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Meet another one of our European “e-Scooter of the Year” award winners. The VECTRIX VX-2 is truly a scooter designed with all of us in mind. Fast enough for tooling around town, running errands, and visiting friends. Fast recharge times of up to 5 hours for quick turnarounds.

Zero gas emissions and zero gas needed.

The VECTRIX ES-3 has dual rear-wheel hub motors that provide superior power and grip while a proprietary electronic differential enables agile cornering and zero degree turning; plus, it comes equipped with a Reverse gear for quick and easy maneuvering. The ES-3 comes standard with all-wheel (Front + Rear) hydraulic disc brakes and can be used indoors, outdoors, and in crowds without noise or pollution.

With a recharge time of up to four hours and a range up to 25 miles (40 km), the ES-3 comes with interchangeable batteries for shift-after-shift operation. Available in North America.

Vectrix VX-2

The three-wheeled VX-3 Li+ is a revolutionary take on electric scooters. The clean energy VX-3 Li+ model offers speeds up to 68 mph (110 km/h), 0 to 50 mph (0 to 80 km/h) in as little as 8.25 seconds, a range of up to 50-80 miles (up to 80-128 km), recharging in as little as three hours, and a curb weight of 525 pounds (238 kg). The front wheels can be locked for slow-speed stability and unlocked enabling full-speed articulation for incredible handling.

The all-electric VX-3 Li+ comes standard with the patented VECTRIX™ multi-function throttle that accelerates and slows down with a simple twist of the throttle along with a slow-speed reverse for ease of movement along with the patented rugged VECTRIX™ integrated rear-wheel mounted single stage planetary gear drive. Each zero gas emission VX-3 Li+ features Sachs Twin Shocks, front and rear disc brakes, and a lightweight aircraft-aluminum space frame.

The carbon footprint reducing VX-3 Li+ has 42 Amp hour Lithium batteries (LiFePO4) that are rated for 1,600 cycle charges translating to approximately 10 years of use. The green energy VX-3 Li+ is driven by a robust rear-wheel electric Brushless DC radial air-gap motor with a peak power rating of 21 kW at the motor shaft and 5.1 HP maximum continuous power with an integrated rear-wheel mounted single stage planetary gear drive.

Each VX-3 Li+ comes with an on-board 1.5 kW battery charger that makes plugging into standard 110V/220V outlets around town a breeze. The remarkable VX-3 Li+ offers performance, range, and stability all in one easy-to-ride, fun-to-own package. Just imagineGood for the planet, easy-to-ride, and stable.

Wow. Talk about having the right stuff at the right time.

The VX-1 Li/Li+ is a powerful, all-electric, all-highway-capable Personal Electric Vehicle that goes 68 mph (110 km/h), has a range of up to 40-85 miles (up to 64-136 km), accelerates 0-50 mph (0-80 km/h) in as little as 6 seconds. Each VX-1 Li/Li+ features the patented VECTRIX multi-function throttle allows riders to accelerate and slow down with a simple twist of the throttle along with a slow-speed reverse for parking.

The VX-1 Li/Li+ also comes standard with the VECTRIX rugged rear-wheel mounted planetary gear drive, a lightweight aircraft aluminum frame, Brembo front and rear disc brakes, a Marzocchi 35mm telescopic front fork, Sachs dual rear shocks, a 28.2 horsepower brushless radial air-gap DC motor, 1.4 cubic feet of on-board storage and an optional top case that offers an additional 1.7 cubic feet of storage. The all-electric VX-1 Li/Li+ produces zero emissions with no need for oil or gas and offers extremely low maintenance costs and virtually silent operation.

The VX-1 Li/Li+ offers superior handling due to a low center of gravity, stiff frame, and even weight distribution. The VX-1 Li/Li+ quickly recharges by plugging into a standard 110V/220V outlet and charges the batteries to 80% capacity in 2.5 hours. The VX-1 Li/Li+ on-board batteries have an estimated lifespan of 1,600 discharge cycles. The new VX-1 Li/Li+ models come standard with Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries.

The VX-1 Li batteries have a 3.7 kilowatt hour capacity and the VX-1 Li+ has a 5.4 kilowatt hour capacity.

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