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Hi all, I’ve just bought a 2013 250 seiR with 60 hours on it from a good source, it’s definitely been well looked after and not caned, I’m wondering if anyone has torn a well used (over 100 hours) 4 stroke down and measured all the tolerances?

My local dealer, whose opinion I respect, said it will be fine until 150 hrs. I change the oil and every 9 hours and air filter every ride, always warm the bike up carefully, and never deliberately rev it really hard. I ride enduros and the odd cross country in the north of England at intermediate level for the most part, so in general the motor is not getting a hard time.

I like to do my own maintenance so am curious to know what others have found. I managed to collar David Knight at Liverpool and asked him how he was getting on, he said he had 160 hours on a practice bike, all original internals, and no problems at all bar some broken clutch plates from practice starts.

Having spent the last 8 years on a ktm 200exc the Sherco feels like cheating, I absolutely love it. I went to a tame local motocross track in the week for my second ride on it and just couldn’t tear myself off it. I managed 3 hours running time and now ache like crazy.

Reading Chilly on enduro360’s comments about the bikes sparked my interest, and a test locally last year convinced me I had to get one.

There were some interesting comments on a post following one of his write ups, very negative about ktm design and build quality, complimentary about Sherco, does anyone out there have an informed opinion about the merits of the different manufacturers’ motors? This stuff interests me in my middle age!



Lack of kickstarter

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I occasionally hear that riders don’t like it that the Shercos don’t come with a kickstart lever. After having lived with Sherco for more than a year now I thought I would open this up for more discussion.

First of all the stator puts out 220 watts which, I am told, is the strongest in the industry. As an experiment, I left the master switch and headlight on on my personal bike to totally kill the battery. The next morning I hooked up a charger to the battery (easy to do. pull off the seat and connect the hot clamp to the wire with the red collar on it.

No need to remove the filter to get to the battery itself.). I let it charge about 2 minutes, just enough to turn the motor over and start the bike. Remember. we don’t lean our bikes out to meet the CA green sticker requirements so our bikes have a nice rich map which means the bikes start quickly and easily.

Sherco 1.25
Sherco 1.25

I got the bike started, rode it twice around the house and turned the bike off. I hit the start button and the battery was already charged enough to start the bike without the help of a charger. This charging system works!

Don’t worry about a bike that stalls and won’t start because the battery is weak. On the orange bikes, a combination of a weaker charging system and lean mapping sometimes make the bike hard to start and the battery easy to kill.

Second the master switch doesn’t have to be turned off every time the engine is killed. When riding enduros I rarely turn the master switch off when at resets or pauses. Those are usually as long as 15 to 20 minutes and there is not nearly enough drain on the battery to keep it from starting the bike. However. if you do leave the master switch on overnight it will kill the battery on the 4T but not the 2T.

The drain from the fuel pump will kill it on the 4T. I put a Shorai battery in my bike so I put the stock battery in the truck and use it to jump start the bike if I do something stupid.

Third we have had only one issue with estart systems and we were pre- warned that Sherco had received some bad torque limiter gears. Only two gears of the 60 bikes we brought in had gears that broke. Any brand can have a defective part that, once replaced, will not cause any issues again. Other than this faulty gear we have not had one single issue with batteries, starters or electrical systems.

If you’re riding in a remote area and you’re worried about a starting problem, don’t sweat it. If you leave your truck with a fully charged battery and properly working electrical system then you are no more likely to have a starting issue than you are a cdi issue. How often does that happen?

Hardly ever.

The electrical and starting system on the Sherco have been about as bulletproof as any system out there. Some of you still will not be comfortable with this, some will. Your kids won’t know any difference just like they don’t know of a time without cell phones and cartoons only on Saturday morning! ;D


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