Yamaha AT 125
Yamaha AT 125

Yamaha YZ 125

Yamaha YZ 125—Small and Competitive

YZ Competition Bikes

Yamaha wanted to have a line of dirt bikes that could carry its name in worthy fashion in the world of competitive racing, so it put its research and development team to hard work. One of the results of that work and investment was the Yamaha YZ models, which include the impressive YZ 125. If you’re looking for a dirt bike that performs like no other, then the first line of Yamaha dirt bikes that you should consider should definitely be a Yamaha 125 YZ.

The 125 YZ

What’s so special about the it? Well, first of all, it has a very lightweight aluminum frame. Other frames of poorly designed bikes may be made of similarly strong but heavy materials, like steel. Steel is a good building material to use for vehicles, except that it is so dense that it will just weigh you down. This is simply unacceptable for Yamaha’s competitive standards, so they tossed steel and other heavy materials out the window.

On the other hand, they needed a material that would be able to take the beatings of motocross, while resisting the corrosive effects of continuous exposure to mud, water, dirt, rocks, and the like. The solution, of course, was to use aluminum as a frame material. It was strong, rigid and resistant enough to corrosion so that it could give the Yamaha YZ line the competitive edge that it needed.

Yamaha AT 125

If you look at the YZ 125, you may notice that it has a small engine. But does small mean weak? Not if Yamaha has anything to say about it! The engine is compact, with an impressive power-to-weight ratio, able to crank out an amazing 125cc !

It also comes with aluminum handlebars, titanium footpegs and gripper seat. Titanium footpegs ensure that you won’t end up breaking your footpegs, even when subjecting them to extreme pressure. The specially designed seat, of course, means that you won’t easily be thrown off balance as you make your twists and turns, and ride over rough dirt and mud.

Getting A Yamaha YZ 125

When starting to look for your mini dirt bike. then you should probably start online. Visit the Yamaha website and read up as much as you can on the bike. Then you might want to read other, independent reviews so you can get a better idea of the specs, as well as reasonable prices for brand new bikes of this line.

Although you are ensured of the quality of the delivery, should you choose to make an online purchase through the official website, you may nevertheless want to try the feel of the pit bike first before you make the purchase. In light of this, you may still want to visit a local dealer.

Yamaha AT 125
Yamaha AT 125
Yamaha AT 125

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