Yamaha X-Max 125 ABS
Yamaha X-Max 125 ABS

Piaggio X10 125 2012

Piaggio does not lace! To regain the leadership position in a segment 125 GT that has long dominated, it offers the X10, a scooter with super high end. Presented as THE new benchmark in its category that is it the test of the city?

And else where? latestbikesinfo just measuring it and tells you everything, on the X10!

Piaggio is the design of GT scooters that the “pasta” in Italian cuisine are: an institution! Pioneer, innovator, now almost two decades since the manufacturer transalpine excels in the development of high-end commuters, specific to the needs of European and French markets in particular. Piaggio Hexagon, Piaggio X9 Piaggio X8 Piaggio Xevo even Piaggio MP3 scooters GT from Pontedera have indeed been a great success all hexagonal.

Heir to this tradition, the X10, the new flagship of the fleet Piaggio in 2012, then moved a new standard of this major manufacturer. Did he design his or her rate (prohibitive?) To surprise us; Invited to the international press presentation of X10 in Paris in the prestigious setting of the Italian Embassy, latestbikesinfo.com will attempt to answer this essential question, riding this highly anticipated Piaggio X10 Executive (with ABS and ASR ) of 125 cm3.

A welcome worthy of first class

Flattering, our test model is undoubtedly dreaming. In profile, the line to say the least modern Piaggio X10 is captivating. In front, the volume of the shroud and “look” if particular command respect.

As for the back, it seems particularly original and well drawn. The style, as always, is a matter of taste. Manufacturing quality, as the attention to small details or aesthetic finish, however, are elements that we must deal objectively.

And here it must recognize that Piaggio has not missed on his new X10, making this scooter GT 125 premium paying indeed hardly open to criticism.

Placed at only 760 mm from the ground, the seat of the Piaggio X10 is available. It’s soft and has proven the depth-adjustable backrest most appropriate to feel at ease. While the return of light padding at the tip of saddle or its width may not suit some, but most of jigs will find here a welcome worthy of a first class.

Properly installed aboard the Piaggio X10, the pilot discovers an automotive style console. Given its composition and choice of materials used, the dashboard appears to us particularly luxurious. And well stocked even, given the wealth of information distilled by the wide screen LCD 4-inch center and trip computer, which is alive to the index, with the button on the right stalk (find all Details on the party to retain on page 2 of the equipment of the Piaggio X10).

Other buttons placed in the deck, on a rod in aluminum finish, challenge us. They allow actuating the opening of the boot lid and fuel door, disabling the “limiter slips” (traction control) of the rear tire (ASR, only available on versions of the Piaggio X10 Executive) and turn on the hazard lights. For practical reasons, we regret that these commands are not located on the handlebar.

New Piaggio X10 2012: From heavy!

With starting point of our first trial run the center of the capital, we can immediately judge the potential of the city Piaggio X10. Engine, we find the first sound very metallic block Leader injected almost irrelevant on a motorbike as cozy! After this printing, we are more excited to find an engine that responds almost instantaneously to the actuation of the accelerator.

However, the Piaggio X10 is not the quickest to take off. Heavy (we weighed fully fueled with 201 kg, a record for two wheels 125 cm3), it takes time to reach its optimal and provide the best of its services. The power then tumbles in a perfectly linear and times remain effective in town.

A go-around, you feel some vibrations, but they are filtered, ensuring the pilot of the Piaggio X10 a certain comfort.

We now go to the edge of the Louvre Museum and cobbled streets, usually a nightmare for two-wheelers in Paris. Surprisingly, the Piaggio X10 suspensions absorb bumps very well for this covering disparate. The instrument panel, an amber alert us to the actuation of the optional ASR traction control enabling the driver to open large gas with confidence, without fear of losing this grip. This system is conspicuous by its effectiveness as anti-lock brakes (ABS) very well set and in addition coupled.

Installed between the brake discs of three Piaggio X10, it is in 95% of non-intrusive, except on the pavement where the trigger can sometimes appear a little too fast. Bi-shod tires Michelin tires (all-new Pure Power SC), the Piaggio X10 gives a sense of security.

Proved comfort, ideal protection: the soul of the GT

Long as a day without bread some would say (it displays the record for the class size) and very large, the Piaggio X10 proves surprisingly agile and maneuverable at low speeds. Although it is equipped with a wheel 15 inches in front, it sneaks without major difficulty in traffic, although it is clear that small commuters are more comfortable than him on this ground there. With his size XXL, the X10 is more built to cut the road, which we now check on highways allowing us to flee Paris.

As already observed in the city, marking the first element in this new context is the comfort of Piaggio X10. Even at high speeds, the slightest connection bitumen is filtered and the protection is among the best in the class. Given the aerodynamics of the front, and top off the windshield, side deflectors but also located at the end of the floor, all body parts are perfectly preserved in air pressure.

Yamaha X-Max 125 ABS

The driving position is very relaxing. The ergonomics are well thought out and there is room for (d) extends the legs.

Mechanical side benefit, if we identify a longer acceptable for a vehicle of the GT 125 (measured at 110 km / h GPS, 121 km / h on the clock), we deplore the lack of recovery of the block past 70 km / h. We take comfort, however, with its dynamic first order. The new Piaggio X10 2012 actually enjoys a good ride. Its chassis remains robust giving the craft of rigor in all situations.

Placed on the angle is done with confidence and heading hold curve is hardly objectionable. Again, Piaggio reassured.

Space on the X10 for the passenger and baggage

GT range forces, it is a crucial point on which we expected the manufacturer Alps: the carrying capacity of its new X10. From this perspective, we are not disappointed. Under saddle, we find indeed a space of 52 liters, dressed and lit carpet, which take up two full face helmets and other trinkets. In the deck, you have a glove box and its 12V, “the broader category” Piaggio said.

There are also two pockets on the excess, the left even with a USB port on top for smart phones. In short, there is room in the Piaggio X10 to carry arms and equipment and offer a few trips in duet. Moreover, even if it does not have footrests independent, the passenger is pretty well off considering the place reserved for him on the back and the width of the handles.

And as the difference between the driver seat and passenger of the X10 is only 109 mm, it does not have to play the gymnasts to reach his seat.

Piaggio X10 125, the record: THE new reference segment GT 125

To regain leadership in the category of scooters GT 125 cm3, Piaggio did not skimp. The mechanical performance of its new X10 appears to us in a tone below that proposed by the current market leaders. The Yamaha X-Max 125 or 125 are Sky cruiser MBX example much more swiftly. However, from a dynamic new GT Italian settled already at the top of the category.

With its full ABS braking (coupled) latest generation, its system of motor control and three generously sized brake discs, the Piaggio X10 125 opens a new path in terms of safety aspects of two-wheelers. Even the horn, more serious than usual, has been working in this direction. And equipment side, we are amazed at such a use.

Whether the level of sophistication of the instrument panel, the backlight controls the handlebar or the design of optical LED, it must recognize the quality of Piaggio X10 125 we just try. But we can not offer us! As driving the new upscale Italian GT 125 is paid, even very expensive: € 4,499 for the standard model, € 5,499 for our test machine, the version of X10 with Executive the ABS / ASR.

With the release of LT MP3, Piaggio we had already learned that technology does not rhyme with economy. The arrival of its new GT X10 125 says the strategy of the manufacturer in this niche for less elitist.

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