)

I got a teflon coating and seat covers free from the dealer. Also, servicing of this bike is at 6 month intervals. Jan, May and then December. 3 free services.

The Bike – looks

This is one awesome looker, no two ways about that. The styling is not flamboyant, but grabs eyeballs. The fat rear-tyre (yeah, everyone like this) is a sight to behold. So is the exhaust (some like it, some don’t).

The blue-backlit display unit is also eye-catching. All said and done, I loved her from the first time I set my eyes upon her.

The Bike – handling and performance

I am religious and a tad paranoid when it comes to running-in the engine. So, I keep the revs below 5k. But trust me, it is DIFFICULT! A twist of the throttle and the surge in power is immense. The speedo just races to 75 and then I have to ease off.

I literally have to keep a watch on the tacho so that I don’t exceed the limit.

Handling is a breeze. Effortless. Even in stop and go traffic, holding this bike steady is very easy (I used to do that with my ZMR also, but this is better). The exhaust note is also exhilerating.

Of course, it gets better as the rpms increase.

The Good

Headlight is great . I had fit an HID on my ZMR, but I was NOT satisfied with it probably since the guys who fit it did a shoddy job of it. On this baby though, I don’t think I need one. I don’t do a lot of highway riding at night, so I’m happy with the 55W headlight.

Haven’t felt the need to use high beam yet, so there.

Seat is wide enough and comfortable.

Fit and finish is good . I didn’t see any uneven gaps. Could have been better, but hey, I am not complaining.

There are no vibrations or weird noises. I had these noises with my ZMR from day 1