Moto Guzzi V12 LM Concept


Top Ten Bad Ass Motorcycles

Bad ass is being redefined.

Motorcycle designers have been pushing the envelope since Napoleon crossed the Alps. If you can’t find a motorcycle in this gallery that causes you to stop and stare, check your pulse, something is seriously wrong.

With the interest in electric and hybrids, motorcycle designers are allowed new freedom with structural components and power transfer systems and redefining bad ass.  Motorcycle design may be the last frontier of truly innovative transportation.

Electric motors are giving designers new possibilities and hopefully the concepts shown in the gallery will join the production models very soon.

Bad ass is being redefined.

Brammo Empulse – Electric

Brammo’s Enertia Electric Motorcycle has a top speed of 50 mph. But wait, the  Empulse addresses this weakness with three models that can all hit over 100 mph with ranges from 60 to 100 miles.

Paolo De Guist Concept – Electric

The “Big Battery Naked SE” is from the brain of Italian designer Paolo De Giust. The fierce, massive, rugged and aggressive bike concept is a perfect green vehicle you ever wished for. Covered in black and silver paint, this muscle hunk is eco-friendly as it is battery powered.

 The motorcycle has a battery system that allows the rider to swap the empty battery with a fully charged one.

Paolo De Guist Concept – Turbo Diesel

The dramatic red and the black 900 SD is from the same designer as the electric concept above. Inspired by the classic and iconic Moto Guzzi single cylinder bikes, this is his idea of  “romantic.” The designer wants the rider to be forced into a lying down riding style for better aero flow. The power is a single cylinder 900 cc direct injection turbo diesel.

Roehr Motorcycles – Electric

Roehr Motorcycles design is in production. The polar opposite of the naked design, this full bodied machine is for the bike freak that loves speed and style.

An American manufacturer has three lines bikes that are not only the fastest bike, but also eco-friendly. The eRoehr electric motorcycle model lineup: the eSupersport, the eSuperBike and the eSuperBikr RR.

Ducati 848 EVO

Ducati is an Italian classic (seeing a trend here?) and they are improving their  middleweight bikes for 2011 with more power through a redesigned power plant with new heads, pistons, can cams. The horsepower comes in at 140 pushing just 369 pounds of motorcycle making this the most powerful bike in the class.

Moto Guzzi Concept

Miguel Galluzzi and Pierre Terblanche challenged the Moto Guzzi design to give the traditional motorcycle builder new fire. The result is the V12 trio, of V12 Le Mans, Strada and V12 X. As a concept there is a huge amount of innovation captured in this design. From a frame made from rotational moulding nylon polymer to the rear pointing cameras, this bike captures your imagination for what may be in the future from Moto Guzzi.

1930 Henderson – Art Deco

Nope, not cheating on the bad ass classification. Even though this design from O. Ray Courtney is a 1936 creation based on a 1930 Henderson motorcycle. Frank Westfall owns this beauty and more pictures are available here.

The bike is a fantastic piece of history, the craftsmanship is absolutely stunning and it’s surely more of a museum piece than a daily rider. Frank has obviously spent an incredible amount of time meticulously restoring and rebuilding the bike to its current gorgeous state.

PG Bikes Blacktail – Electric

Moto Guzzi V12 LM Concept

Okay, now we cheated on the “bad ass” title. Feel the need to keep up with Jay Leno? Then get in line for the German made PG-Bike. Electric bike you scoff?

 Maybe so, but those in charge of such things say it will have to be registered as a motorcycle. The lightweight carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium and magnesium frame allows the 1.2 Kw motor to move it to 65 mph with 120 range on a 2 1/2 hour charge.

West Coast Customs, The Sharper Image and a vehicle enthusiast named Jay Leno, have committed to the Blacktail — each of the 667 limited pieces will cost $80,000.

BMW E 100R – Electric Concept

Miika Mahonen is the genius behind the BMW E 100 R motorcycle. Touted as combining the superbike with the street daily driver, there is a powerful electric motor on a super light frame to make the bike perform at maximum on track or street. The motor delivers head snapping torque from the beginning, out performing standard internal combustion powerplants.

Carrera Raptor RS – Electric Concept

When auto designer Adrian Carrera tackled the zero emission motorcycle challenge the result was this freaky sleek creation. The motors are inside each wheel, the visible rim holds another rim which rotates with the tire and brake disk.

To steer, the rider leans or uses electronic controls on the handle. The front tire can also act as a gyro for improved stability at high speed.

Bonus: #11: Ostoure Naked Superbike – Concept

Ostoure means “legend” in Persian. Bad ass doesn’t translate well from Persian, but this is truly one of the most killer designs of the group.

Mohammad Reza Shojaie. is the designer of this muscle-bike. The Ostoure has a rough angular look to give it the naked-bike appeal. Both wheels are drive wheels, with two differentials.

Steering is via this method and the rear suspension system is a regular single spring and in front wheel is the same but in opposite direction.

It’s just one tough design concept.

Moto Guzzi V12 LM Concept
Moto Guzzi V12 LM Concept
Moto Guzzi V12 LM Concept
Moto Guzzi V12 LM Concept
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