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Kim of North Augusta, ON on Feb. 13, 2014

Satisfaction Rating 1 / 5

I purchased an Arctic Cat 550 brand new 2012. In the past year the clutch has been replaced 3 times. Last month the clutch went again. Arctic Cat replaced the part but would not cover the cost of labor. I do not believe we should be responsible for close to $600.00 for parts that are obviously not being made to last not to mention we continued to have the exact same problem every time.

We were also told that we were only to use Arctic Cat oil in the bike. The owner’s manual clearly states that use of any API certified SM 0W-40 oil is acceptable which is the oil that was used in the bike.

G of San Martin, CA on Aug. 30, 2013

Satisfaction Rating 1 / 5

Wildcat class action lawsuit – pending! I am like a lot of you, who paid hard-earned money for a UTV that was full of multiple defects right from the start! I think if we can get a number of people that are willing to get on board, we can find a legal firm that will handle this case at no charge to us, the consumers! We’ve got so many defects and product liability issues that there is no way that Arctic Cat can defend all these defects and poor design flaws successfully!

Plus, if anyone has been injured because of any of these defects, that gives us a lot more horsepower!

I was one of the first persons who DID a demo-ride and I sent the zone manager a written list of things to change or repair and they DID nothing! I spend over $19,000 for a 2013 Wildcat that I’ve only ridden twice and we got stranded both times! Then I come to the Wildcat forums and see all the problems defects that consumers are having.

It’s unbelievable!DID you know that the Arctic Cat dealers make almost $4,000 profit per machine if they sell it at list price! That is what I was told by a wildcat dealer! Just look at all the defects we paid for:

1. Defective a arms

2. Clutch belt issues

3. Defective tie rods and poor design

4. Brakes that are too small for the machines weight

5. Fuel shut off switches not installed properly

6. Engine failures – numerous

7. Defective engine cases with big oil leaks

8. Ball joints that fall out of the a arms

9. Defective and improper and poorly designed wheel lugs where wheels fall off!

10. Defective belts with hundreds of failures

11. Clutches that over heat fail

12. Defective wiring

13. Poor turning radius that was corrected with the wildcat X

14. Frame and tubing defects and poor design with using only MILD steel and not chrome moly and the tube thickness is below industry standards. Look at Yamaha and others for example

15. Poorly designed and installed tie rods

16. Transmission failures

17. Engine failures and having engines to be replaced

18. No parking brake is a major product liability issue

No wonder some of the Wildcat dealers threw out the Wildcat because of all the defects and failures. If anyone has been injured ever so slight because of any of these few defects or other defects and product liability issues, please let me know by a pm. Arctic Cat and all their dealers have raked in the $$$$ on this pos product and it’s about time someone has the balls to go after them and make them pay for what we’ve had to fix, repair, replace or re-design to get the Wildcat to work properly.

Think about it. There has begun a whole new industry of Wildcat vendors selling all of us upgrades to fix and repair the pos that Arctic Cat sold to us as consumers!

Message to Arctic Cat corporate: I am not going away and this is no bluff post! A major automaker sold me a P.O.S. Vehicle and we were able get everyone’s vehicles fixed and all out of pocket expenses reimbursed before we went to court! Oh. plus, any injuries that were sustained due to these defects. I’m wondering how the Wildcat’s sales will be affected once we go public and hit all the major ATV/UTV publications, internet and the major media?

I intend to post this on every ATV UTV site I can find on the internet so that everyone is fully informed of all the defects we’ve been sold!

Plus, I am going to search out Arctic Cat’s major insurance carrier and let them be fully informed of all the defects and product liability issues that the Wildcat has presented to the consumers and see if the insurance underwriters and the insurance carrier is fully informed of all of these defects and the liability risks involved! Arctic Cat needs to belly up to the bar and pay for all these defects, poor designs and what people have had to pay keep these machines running! Arctic Cat has made millions of $$$$ and we got ** for all of our money!

Arctic Cat 400
Arctic Cat 400

I’ve talked to over 72 people that have had vacations ruined, been stranded, had failures on the first ride and some have sold their Wildcats at a substantial loss just to get ride of this P.O.S. Machine! Others have found that the Arctic Cat’s so-called extended warranty is also a P.O.S.

