Yamaha YZ 250 F

Yamaha YZ 250 F 2014

The Yamaha YZ 250 F model 2014 is a very new machine with injection ready to face the grounds of the most demanding cross-country races.

Yamaha YZ 250 F Bikes Pictures

After several years of development, the one-cylinder tilted one towards the back with frontal admission finally arrived. Its new sinuous exhaust of type “snake” circumvents the cylinder. The very new low-fat frame receives an engine with the raucous sound developed in Grand Prix. The centring of the masses improves the feelings of piloting on all types of grounds.

A succeeded machine.

The Yamaha YZ 250 F is certainly the machine of the cross-country race of 250 Cm3 easiest, handy and exciting which left the assembly lines of Iwata.

Yamaha YZ 250 F Bikes Images

Yamaha YZ 250 F Specs

Yamaha YZ 250 F new frontal fuel injection engine

Using for the first time the frontal injection, the Yamaha YZ 250 F gains in power, reactivity and offers an angry sonority. Its engine takes again the same technological base as that of the YZ 450 F. the ignition map is entirely skeletal, while the power engine increases mainly thanks to the use of an exhaust of the type “snake”, of a treated crankshaft, and a piston with double segment.

Yamaha YZ 250 F inclined towards the back and in advance over its time

The frontal admission ensures a great effectiveness and the angle of inclination of the engine backwards is calculated in an optimal way compared to the framework, in keeping with engine and with the balance of the masses. The “MX Power Tuner” (available in option) makes it possible to exploit all the possibilities of the electronic case of injection, and to personalize the adjustments according to the preferences of the pilot and the state of the ground.

Yamaha YZ 250 F centralization of the masses and profit of weight

Yamaha YZ 250 F

The advance of the exhaust adopted in 2014 made it possible to optimize the shape of the silencer and to reduce the size of it. The back loop thus could be shortened and allow the rencentrage the lots of machine. The position of the fuel tank (from now on of 7.5 L) was modified to refine the motorcycle and to facilitate the access to the air filter.

Yamaha YZ 250 F frame reduced with optimized rigidity

Particularly incisor in turn, the Yamaha YZ 250 F profits today from a framework with bilateral beam worked again. Hydroformé, it is carried out starting from ten aluminium parts, forged, moulded or extruded. Conferring precision and control, the frame reaches levels of rigidity, balance and absortion of the shocks ever reached for ultimate feelings and a pleasure.

Yamaha YZ 250 F passage des speeds softened

Redrawn components of box made it possible to soften and make surer the passage speeds, for a still better feeling. The losses of motricity are thus reduced at the time as of changes of report.

Yamaha YZ 250 F new dynamic style

The angular forms of the Yamaha YZ 250 F make a motorcycle forged for 2014 of it and beyond. The YZ are conceived with an only one aim: the competition. Plastics, box with air and back mudguards redrawn are raised by a deco tinted in the mass for best held in time.

This technique appears for the first time on an Yamaha motorcycle.

Yamaha YZ 250 F
Yamaha YZ 250 F
Yamaha YZ 250 F
Yamaha YZ 250 F
Yamaha YZ 250 F
Yamaha YZ 250 F

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