Aprilia SR 50

Aprilia SR 50Di Tech test


With the Euro 1 pollution prevention standards in force since June 1999- and the forthcoming Euro 2 standards applicable as of 2002- the future of two-stroke engines seemed to be doomed. The above standards are indeed extremely rigorous in terms of gaseous pollutant emissions. This scooter’s engine- however- offers multiple advantages- combining compactness- simplicity and performance- particularly in small engine capacities.

These possibilities prompted Aprilia to design and develop the first scooter featuring a direct electronic injection engine – the SR 50 Di Tech.


The profile is extremely sporty- almost aggressive design- and the dashboard makes a refreshing change. Aprilia’s eye for detail shows in it’s tendancy to incorporate a dashboard typical of large capacity engines. The three gauges – clock- fuel gauge and engine temperature indicator – – are teamed up with four indicators- oil pressure and low fuel warning lights- indicator and headlamp switches.

The Di Tech features a stowage hook under the handle-bars for placing a helmet and a spacious luggage box underneath the saddle. The rear optics are representative of other Aprilia products- having a lot in common with the RSV 1000 model.

Motorization: REVOLUTIONARY-

A two-stroke engine is not only a fuel guzzler but discharges vast quantities of unburned carbon dioxide- nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons into the environment. The mix of oil and air passes directly through the intake into the exhaust- polluting the environment and giving off unpleasant odours into the bargain- Aprilia introduced a solution whereby the various components – petrol and oil pumps- injector and ignition system – are separated and managed by an electronic control unit.

The results are quite simply amazing. The Di Tech is one of the lowest consumption engines- consuming between 2 and 2 1/2 litres of fuel per 100 km- while maintaining performances that are equal to other engines. The SR 50 continues to offer optimal performance- with no noticeable difference between the former carburettor version and the Di Tech.

Unlike the conventional two-stroke engines which release practically 20 – of carbon monoxide per kilometre- the Di Tech engine reduces pollutant emissions by 80- – how’s that for the icing on the cake- Aprilia’s SR 50 technology can now be considered ready to respect the future Euro 2 standards that will come into force in 2002 and possibly offer two-stroke engines a new lease of life.

On the road: AGILE

The SR 50’s suspension is quite hard- cushioning bumps in the road surface without diminishing the engine’s performance. The 190 mm discs and 2-pot calliper brakes offer added safety in town driving conditions where having the possibility to brake all of a sudden is handy. This lightweight scooter is extremely versatile and offers an easy drive.

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