Kymco Agility 50

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micoman1: This video was when it was new and I had the lights on by mistake! I have done about 6000kms now and it has had a new battery and a new starter switch in the last 18 months. Thats not great but it came with a 2 year warranty so only had to pay for a battery. Yes, there are better scooters but they cost more new ( mine ВЈ1000) and for me only using it for a 10mile round trip to work each day its not worth me getting a better one. ( I drive a car everywhere else)

cerj1010: is this scooter reliable for going up hills?

daand12: First service is done yesterday+a derestricted vario so it will do about 63km/h

daand12: @micoman1 i believe it. I hope when i have this scooter i don’t have any issues with starting.

daand12: @micoman1 What amp battery u had or have in it? i bought this scooter, but need wait few more days to ride it. Mine has a 7amp in it

EnergyDog23: @micoman1 I’ve ridden with 50cc over 90kilometres at one strech.

SJBANGER: @micoman1 i have the same problem, sometimes it starts. others times it won’t start. never used the kick started yet.

DownhillNick2007: @micoman1 doing 31mph. I’ll be looking for a bike bike next year well something restricted to 33bhp but I’ll more than likely keep my little agility for comuting ect ect. As long as the insurance goes down lol!

batlordman: Its really good quality for 360. Nice scooter!

SJBANGER: @micoman1 if you change to the cheap chinese rubbish you could be asking for trouble down the line, that is why they are cheap. they are proned to fall apart/breakdown no matter what the salesman says. tip: if your bike fails to start. you could be flooding the engine. try this switch off. open the throttle up on bike.and leave for a few minutes,then switch on. and start up. not try it my self but search youtube for m13mordeath on this.

Elliot Evans: Hey, what is the top speed of this bike?

Vincent Snoeren: jaa mooi knipper licht

Mautaz: @micoman1 Put main jet size 82 in it and adjust the valves correct and it will always start. Best cheap scooter you can get. At my work (pizza delivery) we have one that allready did 67,000 km’s on the clock.

micoman1: I have been having more problems with the starting with one day last week it took me 10 kick starts and 4 electric starts to get it going. I took it too my dealer who had it for two days and had no problems. I go to collect it and it wont start. Even the guy at the dealer had trouble and said us the electric all the time.

I’m a bit pissed off with the bike now an am considering changing to a cheap chinese 125cc for ВЈ800 ( kymco is made in china as well) Bike is starting ok now??

micoman1: Starting has been ok lately. Its quite good at going up hills, for a 50cc anyway.

Mixalis Demetriou: @micoman1 i am from greece.I have a same and it is very has 19.600kms and it had not any problem.Kymco for ever.

micoman1: micoman1 Yeh, I know now. Still I do put my lights on all the time for safety. I am finding it wont start with the electric start all the time now. Only do 10 miles a day too and from work so do you think the battery is not getting enough charge?

Is definately a 50cc and I have done about 600Km now.

micoman1: @kidmeister Its a good bike for the money ( I paid ВЈ1000 on the road) but I would recommend getting a 125cc model if you travel more that 5-10 miles on it and can afford to take a CBT.

micoman1: I have now had a new battery fitted (about ВЈ30) and electric start button works 90% of the time first time, and have found on kick start if I hold left brake and not right, it starts better.

daand12: Finally i ordered this scooter in agility fat version in the colour sporty blue/silver

MrBorderghost: I had the same battery problem with my peugeot kisbee scooter which has the same 139qmb engine the dealer changed the battery from a 4amp to a 6amp and it now has plenty of power to start the engine and some of my journeys are less than 2 miles a day and then it can be left for a week but now has plenty of battery life, you should not be having problems with battery chargeing and certainly not leave it runnung on the drive for 20 mins that is just a waste of fuel and engine life.

DownhillNick2007: @micoman1 Nah, I’ve only done around 600km but it’s still going well! Cant say the batterys caused many problems, It’s mostly long distances I travel, not very frequently lol. Ehm cant say I have, It does sound good though compaired to those daft 2 Strokes lol! I’ve been chatting to bikers around my area saying its a great little first bike, I’m 16 btw, and no it hasn’t been De-restricted had a mate who’s was stoped and confiscated for doing 45mph on a 70mph road but it should have only been

Mautaz: @SJBANGER this is not chinese, this is Taiwanese. same quality as sym.

EnergyDog23: When you use electricity start(?) you need to put the lights off at first, when the scooter is on. then put the lights on.

micoman1: @DownhillNick2007 Hi – Done about 1200kms now and still going well. Next service in September. I did bump in to the guy who sold me the scooter and he said the battery is very small and does not have a lot of power in it.

I have noticed it sounds a bit rattley at full speed (31 mph), hows yours? Have you had it de-restricted?

DownhillNick2007: Turn the lights off mate