Big Dog K9 Cruiser

2006 Big Dog K9

2006 Big Dog K-9 Base

Big Dog Motorcycles have a well-deserved reputation for bringing to consumers high-quality production choppers that rival more expensive custom-built bikes. The 2006 Big Dog K-9 is their top of the line showpiece bike. Aficionados of custom choppers will certainly not be disappointed.

Weighing in at 710 pounds with only four inches of ground clearance, the Big Dog K-9 requires a lot of power to keep it pointed in the right direction. There is horsepower to spare, thanks to SS/Big Dog’s proprietary 1,916cc polished motor. The air-cooled four-stroke V-twin engine is fed by the SS carburetor, and achieves a compression ratio of 9.6 to 1. The roar of the Mean Mother exhausts definitely makes the presence of the K-9 known.

The fuel cell holds 4.4 gallons of gas, providing the 2006 Big Dog K-9 ample time to bark and flex its muscles between rest stops.

The Baker six-speed transmission on the Big Dog K-9 transfers the raw power of the 1,916cc engine to the ground at any speed. While the primary drive runs via a chain, the final drive runs on one 1/8th inch belt. This combination leaves the impression that throttle response is quick, and never lacking in any situation the rider may find themselves in.

On any chopper-style bike, comfort is a great concern. However, Big Dog accomplished this task on the 2006 K-9 by using hidden shocks, and a twin swing arm on the rear end. Long highway cruises are remarkably pleasurable despite the large 300/35 18-inch rear tire, and extreme rake of the front fork at 39 degrees. The 41mm telescopic fork is a beautiful use of chrome. Lines are smooth due to the matching chrome billet aluminum wheel set.

The highly detailed MH90 21-inch front tire provides surprisingly gentle feedback, while leaving the rider with the feeling of constant control.

The cockpit is comfortable and wide, sitting at 24.25 inches high, allowing most riders to be able to stand flat footed at signals. Although the bike comes standard with a sissy bar, your passenger will not be the only one thrilled by the experience of the K-9 muscling its way down the road. The beautiful pinstriped, flamed paintjob, chrome detailing, and style will simply not be ignored.

Big Dog K9 Cruiser
Big Dog K9 Cruiser

Heads will turn, jaws will drop, and that is, at least, part of what riding such a show-stopping chopper all about.

Peering between the elegantly chromed handlebars of the Big Dog K-9 will draw the eye to the simple, yet stylish digital speedometer, with integrated tachometer. The ergonomics of the handlebars will not fatigue the rider, and will manage to give a feeling of command of the bike at all times.

The Performance Machine 4 piston differential bore front brake does an excellent job of reigning in the ample horsepower of the 2006 Big Dog K-9. BDM doesn’t skimp on braking power, once again utilizing the Performance Machine 4 piston brake on the rear tire.

With a wheelbase of 82 inches and a total length of 108 inches, no one would call this a small machine. Yet the softtail suspension, padded leather seat, and well designed balance and ergonomics do not leave a feeling of being overpowered by the heft of the Big Dog K-9. In true American chopper style, this bike holds real value, not only in the sense of resale, but also in the hearts of its loyal riders.

New For 2006

F21There were no significant changes to the 2006 Big Dog K9 compared to the previous year’s model.

Big Dog K9 Cruiser
Big Dog K9 Cruiser
Big Dog K9 Cruiser
Big Dog K9 Cruiser
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