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Moto Guzzi

Guzzi was on top of the mountain early in the production of 500cc engines were reliable and sporty. 500cc Falcone 50’s is a good example of this bike with unprecedented reliability, to the point where U.S. Guzzi Club member is the original owner of the two, both went on almost daily for over 50 years!

Guzzi builds cruisers, and they built them for a long, long time. It’s not too late, I, too, winning cruiser, built in the market niche that was created revival Harley Davidson, to work. Moto Guzzi toughed it for many years, when companies have more resources and large dealer network all over them.

The fact is, they never gave up, they never stopped building the platform, and they remained faithful to their mission. The current Battlestar The platform is built around a side mounted V-twin engine (originally 700cc, now 1100), on line, auto transmission through the shaft and bevel final drive. After more than 40 years, this is a very complicated system.

The engine can be best described as a two cylinder, small block, an American V 8. It’s really not much. Cam in cattle, there is usually crank it Hemi head with pushrods and rockers. It also makes mouths and lots of torque moment, it is incredibly easy to operate, and died nuts reliable.

California Vintage is a celebration of this linage, with the first V-Twin, police bike and your age to date. California first appeared on the platform of El Dorado, all in white a thin strip of black with white trim buddy seat. So, what Moto Guzzi to do with it (the arguments start here) all the most popular platform cruiser bike coming from Europe? the second oldest continuously built cruiser platform in existence? They are constantly improving

Moto Guzzi California 1100 Injection

Moto Guzzi

Many refinements. Brakes sport, cycling double standard Brembos in front and one behind. 1094cc engine has a smooth, unimpeded injection system.

Exhaust meets the stringent Euro-3 standard and bags the best in its class of large and well integrated into the design. The seat just sweet. The windscreen has been tested to smoothly around the rider to insure.

The suspension comes with Marzocchi hydraulic telescopic fork with rebound and compression. Rear suspension Twin shock everywhere with preload and compression settings. This sound Guzzi is still there.

It sounds like no other engine V Twin, in contrast to their more me too latecomers cruiser. This is sort of V Twin, a small block. Brings a smile load a bag, and you do not get that Harley Sound patented their conversation. Unique is good.

He looks like a real, honest-to-good, Magnum police bike. Cal weighs about 560 pounds, and it really shows when the curves appear before you. Do you have a choice of three transmissions at all happy speed.

Moto Guzzi California 1100 Injection
Moto Guzzi California 1100 Injection
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