As well! As claims were denied and some dealers couldn’t care less once they got their $$$

I think the federal govt. Needs to look into this as well and we need to contact our local senators and congressmen for further assistance and support in getting the class action suit into reality and into the federal or state courts! Yes, we all realize that the attorney’s really make the $$$ in a class action suit. But, in reality it kicks Arctic Cat’s ** in legal fees, loss in sales and in what the final settlement costs might be.

I’d rather recover $300 from what I’ve had to spend than nothing or zero dollars! Arctic Cat is a multimillion dollar company that has insurance to cover any and all lawsuits, so with what we’ve all gone through why not make them pay something?

Consider this. Look what our resale value will be on these Wildcats and what the trade in values will be. We’ve all been screwed by Arctic Cat and they are laughing at us going to the bank! Please pm me with any helpful details and hopefully we might get some $$$$ and satisfaction from what we’ve had to go through!

Look what guys like TX Christopher has had to spend on his Wildcat! Some of you won’t like this post and I really don’t give a **!

I know we’ve all been cheated, wronged, sold a defective and dangerous product that has cost us all thousands of hard–earned dollars! This is a major corporate rip-off to the consumer and Arctic Cat needs to make everyone whole and to reimburse us for all the repairs and upgrades we’ve had to do to keep our Wildcats running, not to mention the risks, dangers and possibly deadly circumstances or severe injuries we’ve all been subjected to because of all of these defects and poor designs!

Arctic Cat and all their dealer have made millions of dollars at our expense and it’s time they paid us back for their failures! Plus Arctic Cat knows better and they still screwed us all!

This is my short list and when I sit down with legal counsel, I am sure we can come up with a lot more things and issues to add to the class action lawsuit! If you’re interested, please send me a pm and give me a list of your out of pockets expenses repairs and what you’ve had to replace and how you were treated by Arctic Cat and your dealers. Maybe some of the dealers should be added to the class action suit as well?

Erl of Red Lake Falls. MN on Aug. 11, 2013

Satisfaction Rating 1 / 5

My experience of working for Arctic Cat for the last nine years was not good. They ask too much. For example when I would call in sick due to numb and swollen fingers, hands, wrists, cuts and bruises acquired from my job I would return the next day and my coworkers would tell me it took three people to keep up on my supposed to be one person job (on the line) and the leadperson still had to help them.

I have heard this story from other employees as well.

I cared about my job and tried to do a good job but when they kept adding more and more work and the leadperson did not give me any help, I would either end up too far behind to ever get caught up or I would skip doing some things which resulted in the leadperson screaming at me that I did not give a **. Arctic Cat was supposed to be doing job rotation which they were doing when I first started but they stopped that due to too many jobs not being done right or in the same way.

I know many people who work there that have had surgery for carpal tunnel and many other issues. I woke many nights with my arms dead(no feeling in them) and it would take the whole weekend for my hands to feel a little normal again. I have seen many employees there who would not care about their job and do things such as not putting grease in a gear shaft for ATV differentials or not cable tying things right or leaving things unplugged.

I have even watched a leadman angrily punch parts and bend them up.

There are employees in welding, line workers, leadmen, forklift drivers, paintline workers, that I personally know and have witnessed who smoke pot on their lunch breaks and do other drugs but Arctic Cat does not do any drug testing. When you go up front to complain about other issues human resources does NOTHING. I personally know MEN who have complained about the way some of the people come to work dressed and they were distracted from doing their welding job.

Also it made no sense when Arctic Cat took the one and only inspector off the prowler/wildcat line which only resulted in many complaints from repair. There are too many people who work there that only care about the paycheck and not quality work. Perhaps it’s because Arctic only wants to pay for cheap labor or it is the way they treat their employees, the latter being my opinion due to personal experience.

Maybe my story will help some of you people who by bad products from Arctic Cat to understand why your machines run the way they do.

Arctic Cat 400
Arctic Cat 400
Arctic Cat 400
Arctic Cat 400
Arctic Cat 400
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