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We ride cruisers/muscle bikes for very visceral reasons the prime of them being the dominating growl of the engine, the knowledge that vast power is yours to easily control, the menacing brutal healthy look of the bike as if each and every part of the motorcycle follows a healthy diet chart and perspiring work-out and the quiet awe of passers-by. Over the past years, cruisers have evolved to a much larger extent.

Harleys, Triumphs and Indians have always held those high standards on the mindsets of cruiser lovers. The Japanese manufacturers weren’t too far behind, and have managed to create some menacing cruisers on earth, with large fan followings. One of such Jap bike maker is Yamaha.

Enter the mid ‘80s, and they introduced a beast which created a legacy on its own. This radically-styled muscle bike became an instant legend when the first versions rolled onto the streets and drag strips in 1985, and the current incarnation continues those traditions of brawn and beauty, with massive, muscular design to match the vast power of the engine. Yes, all the talks happening here is of one of the most powerful bikes ever produced on this planet Earth The Yamaha V-Max.

The present generation, 2013 Yamaha VMAX, is the ultimate fusion of brawn and brains. The unique features of this iconic beast are richly blended with advanced sportbike technology and forward thinking style. It all adds up to a machine with immense performance and visual power. VMax has enjoyed a cult status since the past three decades, and the latest version has also managed to maintain the legacy.

Let’s find out, how this bike persists in the dream garage of every mature biker.

Yamaha VMAX Designing

Strong, imposing and muscular these three words can perfectly describe the 2013 Yamaha VMax VMX17. As far as design is concerned, without any doubt, the Yamaha VMax is certainly one of the most insanely handsome bikes from the streets. Its aggressive character is underlined by every curve of the body, especially the unique fuel tank, the modern headlight and the ergonomic seat.

The original design of this bike, introduced way back in 1985, has gone under only few changes and that’s it is one of the biggest USPs, which make the bike look original to its roots, yet adorning modern-ness from every angle of view. Its trendy yetvintage look can easily leave a strong impression in your mind.

On viewed from the front, the explicit appearance features an oval shaped headlight just below the chrome finished meter dial, giving it a stance of a tear drop, with a pilot lamp at top of the main headlamp unit. It has extremely long, fat front forks, fully coloured in black, with tiny orange colored indicators on them. On the top of these forks you can see chrome plated rear view mirrors which makes it look classy.

Its front disc plates and fender looks macho with its wide front tyre. V-Max has twin mufflers, incorporated as a single unit, on each side, which makes it look similar from both sides. You may store essentials in its side covers, which sport the name of this bike, embossed as a 3-D emblem.

Its fatty fuel tank makes it an eye-catcher as Yamaha has bolted two false cylinders on its both sides. The rider seat has been placed a bit low and gets narrow at the back, giving it a typical cruiser feel. Rear cowl is very sleek and complements its fatty rear tyre. V-Max has a relatively short rear fender which carries the number plate and side indicators on it. The rear LED tail light is one of its kinds following a crescent fashion, and the bike looks pretty cool when seen from the back.

Yamaha V-Max has a very unique and appealing instrument panel. The round shaped dial houses an analogue tachometer, digital speedometer with shift indicator and fuel gauge, with the speedo LCD using orange color for illumination. Yamaha has placed a digital Multi-function display on its fuel tank which can easily be seen by the rider and conveys all the essential information.

All the extra muscle added everywhere make this bike feel like it’s on steroids, and give it a true bullish and brawny character.

Yamaha VMAX Engine And Performance

They say Don’t judge anyone by his clothes, as a wolf may disguise as a sheep and spoil the party. But here, things are different with the VMax. Going with the way it looks, it’s hard to misjudge its performance capabilities. The Yamaha V-Max uses a stupendously big 1679cc, V-type, 4-cylinder engine.

This liquid cooled engine has always been known for its tremendous power and torque production. This engine cracks a power output of 194 Bhp at not-so-stratospheric 9000 rpm. The torque production of this 4-stroke DOHC engine is of 170 Nm, which is achievable at 6500 rpm.

Unlike other 4 cylinder engines, Yamaha has mated this engine with a five speed manual gearbox having a universal one gear down and four gears up-shift pattern. Yamaha has used an aluminium die-cast frame for this bike in order to cut down its weight. This step has resulted into improved acceleration and performance.

V-Max can take on most of the sports bikes and naked bike in terms of performance. The early availability of power and torque differentiates this bike from other cruiser bikes, stating it as a perfect amalgamation of a superfast streetbike and a muscular cruiser. You won’t have to rev this bike hard to get the best out of this engine. It records a superb timing of three seconds in reaching the mark of 100km/hr from stand still.

Its gearbox is an additional advantage which works very smoothly and effectively. Yamaha has used its gear ratios pretty well as you never sense the need of a sixth gear. The taller yet crispy gear ratios effectively supply the power to this bike. You will never feel the strain in this engine.

V-Max easily picks up at slower rpms and never let you feel its actual weight. It can go pass the speed of 200k/hr easily and feels brilliant on long runs. Even at slow speeds, the bike feels light and responsive. This is one of the finest and fastest bikes with a five speed gearbox.

Yamaha Next V-MAX

The engine sound always prompts you to rev it hard and once you start doing so, it’s quite difficult to restrict yourself. Yamaha VMAX can deliver up to 10-12 km/l mileage under standard conditions. The mileage can be considered as a normal one keeping in mind the power and overall cost of the bike.

Yamaha VMAX Braking And Handling

V-Max has got a godly charater in this department. The revised braking and suspension system has improved its ride and handling significantly. With an extended wheelbase of 1700mm and the fat tyres, this bike remains under immense control at high speeds. The cornering ability has also improved over the previous generation VMaxs. Its suspension and braking system offers great comfort and safety.

You will enjoy the sense of control you get on this bike, which is reminiscent of litre-class streetbikes on offer. It has a ground clearance of 140mm which also adds to the stability of this bike. You get a low seated riding posture and you can handle this bike very lightly.

The steer response is also really impressive at slow speed. The braking and suspension system of this bike has been specially designed keeping its weight and performance in mind. Yamaha has equipped this bike with fully adjustable 52mm inner tube front telescopic forks and link type rear suspension with swing arm. Its braking system features dual disc brakes of 320mm at its front and single disc brake of 298mm at its back.

The bike also comes loaded with ABS for precise and accurate braking. The bike has 18 inch alloy wheels with tyre sizes of 120/70(front) and 200/50(rear) respectively. Now, comfort while driving is what cruiser bikes are known for and V-Max just takes it to the next level. It has an extremely comfortable seat which can hold you for long time. The placement of foot-pegs helps you to get a sporty yet relaxed riding posture.

You don’t have to keep your back straight while holding its handle bar and its quite relieving on long drives. You just can’t complain about the comfort level offered by this bike. Though there is a negligible room for pillion riders here.

Yamaha VMAX Safety Features

The new Yamaha VMax is fully loaded to the brim with safety with dual disc brakes at front and a rear disc brake, with ABS studded to enhance the braking dynamics.

Yamaha VMAX Colors

The bold and classy black color is the only option available for the Indian customers, while it is marketed in various admiring shades in overseas market.

Yamaha Next V-MAX
Yamaha Next V-MAX
Yamaha Next V-MAX
Yamaha Next V-MAX
Yamaha Next V-MAX

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