Kymco Super 8

Kymco Super 8 125 Review

Has Kymco reached budget sports perfection with the Super 8 125? We find out.

Kymco has been the steady hand on the Australian Scooter Scene for a number of years now. Not much has changed and models like the Agility, Vibe and Espresso have proudly been flying the Kymco flag. Previously known as Bug Scooters the ever reliable Kymco brand has forged a solid reputation around a core smaller selection of models.

Well that’s all about to change with the introduction of a number of new and exciting models ready to hit Australia, its a Kymco revolution. Models like the Downtown 300 or the Like range are just to name a couple but whether it be Motorcycles, ATV’s or Scooters, Kymco is raising the bar big time. First up on the list is the sporty new Super 8 125.


Around $3000 these days will get you a great deal of scooter. And the Super 8 125 is no exception.

For those fans of the Agility 125, its good to know that the transmission/engine combination in the Super 8 remains common ground. A 4 stroke 125 cc unit that exudes a robust nature and one that has slowly built a renowned reputation for reliability and performance. Producing 7 KW of power (feels like more) the Super 8 125 will easily keep up with the increasing demands of ones right wrist.

Wheel size is a notable stand out feature here, 14 inch wheels front and rear enhance the dynamic ability of the package. Handling is of course helped along by the twin rear shock set up that’s fully adjustable.

The angular look coupled with splash graphics targets the market perfectly. Sporty in nature, sporty in style the Super 8 hits all the right angles and the plastics feel and look good. The dashboard follows the same pattern with a speedo, fuel gauge and large digital clock all fitting in nicely with the angular theme.

A small screen on the front compliments the look and is more for show whilst the mirrors are huge giving you an expansive view of what lies behind. Lighting is taken care of by a twin halogen set up, the left on at all times whilst the scooter is running. When high beam is required both lights work in unison giving plenty of light if required.

The Super 8’s seat opens via a key on the left-hand side panel to reveal a fairly hefty under-seat storage area, its full face helmet territory here. A flat floor and bag hook complement the need for extra storage whilst the rear rack is ready for a box and is as solid as they come. The pillion passenger has a separate raised seating position and some really nice flip out footpegs of the push button variety.

Braking is looked after by a waved disc on the front with a drum brake on the rear. A side-stand is standard in the package.

The Kymco Super 8 125 not only looks substantial but also feels it on the road. Big wheeled scooters have always been on the list of favourites and the Super 8 125 will not disappoint dynamically. Corners are taken with a simple lean and most road irregularities are passed over with a minimum of fuss. Find a set of corners you know well and watch the lean angles and speeds increase with a Super 8 125.

Smiles are free with this machine.

Couple this with a 125 cc engine that has an edgy rawness as it goes about its business of propelling the Super 8 125 forward. Its quick off the mark and has enough zest to get in front of all but the most inspired F1 drivers. The Kymco Super 8 125 will top out showing 110 km/h on the speedo so this should equate to around a true top speed of 100 km/h.


Although impressive its not all about go with the Super 8 125. The front brakes or should I say brake, is just amazing. I had to keep checking the front end as to my disbelief there is only one wavy disc rotor.

Pull the lever for the first time and you wont believe the bite and more importantly the feel of what’s on offer. The rear brake being drum operated is just a steadying influence over the scooter, the front is more then sufficient.

The seating position may feel a little forward for some and this would be due to the two tiered 770 mm hight seat. The seat looks the goods but can lack a little cushioning for the tush. The seat though by pushing you forward does its best to enhance the sporty nature of this scooter and gives you a good view of the dash and what lies ahead.

I do like the flat floor set up which means the feat can rest freely.

On the road you only get to test items like the audible blinker sound that engages once you turn the blinkers on, this is a treat for those scooters that posses such a feature. Another neat feature is the mudguard that circles the rear tyre ensuring that water doesn’t splash into unwanted areas in wet conditions.


Kymco Super 8

The Scooterman Says,

A spunky looking budget scooter with a very solid Kymco 125 engine, a sensational front brake, 14 inch wheels, twin shocks and a seat that was just a little disappointing at times.

Thin enough to filter with ease and can handle fast moving traffic on arterial roads, will cruise all day at 90kph and hit 110 on the flat.

This scoot is a ripper.

The Kymco Super 8 has a full bag of tricks. Look around the scooter and you will not only see that its substantial in size but also substantial in features. And well thought out features.

A scooter that could easily factor into the daily commute or for that matter into the weekend plans.

Its easy to talk about the Kymco build quality, as you feel it as soon as you climb aboard and grab the bars. Dynamically at this price the scooter cant be faulted and apart from the seat that wont suit everybody, the Super 8 125 could be bordering on budget commuting perfection. The front brakes are just a knock-out.

And we haven’t really touched on the usually subjective subject of styling. I love the angular design, the big halogen headlights up front that give the Super 8 125 a sense of purpose.

So for around the $3000 plus on road costs you have a scooter that will inspire confidence. Not only from a riding perspective but also from one that provides ownership with piece of mind. With the Super 8 125 you get a long list of dynamic features that promote riding pleasure, you also get the Kymco factor thrown in for good measure.

Solid reliability and performance.

Hassle free commuting with a sporty enthusiastic attitude. Nice one Kymco.

Thanks to Scooterworld Redfern Sydney for providing the review scooter

Kymco Super 8
Kymco Super 8
Kymco Super 8
Kymco Super 8

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