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We test: Suzuki SFV 650 Gladius – small crank (photo, video)

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Suzuki Gladius is an example for this, with the price below 30 thousand. gold you can buy a new motorcycle, which is able to deliver a good dose of emotion. [6] Suzuki SFV 650 Gladius is a dynamic, yet frugal engine. In addition to the motorcycle itself well maintained.

Photo by Charles Biela

Gladius made his debut on the market three years ago, but today is a machine, which inspires lively discussion among motorcyclists. Some point out the outright metrosexual style and color, others for the glory of a motorcycle at the same time powerful and frugal engine and good handling properties .

The taste is not discussed

The above is the Latin maxim as old as the world. In the end, everyone knows what one likes. And although in the case of SFV 650 design really does not deter masculine brutality detail – and outright goes toward the smooth, streamlined shape – its about a stylistic inconsistencies can not be the question.

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In addition, the Gladius is quite practical bike, despite its compact dimensions. Consider even display. Large classic tachometer goes well with the digital speedometer display and the factory fitted gear fastened useful not only novice riders.

Although lacking the fuel pointer, but when Baku is already sounded a little gasoline and orange light appears on the display counter kilometers informative as possible to drive the distance.

Piece sofa placed at 785 mm from the substrate and the low weight of 206 kg with ABS will suit riders and at less amazonkom .

Shaping the couch, which the long-distance is a little too hard, promotes good feel for the machine and rider a sense of sitting in, rather than on a motorcycle.

Less pleasant experience waiting passenger / passenger, but in the end Suzuki SFV 650 Gladius is not a racial tourism Honda Goldwing. On the other hand, solid handles for backpack on the sides of the seat, ensure a good grip.

On the plus side you also include brake handle adjustment (clutch, unfortunately, it does not exist) and the location of the couch lock, which allows you to picture the seat even if the gladius side mount saddlebags.

Power from the V

Gladiusie used in power unit is based on the design used in the model SV 650th This V-engine, whose two cylinders placed at an angle of 90 degrees currently generates 72 hp at 8 400 rev. / Min. And maximum torque (64Nm) reaches when the tachometer will indicate 6 clue 400th

So much theory. In practice, Liquid-cooled V2-ka is characterized by a good work culture, and quite a good flexibility as long as the engine maintain over 2 thousand. revolutions . If you like lights from a dynamically launched and will be glad for us that without any clutch shooting from the front wheel Gladius easily breaks off from the substrate. In the end, a strong lower and medium speed engines widlastych this domain.

Whats important at higher rotational speeds V-Twin does not lose its vigor and pulls evenly into the ignition cutoff.

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Two-cylinder unit with a capacity of 645 cc is also cost-effective. During the test medium burn amounted to 4.4 liters per 100 kilometers . but when you drive a quiet rapprochement is possible to less than 4 liters.

Suspension and Brakes

Japanese manufacturer has applied the front telescopic fork with 41-mm-diameter leg. The user is able to adjust spring preload adjustment front suspension in the range of 15 millimeter.

Click on the image to go to the gallery [6]

With so many central shock absorber works, which is connected to a steel swingarm dwuramiennym. This item has resorujaco-damping adjustable spring preload and damping forces of the possibility of selection of reflection.

When driving in the city so selected set correctly writes, only the large cavities in the road bike suspension can enter the value of the limit .

On the winding asphalt Suzuki SFV 650 Gladius works very well – faster and energetic gap lane change not precipitate this little narwanca off course. It is true that at higher highway speeds silhouette naked bike does not guarantee a good protection from the wind, but thanks ancillary glass mounted in a test copy of the air ped was effectively neutralized to about 160 km / h

The brake system is equipped with a standard gladius on the Polish market in the ABS and consists of a front wheel with a diameter of 290 mm, in some extending dwutloczkowe terminals. On the back of a slowing corresponds to a single disc with a diameter of 240 mm with a single terminal.

How to weigh a little over 200 pounds of machine brakes give you advice in everyday life, although thanks to the use of engine braking by reducing the running you can opt out of the back hebla leaving it to the stability while cornering, or when emergency braking.

Price and Competition

On the website of Suzuki Motor Poland Gladius model with ABS is priced at £ 28 900, although not so long ago the motorcycle willing to be able to buy it at a promotional price of £ 24 500.

Slightly more expensive is the Kawasaki ER-6n ABS, whose prices start at £ 29 900.

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To compare 48-riding Honda NC700S with System C-ABS is currently valued at £ 24 400 (SALES vintage 2012 – special price).

– dynamic engine,

– neutral handling,

– ABS as standard,

Transmission 6-speed

Maximum speed of 200 km / h

Overall length 2130 mm

Overall width 760 mm

Overall height 1090 mm

Wheelbase 1445 mm

Ground clearance of 135 mm

Seat height 785 mm

Own weight of 206 kg with ABS

Suspension front 41 mm telescopic fork, coil spring, oil damping, adjustable spring preload. Stroke 125 mm.

Rear Suspension Link type, coil spring, oil damping, adjustable spring preload and rebound damping forces. Stroke of 130 mm.

Brakes front / rear a double-disc / disc

Front tires: 120/70 ZR17 M / C 58W

Rear: 160/60 ZR17 M / C 69W

Fuel tank capacity 14.5 L

Fuel consumption (data. Standard WMTC) 4.2 l / 100 km

Emission standard EURO 3

Charles Biela

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