Aprilia Scarabeo 250

Test Aprilia Scarabeo 500

Very inspired by the Piaggio Beverly, the new Aprilia Scarabeo 500 is losing its overweight in favor of safer behavior and playful. He also won under-seat storage, meets Euro 3 and is displayed below € 6,000.

… As at Piaggio Vespa, Scarabeo is an independent brand in Aprilia. Whole range, from 50 to 500 cm3, owes its success to unparalleled lines neoclassical and large wheels that give it a great look. The new 500 remains true to this style Scarabeo, but offers new solutions to make life aboard more pleasant.

The biggest handicap of a large-wheeled scooter, we know, is the limited storage it offers. Despite its compact size and large 16-inch wheels in front and 14 inch rear, the new Aprilia Scarabeo 500 offers a safe under the seat much wider than the old model … and for good reason! This equipment was missing until the old high-end brand.

Depth of 15 cm, this new compartment can receive a helmet and rain suit or even a small suitcase to A3.

Nothing revolutionary in appearance, but a record in any case on a scooter with big wheels! Still, the 45 liter top box, optional, remains in our view essential to avoid a backpack or travel. Another feature of this scooter is the kind of car theft proposed in series: a system that, in case of burglary, blocks the engine electronics and drives a high-intensity siren.

The system automatically switches 50 seconds after removing the ignition key or operated remote control, the same that is used to open the seat. Side protection well, at least with regard to the “originality” of Scarabeo, it is important to point out a windshield in two parts that can be set manually via a sliding mechanism.

Practical aspects in the cross hairs

Compared to the old version, the Aprilia Scarabeo 500 is distinguished at first sight by a much finer line, even if it retains the features that characterize the style house. Closer to a 250 cm3 as a maxi scooter, it seems almost more affordable for drivers with little experience and leaves mostly guessing greater agility in urban areas. It must be said that the power / weight ratio announced by the manufacturer (189 kg dry for 39 hp.

At 7500 r / min) appears, at least on paper, the most interesting category. The engine, a single cylinder Piaggio original, has been redesigned feeding side (it is by electronic fuel injection) to meet Euro 3 standards and has a balance shaft to reduce vibration. The chassis is in turn changed drastically in the smallest details, and overall is more compact than the previous version.

On the road, thanks to its weight and dimensions for the relatively small engine, the Aprilia Scarabeo 500 shown Great Spirit and is much more stable than high speed. But it is especially when we returned to turn it behaves more accurate and reassuring. Of course, as most large-wheeled scooters, management still has a little tendency “to fall” (especially in roundabouts), but overall the front end is more rigid labor suspensions more effective.

Just enough weight and power

Aprilia Scarabeo 250

Acceleration is for their consistent and whether originally a red light or when overtaking a vehicle, the Scarabeo displays well the opulence of its displacement, including a duet. Without hesitation or vibration, the engine will take you without regard to a speed exceeding 150 km / h … ample for city use or highway! The driving position is good despite the unique location for the feet, as control ergonomics and comfort in general.

The seat height of only 780 mm will fit most of the templates while placing the Scarabeo on the main stand is extremely easy (even a child it happens). Of note, however, in terms of finish, generally acceptable, a seat lock that was struggling to close on a number of test models. The brake consists of three discs, is of integral type, the left lever operating the front and rear calipers, the right only the second front caliper.

Biting fairly well early and very effective in normal use, it nevertheless tends to lose some of its efficiency in heavy use.

Almost unique

The Aprilia Scarabeo 500 is a rare maxi scooter with large wheels, with the advantages and disadvantages inherent in this type of vehicle. Stable and comfortable, it also displays a weight and a content template relatively compared with that of his predecessor, which is not without interest in the city. The engine availability, good autonomy and seriousness of the chassis and can travel with confidence.

Its direct rival is obviously the Piaggio Beverly 500, but the arrival on the market 400 cm3 of the same model might upset the cards, particularly at the level of assurance. With a selling price below € 6,000, the Scarabeo remains a bargain against big GT scooters.

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