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The Colmore Cup – National S3 Championship Trial on 2/3/14

The Chairmans forward

2014 Colmore cup trial Jotagas diary

This year my aim is to compete in and complete the Normandale Championship, the S3 Championship, the SEEC Enduro Championship and the SEEC Hare and Hounds Championship.

Well, this is the aim ha ha, but there’s a problem. The dates clash and so I will be left to choose which Championship to complete. This will depend on travelling distances (against S3 and Normandale Championships) and my ability to cope with the riding conditions (everything – ha ha).

So I’ve started the year with best intentions and the first round of the S3 Championship was here, The Colmore cup.

Craig Daffin and former motocross rider and I travelled up to Stratford with a 6.30 start from my home. We knew many miles of road riding was in front of us and that we would need more fuel somewhere out on the course, so we came armed with petrol cans which we could put out on the fuel truck which would go out to the furthest location away from the course.

So we pulled up in the car park and spoke to a very official guy in the car park and said Where about’s is the fuel truck please?. He replied There isn’t one. So, how do we refuel ? I said.

He looked at me with a blank look on his face and replied We use petrol stations in these parts mate. Ha ha, very funny