Test Scooter Yamaha X-Max 400

Yamaha expands its range of scooters adding its new X-Max 400, alongside the existing 125 and 250. Like its little brother, it is fully assembled and even manufactured in France, except the engine Minarelli comes from the factory in Italy.

Yamaha X-Max 400 Bikes Pictures

This Italian company is owned by Yamaha as the French factory MBK (ex Motobécane) of St. Quentin in the Aisne where the assembly line is installed. MBK will be well in the range of Evolis 400 by year-end, twin brother of Yamaha.

For now, the Majesty will coexist some time with this newcomer to the Japanese brand, the more sporty image, the rate content and design completely different outside of the engine that is shared and slightly adapted.

Yamaha X-Max 400 Bikes Photos

Stylish, Sporty and Practical

If Majesty is statutory, the X-Max claims to sporty and chic with dynamic features, the craftsmanship and inspiration of the T-Max 530 in some areas.

The front is similar ux X-Max 125 and 250 with two optical severe over the small fender air, a black coat that contrasts with the color of the scooter, integrated turn signals and windshield rounded. It has the same shape and the same width as the other X-Max but it is higher than 5 cm and protects much better head of the air flow at high speed. However, the shoulders remain relatively exposed.

Another difference is small in the baffles at the base of the windshield to protect (some) hands. Profile we find the famous boomerang linking the front to the back as the T-Max with the difference that here is only decoration since the design of the X-Max 400 is all-in-fact with a conventional steel frame tube and the engine on the swingarm.

Yamaha X-Max 400 Bikes Images

The long saddle with its beautiful stitching and small backrest for the driver is high (785 mm, 25 more than the Majesty and 7 less than the X-Max 250) and wide enough. Must be relatively large to be comfortable on the handlebars. With 1.80 m found its place the handlebar falls perfectly hands and legs can be 90 ° or forward.

Yamaha X-Max 400 Nice Bikes Pictures

The table clearly legible board incorporates the provision of X-Max and the perimeter of the T-Max. The LCD screen continuously displays the gauge, time and room temperature unlike the “small” X-Max where we must choose between time and temperature.

The rear of the scooter is totally distinctive in its upper part with specific fires across the width that extend quite elusive stern. The lower part is the same as the Majesty because it is the same engine, only the muffler is different.

Large “boxes” on each side are not what is more elegant, but this technology sharing helps contain the cost of this maxi-scooter. For practical aspects, we appreciate the boot volume (37 l) welcomes carefree two full-face helmets while larger and functional than the 125/250 even if it is slightly less than the Majesty.

The pockets including a lockable are quite large. Lids do not seem very qualitative handling but especially regrets the lack of a standard 12V outlet. This is an option.

The X-Max 400 scooter is still the best practice and dynamic brand with three forks compromise.

Yamaha X-Max 400 Nice Bikes Photos

Very Nice Town, Not Bad Slso

If the style is largely based on small X-Max and slightly T-Max, the design is nothing revolutionary with close to that of X-Max 250, lightened and reinforced frame to accommodate the 400. The engine is the Majesty with some changes on the supply and transmission. 2.5 He loses horse to go to 31.5 but is gaining much in recovery helped by a reduced weight of 9 kg compared to Majesty (31 kg 8.18 kW more than 250).

In town, you’re immediately impressed by the liveliness of the X-Max 400 at the start and more to double. Never worth it to raise themselves out without concern for traffic without ever endure. Where he made the difference against the Majesty and quite competitive, it is on its size and maneuverability with a certain feeling of lightness.

It sneaks with ease and provides a flawless performance even on bumpy roads as we encounter both in the city center of Milan where they attended a part of this essay.’s Shock turns farm, but it is the case the vast majority of scooters.

The only downside is the sound of the engine because if it is almost like riding a T-Max in the city center, music similar to Majesty was quick to remind us that this is not the case. This is not the case either in the fast corners with uneven surfaces because even with a reinforced frame, the X-Max moves a little more active in these times.

Yamaha X-MAX 125

It is very stable against its maximum straight-line speed (160 km / h) and rigorous in the sequences at a moderate pace but still dynamic. This maxi scooter in the city excels and shines outside where only the T-Max 530 is very much over.

With a powerful and responsive at taking the brake levers, we regret that the ABS is not available from launch. It reaches the end of the year, along with his twin brother 400 MBK Evolis. Finally, the brake is not connected, it does not really missing but would have been a plus for everyday comfort.

Yamaha X-Max 400 Nice Bikes Images

Balance Sheet

Between the X-Max 250 and T-Max 530, there was only the statutory Majesty 400 pretty far from the image of sportsmanship generated by the other two. Based on the engine and transmission slightly revisited Majesty, and a conventional architecture based on the X-Max 250 reinforced, Yamaha offers a maxi scooter very dynamic, not as much as the T-Max, of course, but much more convenient and especially since it is much cheaper to € 5,999 or 4,700 less!

The award contained only 500 € more than the X-Max 250 ABS, is made ​​possible by assembling a chassis and an existing engine for driving a result very convincing when put in face alternatives. Honda SWT 400 is no longer in the catalog, there are only very conventional Burgman 400 to 6199 € in Japanese brands.

The other French scooter Peugeot Satelis 400, X-Max is made ​​in France except the engine, is € 5,799 but retirement. Finally, a wide range of accessories can make the X-Max 400 of his choice as Sport (gray on the pictures) which corrects the unpleasant sound of the original with Akrapovic or Touring for comfort everyday. With this practical and sporty 400, Yamaha opened in a new way in providing maxi scooters.

The modern and sporty style

The liveliness to start

The handling for a 400

The little developing sound

The rigor fast curve

The opening of pockets

Yamaha X-MAX 125
Yamaha X-MAX 125
Yamaha X-MAX 125
Yamaha X-MAX 125
Yamaha X-MAX 125
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