After the Celerio’s success with Automated Manual transmission system, Maruti Suzuki is imparting the same formula to all its popular cars. Now the company has added this AMT system to the diesel cars as usual. However, the success is likely to be revealed in its testing session. 

With a Fiat DDiS motor with Fixed Geometry turbocharger (FGT), the new car is expected to do a good business in the domestic market. There won’t be any change in fuel rating as well. After the Tata Zest, Dzire is expected to be the 2nd diesel version with AMT. With a fuel-efficient diesel engine, it will have a capacity of 26.59kmpl. It's a DDiS engine will offer both manual shifts as well as sports made. So AMT will be the only mechanical update expected in this car without tampering the design part. After the low sale of the petrol version of Dzire (owing to low mileage, high maintenance and high selling price), the addition of AMT is expected to boost the sell.

Maruti has been the market leader in last few month. To maintain its status the company has the plan to add AMT to all its best-selling cars. This car is a perfect combination of luxury and comforts and with the addition of AMT, the new version is expected to cost 30 to 40 thousand more. The other facility that you can find is ESP, traction control, anti-lock braking, climate control, airbag etc. So grab your car today and enjoy the ride.